IPhone 8’s starting price is more than RMB7,000 yuan

This year, Apple will launch a 10 years special edition iPhone 8. It was previously revealed that this year’s iphone 8’s price is going to be nearly RMB10,000yuan. Recently, foreign advertising 9to5Mac opens the news that the iphone 8’s price tag will be about 1,1 hundred US dollars. (equivalent to RMB 7400 yuan), while the top model will reach 1,200 US dollars. With regard to repair shop if you need iphone 8 parts, maybe will need wait for iphone 8 screen costs decrease.


In fact, the price of apple’s iphone is brought up every year. According to the research by means of Asymco, a market-research firm, the i phones’s top version will cost about $100 every three years, for example the iphone 7 plus 256gb, which has reached $950.By this tip, $1,100 for the iphone 8 this year is extremely likely.


As for the other 2 new iphone 7S and 7S Plus price, it’s learned that 64gb version of iphone 7s and 7s Plus cost $ 750 and Dollar 870, 256gb version of iphone 7S and 7S Plus priced at Usd 850 and $ 1,000} respectively.

Will the new iphone device be named as “iPhone 8”?

It is said in which Apple will launch three brand-new iphone devices this year, including a little bit upgraded iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus. Of course, a highlight of this year is without a doubt the “iPhone 8”. Recently we have seen lots of suspected iphone 8’s exposure, but as the actual name, “iPhone 8” really will be called iphone 8?

According to Benjamin Geskin who is participating in social networking sites recently, he said this year’s flagship new iphone will never be named as “iPhone 8”, while the various other two upgraded iphone device can b e called iphone 7S in addition to iphone 7S Plus. The 10th anniversary version of iphone will not be called “iPhone 8”, Apple will give a whole new name for this special commemorative edition iphone, but still did not disclose the specific name. once iphone 8 launch, we will offer iphone 8 parts soon.
When the new iphone device is not termed “iPhone 8”, so what name do you think Apple will take? There was a media information that the new iphone will be termed “iPhone Edition” to highlight its significance. Naturally, there are also rumors that the brand-new iphone will be called “iPhone Pro” to highlight their high configuration status.
IPhone 8, iphone Edition, iPhone Pro are the most recognized three names at the moment, if you choose , which one do you think is the better name?

Very Nice all-glass iphone 8 concept design, let’s take a peek

Recently, we have seen a lot around the iphone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors, so we likewise see that more and more iphone 8 concept style and design will appear. Today, we also located a new iphone 8 concept design, the designer presents us by using a modeling angular, the use of all-glass build iphone 8.


To be positive, Apple has received a lot of related patents, hence next year’s iphone 8 to use all-glass to construct is not a strange thing. All things considered, next year is the birth with the tenth anniversary of the iphone, we are looking forward to it will have a revolutionary style and design.


We see that the iphone 8 will also configure the surface screen, and it will possess a surround-type screen, the designers additionally mentioned that the iphone 8 concept pattern inspired by Galaxy S8 concept layout, and the surface screen is going to Will bring users a lot of brand-new applications and useful features.


In addition to the appearance of extremely angular, this concept iphone 8 will also be configured some speakers, stereo surround sound is obviously indispensable, but at the same time, it’ll likewise configure an iris scanner.


In accordance with rumors, the next generation of the iphone might be equipped with SLR advanced spectroscopy engineering, and designers also pray that this rumor can come correct.Then iphone 8 can be more powerful pertaining to take photos,and it planning to need more high-end iphone parts eapeically rear camera aspect.


As for the concept of the iPhone 8 is also used in the cup we are familiar with Corning, and Gorilla glass 5 glass will be bundled dust and water plus fingerprint reader.

This concept iphone 8 many technology is likely to be achieved next year, while iphone 8 design is difficult to predict, and also hope it can maintain a attractive style at the same time, more ground-breaking.

Iphone 8 Conceptual Design: So slimmer

Coincidentally, upcoming year’s iphone has been much individuals expectations. Moreover, next year, the newest iphone may have to face a more effective Galaxy S8, provided that it does not recurring the mistakes Galaxy Note 7. In truth, the current concept of design on the iphone and many, and we also are aware that next year’s iphone may be tweaked OLED screen, or will use a glass material design, as well as designer Matteo Gentile, is obviously a experience of these factors, and then we take To this iphone 8 concept design.

First of all, your iphone 8 concept design using a glass material design the back of the phone, the most critical is that the thickness is only 4 millimeters only. Bright black color will continue to show their own elegance, simultaneously, Home key is also fully changed from a physical into a virtual. The iphone 8 is also designed with a 12 million pixel entrance camera. At the same time, its encircle screen images and video clip rendering are very realistic, with no border restrictions. However, gossips from the point of view, Apple’s iphone next year should also be less than 4 mm and so thin thickness, also, iphone parts will make new demands.

But it is strange that the concept of design in addition to did not mention its backed camera, but so slender Fuselage and then configure a powerful dslr camera, do not know the camera will be very “outstanding” suggest?

The tenth anniversary of the innovative, these keywords have been continually to remind us in which next year’s iphone will be very ought to have our expectations.

New 5-inch version of the iphone 8 verified double-sided glass design

In the past is rumored iphone 8 will use double-sided glass style and design, and now seems to have been established yet again. According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” quoted un-named business sources reported this Apple offers initially decided to utilize the up coming year’s iphone, Bourne Optical as well as BlueScope way to obtain glass backplane, and will be inside original 4.7-inch and 5 various.5-inch form of the On the basis of a boost involving 5-inch screen version, which also implies that next year’s iphone may have three models to meet around, plus 5.5-inch screen model uses Samsung’s hyperbolic display.


According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” cited un-named industry sources documented of which Apple has tentatively for all Five.5-inch, 5-inch plus 4.7-inch models come with goblet iphone back cover, as opposed to using the current iphone metal event Design, Bourne Optical and Zoom lens Engineering will be introduced next year, the latest iphone glass back go over of your major suppliers.

Whilst Foxconn is a huge key supplier of iphone sections, and has also been in the growth of glass back handle sections, but probably will not get up coming year’s iphone glass backside get, because the two manufacturers coming from mainland China in the The techie advantage is more significant. Consequently, the determination on the wine glass back cover vendors, once more confirmed that the next-gen iphone make use of double-sided glass design rumours, sufficient reason for metal frame to bolster your glass shell construction, that is certainly, double-sided glass + metal frame style, according to Said it could use stainless-steel or aluminum mix fabric.


It is noteworthy the Japoneses media reports likewise validated for the first time next year’s fresh iphone will have three products in the rumor, that is, from the primary 4.7-inch and Five.5-inch enhance on the basis of 5-inch version, also regarded Is to confirm the rumours in history. In the summer of this year, buddies around some one broke the news at microbloggingthe fact that iphone batch that we get there will be three, are generally 5.5-inch iphone 8 plus, 5-inch iphone 8 and 4.7-inch IPhone 7 Se
One of them, the 4.7-inch iphone 7SE will be Apple’s most affordable entry-level designs, while the iphone 8 plus and iphone 8 may exchange signal of AMOLED display and 3 dimensional goblet body, but the iphone 7 SE continue to use the LCD screen and also metal shell. On the other hand, from now the Japanese advertising stories, next year’s about three iphone uses double-sided glass + metal shape design.

In addition, the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” noted during the summer time of this year, a mention of iphone next year only 5.5-inch edition will use the hyperbolic tv screen layout and the use of AMOLED table, as the other two designs would be the continuation of the past LTPS low-temperature polysilicon table. All at once users @ cellphone chip up to the latest microblogger said: “Corning has got see of Apple, a substantial growth of cup material, ready to use upcoming season’s iPhone8.” Therefore, no accident, next the new iphone will use batch that we get For the new gorilla scratch-resistant glass.

Not surprisingly, irrespective of how the next year’s iphone a couple of styles in the touch-screen panel should have what sort of planning, but if you actuallyhave double-sided window design, then the wireless charging operate needs to be the first to introduce, but in addition speculation iphone 8 It is possible to remove the Property key and hide the finger print alarm under the glass screen. Nevertheless, the above argument has not but been confirmed.

Apple is very confident of the Xmas season: will resume progress

Sure enough, as expected, Apple‘s revenue lost his balance again. Earlier this morning inside the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter profits conference, whether Apple’s single-quarter revenue, post tax profit, iphone shipments, iPad shipments, Mac cargo shipments have different degrees of drop. At the end of the meeting, Apple introduced the company in accordance with established training for the next quarter (that is, Christmas, 2017 fiscal year first fraction) outlook.If Apple sell more iphone, for smarphont repair industry iphone replacement parts will have huge demand so price might go up in the near future.


From the overall earnings point of view, Apple expects the company’s income in the next quarter between $ 760-78 billion, compared to 75.9 billion US dollars last year, so that Apple’s revenue in the “three-game” Will be in the upcoming Christmas quarter did start to rebound.

In the first seven months of 2016, Apple’s revenue is declining, from the iPhone’s very first shipments decline in the products, each Apple’s earnings will not have a good news, including today’s this occassion. IPad and Mac product line silly bandz decline will also affect Apple’s all round revenue, but analysts assume that in the next 3 months, iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus will probably significantly boost Apple’s rebound.

Yesterday, a report from the “Electronic Times” has said that this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the battery spontaneous combustion / growing market after the shutdown, Apple has increased to the supply chain, iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus production purchases.

Looking back at the past and after that say goodbye: iPod has been fifteen years old!

Perhaps it may be said: We are now well-known Apple started out iPod, and this is already 25 years ago. Yes, iPod is unquestionably a legendary product, not long ago around 15 years of age. In this quite memorable day, of course, we should look back on its journey on the way. If your got a broken ipod touch and you want to fix it, you’ll be able to shop ipod parts here.

Low-key start

Local time July 23, 2001, Steve Jobs theoretically introduced to the world the first ipod devices. To some extent, this is Apple’s another new beginning, but at the time that caused the reaction does not sound particularly special “legend.”


Despite the presence of the current look at the first generating of iPod, its design is also very superior. Bright simple body, living in the center of the control area is often a novel ring (the first technology of iPod wheel really can turn). Menu, fast forward, go back, play / pause 4 buttons around the turntable, it is overall shape is sophisticated and generous.

Despite the ipod devices full of bright spots, but at the time it caused dispute and see the sound of the diminish can be really small. The high price of 399 dollars can only be used solely to Mac people can’t understand. Whether or not the 2002 second-generation iPod to join the particular Windows support, compatibility is also very significant imperfections. Moreover, in the era of Mp3 Walkman Pa, “I have a Mp3 machine but also what to do MP3” This particular seems a bit strange concept was not uncommon at the time.

For this reason, the legendary iPod includes a less legendary start, as it is too advanced, people do not understand a “computer company” why suddenly conduct such a thing. But even so, we still can see from it some sort of glimpse of the coming of the future – light and small lightweight body, simple and rapid tunes synchronization. These are now has become a common, but in the past do not have.

The genuine outbreak

Apple products every redesign can attract the attention of the planet, and the third generation ipod touch brings new elements is particularly important. In 2003 this kind of new product came out, it ushered in a truly irresistible alterations.

The third generation iPod grew up honing the predecessors of the layout language, but with a visible design and style change. The same round and body, the four control keys are moved to the top of the control rim, glowing effect of people use it down. Perhaps the most important transform comes from the control panel, the very first rotary design into a 100 % touch, this highly resourceful idea in this after many iPod models become an essential element.


Although the hardware style changes are very important, but really generate iPod become so attractive is the software. From the 3rd generation iPod, it has a excellent Windows support, and even i-tunes and its stores also come collectively. Since then, the purchase of music, synchronization in addition to listening for more users who may have become one go, the utilization of experience changes so that the ipod touch really has the conditions to attract the whole world.

ITunes undoubtedly laid the building blocks for Apple’s take-off again. 2003 on-line audio store has brought a new songs sales idea. The whole recording or single songs sold through the network, no doubt less complicated than the purchase of CD far too. ITunes both have music play back and management, which is also consumers can purchased song from the store. IPod and itunes as seamless docking portable battler, with the success of the second item, by virtue of their excellent quality, ushered in their golden age.
Hopeless transformation

In 2007, Jobs officially brought to people the actual iphone, which has now become symbolic of Apple’s smart phone. Jobs does not appear to mind the status on the iphone to seize the iphone, Apple will be the last option into a nearly all-around equipment. Almost all iPod can do, iphone also can perform. Even if it is portability, it will not be bad where to go.

In order to make the ipod and iphone line to adapt to the iphone following the birth of the new alterations, Apple released a few months later, launched a new iPod touch. IPod touch as well as iphone has a similar system practical knowledge, but not the latter call. People often use a sentence will not be appropriate to describe: iPod touch is a phone can’t call the iphone.

Mp3 this transition may be a number of frustration, but it has a total iOS experience, and the thickness associated with thinner, lower prices, but the computer hardware performance and iphone will be more intense than a generation or not one but two. Those in front of the high price of the iphone, but the cardiovascular of the iOS heart of the people, are pleased to find there apple ipod touch such a cost-effective choice. By individuals needs, iPod touch also received a lot of popularity. By The year 2013, the entire product line has also reached a breakthrough billion profits. By 2015, the sixth generation iPod touch quietly came out. Using this perspective, it is also qualified to possibly be called “classic” the.

Even so, the iPod Touch is becoming more and more rare industry by storm the more mature (and of course Android) cell phones. It has a high degree of overlap look when placed against smart phones in the function, Apple iphone sales in order to ensure that it is not likely to become equipped with a variety of cutting-edge technology promptly.

Although this may make some admirers feel unacceptable, but the simple truth is that Apple has laid the muse for the take-off of the iPod from the new era is no longer important. Soon after 2015, Apple will no longer be released separately ipod device sales information, and it is classified as “other products.” Perhaps the long run Apple will also continue to introduce many iPod new products, but also always provide support for them, although the marginalization of the iPod has been the fact that can’t be changed.
? The iphones are full of personality
On the third generation iPod to be able to iPod touch, in fact, also encountered a lot of the middle. IPod profits of explosive growth, Apple has gotten the opportunity to continue to sway. Inside 2004 the iPod mini is definitely the product “main line” outside of a new test. Although it storage space is not, though the shape of light, but also colorful color. Needless to say, young people who love fashion will love them.

IPod Shuffle is the initial iPod to use flash storage, people at first glance to see this in the mood is stunning – who have seen the screen are not the music gamer? IPod Shuffle Lightweight little, cancel the screen so that the music player completely random approach is very daring. However, in exchange for the cool design along with low price also makes it plenty of fans sought after. There’s also the ipod and iphone nano, which is slimmer compared to iPod, but does not surrender the screen design to give people another choice.

With the iPod little, iPod Shuffle and ipod devices nano the birth of the entire product line has been improved, and let iPod develop into a detached music player fashion resources. This is the iPod’s golden age. Perhaps surprisingly, Apple did not fall enthusiasts. 2007 iPod classic was born. Whilst its voice is often graded as “boiled water”, but in 2009 as much as 160GB of storage space, for those who have many lossless music enthusiasts who is without doubt very attractive.

However, naturally, the positioning of the iPod traditional is too narrow, it will also appear faster exit. 2014, iPod vintage officially discontinued, it can’t often be a tragedy, can only say that the general trend. It marks the ipod and iphone is about to withdraw from the step of history.


Despite the influence of the smart phone under the mp3 player has been unable to maintain it is position, or even difficult to acquire a foothold in the market. But most people can’t forget the surprises, conveniences along with pleasures it once added us. A blink connected with an eye iPod has 15 years old, we should not let it so silence in history, merely say “Happy Birthday”, and then ready to waved so long to it.