Nokia will upgrade to Android 8.0,Nokia 3 included

Recently, Google officially released Android 8.0 operating system. Google’s Pixel series, Nexus series will all be modified. In addition to Google’s own items, other mobile phone manufacturers may also push the Android 8.0 system as soon as possible, which includes HMD’s Nokia models.


Recently, HMD chief product officer Juho Sarvikas solved a user’s question with Twitter, said that all Nokia cellular phones will be upgraded to Android 8.0 system, including Nokia 3 using the price of only a thousand dollars.


Juho Sarvikas precisely pointed out that Nokia 3 is an entry phone which was released in this particular year’s MWC HMD, priced at only 139 euros, about rmb1,000 yuan. Although merely a thousand dollars, but Nokia 3 nevertheless will be able to upgraded to the new edition of the system. Nokia screen general check here.


Nokia real Mobile Phone photo have been exposed: only 1gb memory

Sharp in addition to BlackBerry will hold a new conference for a “new” identity back to the Chinese marketplace on 8th,August. And although the same returned Nokia introduced a higher degree of Nokia 6, but recently without any big move. Last month, Nokia’s low-end models were exposed, and now this model for Nokia 2 smartphone exposed the real Mobile Phone system.


From real Mobile Phone images of Baidu ,Nokia 2 is equipped with all black human body, plastic. Nokia’s brand custom logo is located in the top right in the screen, vertical arrangement of the back camera and flash light. The lower right corner of the fuselage has a long strip with openings, should be the location from the speaker.Want Nokia parts check below.


Compared with the previous opened pictures, Nokia 2’s shape should not be much suspense. Around configuration, Nokia 2 has a screen size of 4.7-5.0 inches and a resolution of 720P. In addition, the Mobile Phone can be equipped with Xiao Long 212 chip, shipped “up to” 1gb, supplemented by 8GB storage, 8 million pixel rear camera, 5 million pixel the front camera. How much do you want to devote?


When Nokia 8 will be released? Xiao Prolonged 660 +front and rear-facing cameras

Nokia was founded around 1865, headquartered in Finland , once the Nokia cellular phone can be said to sweep the world. With all the birth of the iphone, Nokia began to diminish, Nokia’s smart phone market share provides dropped from 33% in 2010 in order to 5.4% in 2016.

In 2017 Nokia re-emergence of a examination in China, with the low-range Nokia 6, which get virtually all Nokia enthusiast’s praise. In August 2017, Nokia will probably release its second mid-range machine Nokia 8.Want Nokia Screen? you can buy via some online shop, they offer many latest style for you. pertaining to repair industry nokia repair not so huge desire right now.

Nokia 8 will be designed with twice glass, front dual camera, with bright black version. In memory, typical 4G / 6gb running memory, 24 / 64gb flash memory versions, support the 128gb expansion, front double 12 million pixels + rear dual 12 million pixel camera mix, OIS optical image stabilization aid, 4000mAh battery. Some areas may also give dual card dual life version. This is much more sincere than the iphone and meet the requires in the Chinese market!
Nokia 8 is positioned for the mid-range models, mainly aimed at China’s Huawei Delaware series and millet note series of marketplaces,.China is in a rising period, more and more middle class,multi-end machine consumption is much more intense. Nokia 8 is likely to give customers affordable on price. Prior to the subjection of the Nokia low with the 2688 yuan (generally for the Chinese user’s offer), almost reached the same price of millet mobile phone. This may be Nokia’s return to the industry of frustration, perhaps in order to Nokia 6 price higher than the actual tactic.

The promotional image of Nokia Nine is opened: double-sided glass pattern +dual camera

Recently in addition to the iphone 8’s coverage constantly news, there are a lot with Nokia 9 news .Foreign press NPU exposed a new promotional image of Nokia 9.


From the image, Nokia On the lookout for has an oval entity House button in front, the Nokia LOGO in the upper right, some sort of vertical dual camera corner at the back of the fuselage , followed by the flash and also Nokia LOGO.On the whole, Nokia 9 is designed with double-sided glass and surface computer screen.Want Nokia Screen Supplier, test ogodeal.

In Configuration, NPU did not allow too much news. There was news before that Nokia 9 make use of a 5.5-inch 4k OLED screen, equipped with Xiao Extensive 835 processor, 6gb RAM+64GB ROM. In camera, it is a 22 million pixel dual Carl Zeiss rear video camera with a 12 million pixel front camera; fingerprint acceptance + iris recognition support.

Nokia 3/5/6 will be launched in Malaysia after March conference

There were gossip that HMD company will unveiling three models of Nokia 3,Nokia along with Nokia 6 in the Malaysia market, now Malaysia media have received the invitation which usually confirmed this news. According to the valuables in the invitation, HMD new convention will be held in Malaysia on Might 30th.


So far, three types of Nokia 3/5/6 have passed the SIRIM (man or woman of Malaysia’s guide certification our bodies) certification. Nokia 3’s code number may be known as TA-1032.

However, a copycat Nokia 3310 functional machine has appeared in Malaysia earlier this month, with the genuine high similarity, only the screen size and the key-board font is different. We do not know very well what will Nokia would think right after saw this copycat , it is interesting if Nokia 3310 was launched at the same time.sometimes you may droped your nokia screen you can get a nokia screen replacement online and get it repair easily.we will keep offer extra latest news about Nokia, if you value it just follow our website.

A new Nokia concept machine, this sort of phone will you buy it?

Nokia proclaimed the news of return , the users began to look forward to this once the mobile phone giant can bring several surprises.

Recently, a group of The lenders concept disign pictures had been appeared on internet. From the picture standpoint, this is not what we expected some sort of Android phone,but equipped with some sort of Windows system.

The phone’s photographic camera uses a rotating design, anyone can freely rotate according to their needs.

The size of this Nokia mobile phone similar with the iphone 6 is about 4.7 inches possibly.

Because joined the rotatable style and design, so there is no front and rear photographic camera necessary, it is only one digicam, at the same time, users do not have to be worried about self-timer front camera pixels is the wrong size problem.

In fact, Nokia has introduced while in the era of functional products equipped with rotating camera goods.

Frankly, such a Nokia phone remains very attractive, and its overall line is very tough.

Weighed against the iphone, Nokia’s new equipment uses a borderless design.

if you are a reasonable length of time nokia user and you currently work with nokia smartphone maybe you gonna will need find some good nokia replacement parts should you got it broken.Any way this kind of Nokia mobile phone will you buy it?