Full screen mobile phone LG Q6 is sold in India with RMB1500 yuan

LG released a new phone LG Q6 last month, and sold in South Korea. At this time the new mobile phone has been listed in the Indian market, exclusive distributed by the Amazon, the price is concerning 14,999 Indian rupees (RMB1562 yuan).


LG Q6 is a full-screen design, low geared up mobile phone. It is equipped with Xiao Lengthy 435 mobile platform, 3gb RAM +32 GB Range of motion, 5 million pixel front camera +13 million rear camera, 5.5-inch display (2160x1080resolution). This kind of mobile phone probably are not popular in the Chinese market, nevertheless is still relatively popular throughout India’s current mobile phone market. Moreover, LG Q6 Plus with 64gb of memory is anticipated to be available in August this coming year.Do LG repair business? want lg parts go here.


LG G6 Mini was uncovered: 5.4 inches full screen feels very good

This year, LG released the new LG G6, although this phone will not be sold in China. LG may additionally quit the Chinese market after, but still could not hold up next to a lot of fans. Recently LG was exposed a new product with 5.4 inches screen which looks like LGG6 new mini.


From the subjection pictures, the length-width ratio with LG G6 Mini screen is still at 18:9 with no changes in other sides, a smaller version of the G6. Alternatives configuration, we still are not aware of whether there is any different via G6.From the size, the feeling of LG G6 mini version will be better than LG G6 . The news with this new mobile phone is not a lot, we will continue to follow up the related reports. We will offer LG g6 repair parts quite soon, for full-line of lg parts please nicely buy from ogodeal website.