Let’s see all those years just what big material change iphone Produced

IPhone unknowingly has been with us regarding nine years, in fact, through the birth of the iphone, smart phones brought in an era of their own, along with these nine years, iphone is maintaining growth, to create iphone materials used Growing. And we know the name of such materials, the same happened to earth-shaking variations. For example, plastic is no longer named plastic, we will call it PVC, Polyurethane or Polypropylene. And those metal materials, tricks are also very loud, such as 6000 series aluminum alloy, magnesium aluminum lithium alloy.
IPhone 3G shell material into the technological innovation plastics (call began to adjust), then iphone 3gs is still using executive plastic body, low cost, solid plasticity, easy colored, tsignal penetrating, ideal resistance to cast are all it is advantages, but the reputation can be poor, poor thermal conductivity can be plastic stand out shortcomings.

Typical iphone 4 became protagonist finally use glass instead of plastic, smooth and of high strength glass, aesthetic feeling to the overwhelming, it’s no wonder that next year’s iphone will likely return to the design of the particular glass body such as the classic of the iphone 4, let’s look at.

Evolved following iphone 4s, still the beauty of the glass to an extreme, but with this iphone 4s perfect curtain call, “glass” furthermore give up his own leading part. However, the lack of stability of your molecular structure of glass, but glass is fragile is just about the largest “nightmare”, and then take a closer look advertising again in detail.

The world is transforming, apple also is changing, all metal smartphones began to slowly installed the stage of history, the particular iphone 5 using anodized aluminum production of aluminum alloy material, the iphone features much a resolute and refined metal.
The iphone 5s of golden shade, more “outstanding” the theme of the metal.
Iphone 5c took a different course, the plastic finally went back. Iphone 5c body with a hard coating of polycarbonate material, a few years soon passed, we get in touch with the iphone plastic body, last but not least will not only say that plastic, although that polycarbonate, iphone 5c body is really colorful.

The best-selling iphone 6 in the record adopted 6000 series aluminum alloy, and the way we call stainless steel patterns have changed just as before,, it is no longer simply referred to as aluminum alloy, but XX aluminum alloy. But the tragedy is actually, 6000 series aluminum alloy seriously isn’t strong enough, so, “folding door” took place. So that you can improve the strength and plasticity regarding aluminum, many manufacturers will be mixed with aluminum in a tiny magnesium or other metal materials to improve the quality of aluminum.


The particular iphone 6s series, 7000 series aluminum alloy to replace the 6000 aluminum alloy, in addition to the name upgrade, firmness has also been upgraded.While the rose gold color is dazzling spots, metal texture, thus beautiful.If you got a iphone 6s screen cracked by drop normally the housing will be ok, this is exactly why aluminum housing much better than glass housing.

IPhone SE due to positioning complications, its body material to the iphone 6 series aluminum alloy, and its back housing additionally uses a glass material, probably “mixed” is the theme of the iphone se.
This season the new iphone 7 body material is nonetheless 7000 series aluminum alloy, however it uses a new technology, the full mobile phone looks seamless, it’s going to be the peak of the metal distinctive line of smart phones? Bright black is quite eye-catching.
Many rumors are said that will next year’s iphone 8 will be re-use with the glass body design, all things considered, many people like the kind of glass mirror effect and elegant experience (for example, bright black). Plus e can only through the notion design to see full glass iphone 8 design beauty. The new Apple Watch has been using ceramic, as “old friends” wine glass, it may return to the iphone buy, it is difficult to imagine the future of the actual iphone back housing will get available what kind of new pattern material.



IPhone can not stop the temptation: flexible screen!

Cool flexible curved screen

If you want to say flexible display what kind of benefits, of course, an example may be looks very cool. This we can see now Samsung’s flagship cell phone, although much more expensive, the increase in functionality is limited, but as extended as the budget is adequate, a great number of select the Edge version screen.

Flexible computer screen based OLED display technology, which may be self-luminous characteristics of pixels so that it does not require backlight panel and other components, your substrate can be plastic, metal or glass and other materials. Obviously, as long as the substrate is flexible, the actual screen will also be flexible, meaning that we can easily even fold it. The following screen is very thin, quite light, and very tough.

We are now more on the flexible monitor called “curved screen”, mainly because from the client’s point of view, we can not personally bias to fold the phone display screen. Mobile phone manufacturers to make the monitor showing a change in the arc, the appliance is very nice on the phone, but also for us it seems hard display. This does not mean that flexible screen is actually a gimmick, because that can be damaged, or even folding the present has now been successfully created.

Mobile phones are often electronic equipment to indicate their face, it looks awesome is very important. Holding a curve of the screen phone, person feel the whole people are very cool. If the recent spread of these rumors are true, then Apple’s iphone sooner or later one day will not only transport OLED iphone screen, but also play any flexible surface.

Flexible screen why great

From the most practical mindset, the biggest advantage of flexible screen, not surprisingly, is its anti-drop-resistant to play. For the reason that OLED screen can be a variety of various materials as the base, including vinyl, which also makes it with a powerful durability. If the use of plastic-type as a material, then besides make the screen more tough, but also effectively to the cell phone weight loss. Of course, because the suppliers also need to add a layer involving glass on the screen as a safety, so this does not mean that you can rely upon their own mobile phone with a curved screen just isn’t taken heart.

With a flexible display, the shape of the screen can have more changes, as we within the Samsung Galaxy flagship machine’s Edge series to find out it. If the screen seriously isn’t limited to the kind of candy bar shape we are familiar with, then suppliers in the design of the overall kind of the phone when you can have a higher degree of freedom, bring more possibilities.

If you then look longer, such as when the future including the entire electronic equipment can become flexible if your screen. As a result, we can pill as a newspaper roll away. If electronic devices can take in more forms, our lifestyles will change a lot.

Flexible screen of the problem

In theory, many experts recognize that the use of plastic to be a flexible screen substrate is the best, because this fabric has a strong flexibility, resistance to drop characteristics.

However, you are going to of plastic than the window is more complex, simply use this fabric may lead to lower screen clarity of the screen. This truth means that handset manufacturers ought to spend more time to consider how to overcome this challenge.

In addition, the plastic is really a semi-permeable material, which means that air along with water are able to enter the system through the display screen. In order to avoid this situation, mobile phone manufacturers can choose so as to add a layer of defensive coating, and some people are experimenting with glass and plastic merging.

Look forward to flexible tomorrow

Although the flexible monitor technology is still not adult, but the industry is confident of its future popularity, that this brand new screen will certainly be the desolate man the mainstream, all the complications to solve just a matter of time merely.

From science fiction movies, we could see people yearning for flexible display technology. Whether it is the content in the electronic newspaper can be converted, or hanging on the wall of the dynamic posters, and can be rolled up simply carry the computer, to achieve these types of, in fact, we can from flexible monitor technology to find solutions. Individuals need to do, just let the accumulation of various aspects of technology and then adult some.

Consumers are always desperate to market products that can make several bright spots change. In the event the flexible screen technology to be able to fantastic some of the many devices will never rigidly adhere to the way in the marketplace .. From the practical point of view, unique shapes of the screen can easily naturally be applied in different sites.

The prospect of a flexible screen is excellent, even if it does not present a progressive breakthrough in usability, at the very least not a fatal flaw, moreover mobile phones and other electronic equipment to make the new appearance is also effectively received. More demand will probably lead to more rapid technological advancement, maybe the next generation of flexible, flip-style display will soon be applied to each of our mobile phone.

Apple will use curved screen? Concept iphone 8 Edge design

Seriously, iphone screen with the Curved screen, should be very beautiful.


The market has a lot of cellular phone manufacturers began to use curved screen with its flagship model,the present news said that Apple next years high-end models will use the curved wine glass panel, do you think Apple will introduction next year, a “Edge” models?
No matter the reason, the concept of designers will always demonstrate a first step, a few days ago an international designers brought us the most recent conceptual design: iphone 8 Edge.
As the name indicates, designers have used a curved screen for your iphone in two sizes, 4.7-inch along with 5.5-inch (5.0-inch and 5.8-inch), this time with each models A dual camera, the body by using a more dazzling glass product.
It is worth mentioning which, in this concept of iphone 8 edge did not look for the Home button, the designer may be hidden it underneath the screen panel. Of course, fractional treatments is not first in the industry, there are manufacturers already achieve this style.
Curved screen phone has been very common, there are other and more manufacturers began to use this design, Apple has always been accustomed to the outcome for the industry, will they have the ability to bring curved screen phone into a fresh height? Let’s just waitting.

Iphone 8 three models: OLED models the costliest small screen unparalleled snapshot

This is what you want to know the iphone 8, more expensive, but there are OLED + dual camera is not purchasing buy? Unparalleled small dimensions to continue to force no totally obvious features.


Apple’s new generation involving smart phones iphone 7 series has been basically launched for quite some time, and today to purchase the users should have almost started off. However, there are some users decide to continue to wait, most of them usually are “enough party” and “wait and see party. The so-called “enough party” generally refers to the normal use of iphone 6s or 6s Plus or even previously models can still meet, as well as “wait and see the party” is more aspire to be able to appear a revolutionary, and don’t hesitate to start A new age group of iphone products, always worried about the progress of the completely new iphone rumors to see if they arrive at their satisfaction level.

The rumor is this:

We do not understand iphone 8 is not the next generation of products, for the reason that theoretically there are iphone 7s this creation. However, the rumors frequently think that Apple to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iphone, for example, named the iphone 8, and these nights the new rumors on the iphone 8 is quite a bit. Some analysts in the report back to the customer, in particular, broke good news of several new highlights:

Borderless design, accounting for a huge screen
– Probably a hyperbolic display screen
– 4.7 inches into 5 inches
– 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches

However, rumors have grown so:

In 2017, Apple is expected to produce three new models of the particular iphone, only one with OLED display screen, although the other two will continue to utilize the TFT-LCD screen. At the same time, 5.5-inch Plus remains exclusive dual cameras, Several.7-inch models will not be provided. Iphone 8 screen Specifically summarized as follows:
– 4.7 inch iphone, TFT-LCD screen, conventional single camera
– 5.5 inch iphone, TFT-LCD monitor, dual camera
– 5.5 inch iphone, OLED screen, dual camera

2017 models iphone cellphone dual-camera models will be 30% -40% range to 65% – 75%, Taiwan’s big photoelectric will be wide-angle and telephoto lens exclusive supplier.

The actual forecast is as follows:

Apple upcoming year’s next-generation large-size iphone to retain dual-lens setting, and further strengthened, in addition to wide-angle, your telephoto lens will also be equipped with OIS eye image stabilization technology, and further significantly enhanced optical glide and digital zoom, Provide more powerful software features. However, Apple is very wise move, will remain exclusively Plus model benefits.

Turning to the latest camera changes in particular, the latest upgrade may make the next generation regarding dual-lens models of the iphone cost raises, about 30 to 40 dollars on price, the only unfriendly to the consumer is the fuselage will also increase the fat of concrete Ranging from about 30% to about 40%.


In addition, iphone 8 will technically return to all-glass design, from the visual point of view, a bit similar to the typical iphone 4 and iphone 4s style, are the returning of the glass panel protection. The purpose of doing so is actually quite easy, although many users are very attracted to iphone 7 series bright black high gloss appearance, but has been proven easy to scratch, at least several metal models of the iphone are usually more than high-strength glass scratch.

All-glass design can almost confirm, simply because in August this year, Japan’s major commercial paper media Nikkei likewise broke the news that pick up Apple will redesign the iphone, mainly the glass to build the case, possibly by the Foxconn production. However, a new generation of iphone is not just having a positive screen, but almost all-glass layout, jaw sinking physical household key will no longer appear of course, will be embedded together with the fingerprint sensor in to the front glass panel which, integrated.

Finally, to tell the truth on the OLED screen, Apple has long been observed, even so the real use of the OLED screen merchandise only Apple Watch and the new MacBook Pro Touch bar, iphone, zero obvious signs of being seen. Recently, Sharp CEO has publicly stated that the future iphone will probably use their OLED screen, yet that has to wait until after 2019. For that reason, rumors generally believe that Samsung and LG have now won a Apple OLED display orders, only the real capacity increase.

Apple sustained differentiation model pushed up the regular price of big money

Needless to say, nonetheless look at these models you can foresee that the new 5.5-inch OLED forms of the price of the current iphone 7 plus than the beginning price of 6388 yuan more expensive. Apple differentiation method is still continuing to make this type of decision on the surface is to clear up the problem of initial generation capacity OLED, but in fact is to iphone much more grades, to promote a higher typical selling price. After two or three numerous observation, Apple seems to have realized that rrndividuals are more value for their models that spend money, no matter how much expensive.

When Cook was asked precisely why the iphone 7 plus price 20 dollars above last year, he attributed the newest exclusive dual camera system. But Cook likewise admits that Apple’s goal is actually comparatively fair pricing, not more neither less. Cook in the mouth with fair pricing, specifically associated with what we do not know, but in March this year, Apple released a history of the most cost effective iphone model “iPhone SE”, than before the old primary iphone price after the price even cheaper .

No matter how rumors, put together with all the rumors, when the brand-new generation of iphone officially produced when the smaller size of your iphone is expected to not have dual camera construction, when to buy a unique iphone, In my opinion more users will look to The most expensive OLED models, because a lot of users that since increasingly more money, why not set the ideal iphone is not the determination to buy.

Very Nice all-glass iphone 8 concept design, let’s take a peek

Recently, we have seen a lot around the iphone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors, so we likewise see that more and more iphone 8 concept style and design will appear. Today, we also located a new iphone 8 concept design, the designer presents us by using a modeling angular, the use of all-glass build iphone 8.


To be positive, Apple has received a lot of related patents, hence next year’s iphone 8 to use all-glass to construct is not a strange thing. All things considered, next year is the birth with the tenth anniversary of the iphone, we are looking forward to it will have a revolutionary style and design.


We see that the iphone 8 will also configure the surface screen, and it will possess a surround-type screen, the designers additionally mentioned that the iphone 8 concept pattern inspired by Galaxy S8 concept layout, and the surface screen is going to Will bring users a lot of brand-new applications and useful features.


In addition to the appearance of extremely angular, this concept iphone 8 will also be configured some speakers, stereo surround sound is obviously indispensable, but at the same time, it’ll likewise configure an iris scanner.


In accordance with rumors, the next generation of the iphone might be equipped with SLR advanced spectroscopy engineering, and designers also pray that this rumor can come correct.Then iphone 8 can be more powerful pertaining to take photos,and it planning to need more high-end iphone parts eapeically rear camera aspect.


As for the concept of the iPhone 8 is also used in the cup we are familiar with Corning, and Gorilla glass 5 glass will be bundled dust and water plus fingerprint reader.

This concept iphone 8 many technology is likely to be achieved next year, while iphone 8 design is difficult to predict, and also hope it can maintain a attractive style at the same time, more ground-breaking.

Iphone 8 rumors summary: will hold OLED display


2016-11-7-4According to latest reviews, Apple will usher in the 2017 launch with the 10th anniversary of the iphone, and the company is preparing for the iphone 8 put out. Iphone 8 is expected to be a major development.

Apple recently launched the iphone 7 pattern is not suitable for future technological development, such as the arc screen plus OLED display panel. Apple wants to adopt the new design in its Eleventh anniversary version of the iphone.At this time iphone 7 screen costs is much less in comparison with oled screens, once iphone 8 really use this kind costs will be far more higher, so will iphone 8 sell at higher price? let’s just waitting for it.

State-of-the-art features and designs in Apple’s brand new phones include edge-to-edge OLED screens. On top of that, the Home button will disappear and grow replaced by a fingerprint indicator.

Perhaps the most important innovation within the iphone 8 is the wireless charging feature. Reported of which Apple wants to integrate this technology while in the iphone 8. The slow pace with iphone technology upgrades has dissatisfied many users.

In addition, analysts expect, Apple is unlikely to improvement in the first half of 2017 iphone se.

While Apple is currently preparing a major update iphone, but there are people in the business believe that Samsung in the process of technological updating faster than Apple. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been pre-loaded with an OLED display, and the brand new iphone is expected to use this technology.

Described that the Samsung Display is designed to end up being compatible with the future of the i phones’s OLED technology. Samsung is likely to invest quantities of dollars to meet the needs of a iphone on the OLED panel.

Iphone 8 Conceptual Design: So slimmer

Coincidentally, upcoming year’s iphone has been much individuals expectations. Moreover, next year, the newest iphone may have to face a more effective Galaxy S8, provided that it does not recurring the mistakes Galaxy Note 7. In truth, the current concept of design on the iphone and many, and we also are aware that next year’s iphone may be tweaked OLED screen, or will use a glass material design, as well as designer Matteo Gentile, is obviously a experience of these factors, and then we take To this iphone 8 concept design.

First of all, your iphone 8 concept design using a glass material design the back of the phone, the most critical is that the thickness is only 4 millimeters only. Bright black color will continue to show their own elegance, simultaneously, Home key is also fully changed from a physical into a virtual. The iphone 8 is also designed with a 12 million pixel entrance camera. At the same time, its encircle screen images and video clip rendering are very realistic, with no border restrictions. However, gossips from the point of view, Apple’s iphone next year should also be less than 4 mm and so thin thickness, also, iphone parts will make new demands.

But it is strange that the concept of design in addition to did not mention its backed camera, but so slender Fuselage and then configure a powerful dslr camera, do not know the camera will be very “outstanding” suggest?

The tenth anniversary of the innovative, these keywords have been continually to remind us in which next year’s iphone will be very ought to have our expectations.