Samsung S8 Active is released: immediately full screen / Drop resistance ,waterproof and dustproof Smart phone

Samsung officially released three anti-flagship Galaxy S8 Participating in August 8th.This innovative mobile phone will be officially available for sale on August 11th, meteor gray and titanium two colors are available, pre-sold in the US operator AT & T exclusive yesterday.


Samsung S8 Active is equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, 4gb RAM +64 GB ROM, 12 million pixel raise camera, 8 million pixel front camera. It truly is worth mentioning that Samsung S8 Productive supply the 4000mAh built-in battery, much larger than the Samsung S8 plus S8 Plus .At the same time, Samsung S8 Active body is built with Bixby button, but the Smartphone would not use the surface screen, but the straight full screen.Samsung S8 screen possibly costs higher than s8 active since it is cruved edge kind.


As the three anti-Smartphone, Samsung S8 Effective support drop resistance, dustproof, water-proof, durable, can be maintained on 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes, from 1.5 meters high drop resistance fall. It really is made of military grade fabric, with metal frame and bumper to defend against outside forces.

Samsung S8 Active will be bought at AT & T formal website, the monthly expense of 28 dollars, the contract period or 2 many years. Interested in three anti-Smartphone, or simply are interested a solid mobile phone users, you’ll be able to give appropriate consideration towards the Samsung S8 Active.


Samsung is developing its own fingerprint sensor chip predicted to put into operation next season


Samsung offers a wide range of components, such as random access memory, flash memory modules, cpus and displays, to other machine manufacturers for a long time in the electronics industry. But in the fingerprint scanner technology this one, Samsung is very reliant on the United States a specialized in screen development Synaptics company.

According to the most up-to-date news, the status quo will change, simply because Samsung has been in the independent fingerprint sensor chip research and development work. From last year there have been reports that Samsung’s Method LSI department has already begun to execute such a work, the team is mainly responsible for processor along with interface R & D.

It is reported that the fingerprint sensor chip research plus development has entered the very last stage, is expected to begin pick up, these chips will be able to placed into commercial production. According to approach, Samsung will be the first fingerprint sensor chip applied to several of its low-end smart phones, and then progressively extended to the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series flagship mobile phone. Finally, this specific part will also be available to alternative equipment manufacturers.

As of now, Samsung has not made any official reaction to this news.

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