IPhone 7s is designed with glass body: Support wireless charging function

Although Apple will probably launch three iphone this year, yet compared to the iphone 8, iphone 7s / 7s Plus has a reasonably little attention. Of course, quite a few models will be inferior in comparison with the iphone 8 , it may not because of the iphone 7s set ‘s little change, but in which progress of iphone 8 is too excellent. However, the iphone 7s series will still be improved, such as in appearance plus part of the function.

Recently, Press Technobuffalo share the CAD drawings of iphone 7s series, which is simply the final design. These Computer-aided-design drawings show that the overall design of iphone 7s and iphone 7 series is almost exactly the same, and the iphone 7s / 7s Plus will be utilized on glass body before and after + precious metal frame design, which is very different from the previous generation. As for the function of glass body ,just to keep the wireless charging function. If you got a person’s iphone 7 screen broken, maybe you might wait for this new iphone 7s show up.

Although Technobuffalo shared the Virtual design drawings of iphone 7s series , the actual iphone 8 related news is also be mentioned. It is said that iphone 8’s ultimate name may be iphone X as well as iphone Edition, in short, it will not be “iPhone 8”.


IPhone 8’s starting price is more than RMB7,000 yuan

This year, Apple will launch a 10 years special edition iPhone 8. It was previously revealed that this year’s iphone 8’s price is going to be nearly RMB10,000yuan. Recently, foreign advertising 9to5Mac opens the news that the iphone 8’s price tag will be about 1,1 hundred US dollars. (equivalent to RMB 7400 yuan), while the top model will reach 1,200 US dollars. With regard to repair shop if you need iphone 8 parts, maybe will need wait for iphone 8 screen costs decrease.


In fact, the price of apple’s iphone is brought up every year. According to the research by means of Asymco, a market-research firm, the i phones’s top version will cost about $100 every three years, for example the iphone 7 plus 256gb, which has reached $950.By this tip, $1,100 for the iphone 8 this year is extremely likely.


As for the other 2 new iphone 7S and 7S Plus price, it’s learned that 64gb version of iphone 7s and 7s Plus cost $ 750 and Dollar 870, 256gb version of iphone 7S and 7S Plus priced at Usd 850 and $ 1,000} respectively.

What persuaded you to invest in so expensive iphone 8?

According to earlier reports, Apple will be release the brand new iphone later this year, regardless of the device’s name is iphone 8, iphone pro or the some others. It will add some new features, and that is what analysts believe that that new IPhone prices will be more as compared with $ 1,000.


So far, we have now heard a lot of news regarding iphone 8, including OLED display, wireless charging, face acknowledgement, faster processors, embedded Touch id detectors, higher storage capacity in addition to a breakthrough, equipped AR-enabled cameras and many others.

iPhoneHacks reported that if there is no collision, we can almost certainly iphone 8 screen will probably be OLED display, no border pattern, iphone 7s / 7s Plus continue to use the LCD panel. However, OLED and borderless layout is not enough to persuade people to spend more than A person,000 US dollars to buy iphone 8, because Samsung provides achieved the same goal held it’s place in the Galaxy S8 .

From the iPhoneHacks poll success, if the iphone 8 with all of the above functions, then there are 40.51% of users expressed willingness to buy this telephone. It is worth mentioning of which 27.73% of users said that choice . iphone 8 has all of the above features, they do not want to spend thousands of dollars to buy iphone 8.

Next the question came, if it is a person, what kinds of new features are additional ,so you are willing to buy that new iphone with more than $ 1,000?

Iphone 8 latest photo shoot:White, full screen, glass rear cover

We have seen a lot of iPhone8‘s photograph shoots, but mostly black. And also a well-known designer Martin Hajek has designed a group of white version of iphone 8 now, it’s more amazing.


This band of photos is also based on the many rumors of iPhone8 before. Using this photos, iphone 8 has a full screen, glass back cover, usable designed rear dual-shot, a silver stainless steel frame, an video camera and a handset hole in the front of the top.We will present iphone 8 screen soon once the idea released for a while.


In addition, a designer also showed a black version of the iphone 8, which version do you prefer?


iphone 8 will be equipped with Apple’s own 10 nm A11 chip

The network news showed that this year’s iphone will likely be redesigned, but just what exactly surprise Apple will bring us is still unidentified. but the only thing that seems certain today is usually that iphone will certainly be further improved in hardware performance.


There are claims that Apple will put together three kinds of iphone this year with regard to users, including small amplitude iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus, of course iphone 8 which is the significant hotspot this year. If on purpose, iphone 8 will be equipped with Apple’s own A11 chip, and then what about the remaining two iphone?
In accordance with the the latest revelations from Twitting user @VenyaGeskin1, iphone 8 will be equipped with the modern foundry TSMC 10 nm process A11 chip, while iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus will continue to used with 16 nanometer A10chip which is the same as iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus .The user recently exposed a lot of news around the new iphone. It is the recent “popular” smashed people. However, this news hasn’t been confirmed. we will offer full new line of iphone 8 parts once iphone 8 repleased.

Looking at their home that iphone 8 will be released this year which is the featured flagship style, it will be equipped with OLED full display screen, integrated Touch id screen. Apple may want to individual it with iphone 7s/7s Plus. However, it is not sure whether this fresh iphones will adopt different varieties of SoC or not.

IPhone 8 prototype with Glass body + double vertical camera was exposed

In accordance with the annual practice, Apple will release a new iphone in September this year. There are a few months time to open conference. From the current information, Apple will come up with a surprise on the basis of regular update iteration. In other words, we will not only see the iPhone 7s series in the fall conference, but also see the iPhone tenth anniversary products(tentatively we call it iPhone 8).

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Some time ago, iPhone 8 design drawings were exposed, enthusiastic users also render a wave according to the drawings. But there are rumors soon: iPhone 8 is clearly not being used metal body design, but the glass body.


Not surprisingly, there are foreigners in the social platform drying out a group of suspected iPhone 8 prototype picture a few days ago. It is reported that this prototype is based on Foxconn internal message produced, so with a high reliability. From the picture, the machine was showed with a black curved glass body, Iphone frame should be stainless steel, the most outstanding characteristics is the double-vertical camera. As for the front, there is not much valuable information.

10 anniversary of the iphone, 2017 will be a major moment

2017 will be the iphone since the labor and birth of the tenth year, everyone on this year’s iphone is full of expectations. So far, the next generation of iphone (we’re going to call it the iphone 8) specifications as well as characteristics of a lot of rumours, the new year, let us together to be able to memorize these exciting new technology.
Three sizes by using OLED

According to the current rumors concluded that Apple next season may launch three styles of the iphone – 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches. And this includes, 5.8-inch models can be used on the OLED solar panel. OLED technology after a long boost recent years has gradually turn into better, regardless of color, dark level and response time are significantly better than the Lcd screen. Nonetheless due to capacity problems, Apple is just not expected to give all the brand-new iphone with OLED panels.

5.8 inches sounds huge, both hands holding the operation of the particular bar. However, Apple may reduce the line, or the use of borderless design, in the end, the 5.5-inch border there is nonetheless much room can be reduced, so you can make the 5.8-inch body visual appeal can do with 5.5 inches of the dimensions .
Plastic and curved screen

As for the mysterious third iphone, rumors are single that will eventually use the OLED section. But there is a rumor explained, this OLED panel material is plastic-type material, because of the curved screen made into consideration. Cheap screen will not become a customer unlike point? Apple will be how to make the texture of the plastic display, this will be a challenge.

IPhone screen materials has always insisted with using glass, there is this sort of small episode. It is said that when the first generation of Apple iphone inside the development of the time, Jobs is definitely the plastic screen of the iphone magic size pocket, the results of other products with the bag rubbed a number of scratches, Steve Jobs immediately chosen to use the iphone screen glass.

As a result, the plastic surface of the monitor may only be a reference form of Apple, will eventually launch such types, but also can not solve the issue of scratches.

Fuselage with all-glass

Apple’s iphone 7 and also iphone 7 plus launch of the bright black great success. Despite being mocked “technology to shell for this”, it’s undeniable, bright black sought after by consumers. But do not have on protective shell with a period of time after the bright black physique was scratched. Glossy look and feel is very important, but the durability is far more important.

In order to make the iphone 8 to increase withstand the drop and scratches, Apple may use 2.5D glass system shell, both to ensure the gloss of the shell, but also boost the durability.
Glass and wireless charging

Fuselage together with all-glass There is a possible reason would be that the next generation iphone or support wireless charging. Apple’s competition have long been trying to make your breakthrough in the wireless charging, and Apple has been specifically ridiculed by Samsung.

Earlier, it had been reported that Apple and soulmates are overcoming the current complex barriers to wireless charging technology, as well as long-distance power outages. If successfully triumph over, Apple’s wireless charging technology will be far more than Samsung’s technology.
Touch id and screen

Imagine the future of the iphone no Home press button, no border, it is the way the sci-fi equipment. In view of Apple gradually discarded a number of jacks and control buttons, remove the Home button will not be surprising.

According to a new Apple obvious, Apple can let the display go through fingerprints, which means the fingerprint sensor built-into the bottom of the screen technological barriers have been resolved.

The Home key is to return to the chief screen and activate the Siri, and we now have several ways to be able to activate the Siri without the Home key, and Apple is very user friendly software commands to allow buyers to easily return to the main display. As long as the Touch id integrated into the particular screen to solve the technological problems, the abolition of the Home secret is imperative things.

Cook and Artificial intelligence

Cook within the interview with a Japanese mass media has revealed that iPhone’s potential lies in artificial intelligence (AI). So when discussing iphone 8 rumors how can this element less it.

Obviously, Apple is now the main focus of the AI. In the smart phone in an artificial intelligence, we will be able to use AI to improve the iphone battery life, remember the location where the user’s car to the individual to recommend music.

Detectors and barometers

Barometer this gossip has long been heard, but unfortunately the iphone 7 who did not achieve. This rumor will naturally continue to iphone 8 entire body. In addition to barometer, iphone 8 also includes heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor, as well as the recent iphone has the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensors, compass. Extra rumors, iphone 8 may be equipped with iris recognition technology, if so, that iphone 8 has to be more retinal or iris tracking sensor.
Other specifications

As for the specifications, a processor is certainly used A11. A11 will almost certainly use 10 nanometer technology, and is expected to be faster and more effective.

RAM may also increase to 4 GB. Apple iphone’s RAM there is a lot of room pertaining to improvement, competitors are using 4 gb RAM when Apple used 2gb, which has been purchaser complaints, but also makes Apple run the test when the memory consumed losses.

Iphone 8 screen may also be 4k, together with 4096 * 2160 pixel resolution. Rear camera may have 15 million pixels, support intended for optical image stabilization, has a 600-megapixel front camera. Oddly enough, there are rumors that 5.8 inches regarding the dual-camera iphone 8 will probably be arranged around vertical, like this, watching will not be very strange?

Unlike the iphone 7 plus, the iphone 8 Plus’s two rear-facing cameras assist optical image stabilization, whilst the iphone 7 plus only offers wide-angle optical impression stabilization. In addition to the telephoto lens will also support optical image stabilization, a photo quality and to prevent zoom range is also anticipated to be improved.
IPhone 7 battery capacity higher to 1960 mAh, but the customer is still not satisfied with this battery daily life, we guess, iphone 8 battery capacity could be increased to 2800 mAh, will be able to provide 18 hours of 4G period.

Said so much, you are not itchiness it? Do not worry, so the iphone 8 have to wait nine months. Whether all of the rumors mentioned above, is essential that 2017 as the 10th wedding of Apple will certainly be motion. Although this year may still discuss the internal promotion of the year, although at least there will be a new iphone to help mark the beginning of the new decade.