The exposure of Huawei Mate 10: Priced at about 7480 yuan

Recently, Huawei Mate 10 was frequently exposed, Huawei shopper business Ceo Yu Chengdong also revealed part of this new flagship mobile phone info.
He said Mate 10 will be released in the fall, the same time with the iphone 8 .Want Huawei screen go for ogodeal.

Stunning full-screen design, longer life, faster quickness and better dual-shot performance, will be the reasonably competitive advantages of Mate 10 with the iphone 8, certainly, their new flagship should have heavy new features.

Above is merely a description of the appearance, without any real machine outflow, and from now on foreign media Concept Inventor create a Huawei Mate 10 according to the established rumors, let us look at the subsequent.

In appearance, Huawei Mate 10 uses a extensive screen design, screen talk about is very high, and through the picture, Mate 10 almost no perimeter design. Although the forehead location is very narrow, but still maintains the handset and entrance camera, and is a twice photo.
The back is metal body, Leica certification, but with smooth camera.
In color, Huawei Mate 10 supplies green, red, gray, silver several colors, younger than the former generation.
About the Hardware construction, according to the previous exposed message, Huawei Mate 10 uses a 6.1 inch 16: 9 display, a resolution regarding 2160 – 1080, equipped with unicorn 970 processor, 10nm process technological know-how.
In price, according to dangerous media TableTowo, Huawei Mate 10 is 4000 zloty, about RMB 7480 yuan.
Although the appearance earlier mentioned is the result of the creator ‘s idea, but the full display screen, fingerprints, double-shot these features should not be wrong. If Mate 10 is really like this, will you consider to buy it with7000 RMB?

Huawei Glory Note 9 is shown with the coming of full screen

Recently, There are a lot associated with news about Huawei new Unit glory Note 9 ‘s real Model photos on the Internet. The biggest bright spot on this real Model’s photos is that glory Note 9 likewise use a comprehensive screen. After the increase of screen proportion, the look off Note 9 is also improved. Prior to a release of Mate 10, more coverage highlights are clearly fantastic.

From the exposure of real Model ‘s photos, the design is basically consistent with previous, nonetheless because the first use of a comprehensive screen, so the overall style also gives a sense of incredible. Compared to the previous generation display, Huawei Glory Note 9 increased the display screen proportion, metal body with a fuselage at the back , equipped with a post-fingerprint detection system. Huawei Glory Note 9 relies on a dual camera, which is also the first Huawei series to implement double camera.Want undertaking repair business about huawei phones? find huawei screens from ogodeal is easy, and you will get start.
From the setting, Huawei glory Note 9 is equipped with any 6.6-inch 2k screen, a Kirin 955 processor. Concurrently, with two 13 million pixel rear camera, 8 million pixel front camera. The Design provides 6gb of memory, the actual battery capacity has reached 5100mAh, Android 7.One system, priced at 2799 yuan.

When will Huawei mate 10 often be launched? full screen pattern + Unicorn 970 processor + Lycra four cameras, Huawei mate10 well worth the wait

HUAWEI Glory 9 has been released two days ago, HUAWEI Glory 9 capture a large number of user’s hearts with regard to Huawei with high value and performance. Future we are looking forward to Huawei’s new device Huawei mate10. From Huawei mate10 released in September, some time is getting closer, There are more and even more related information about Huawei mate10 ,let us go through the latest news of Huawei mate10 as follows.

1) Full screen style and design
Full-screen design seems to have become a development, Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a hyperboloid full computer screen, a step up from the Mimi Mix; it is said iPhone8 will also be equipped with a comprehensive computer screen. Huawei Mate10 will also follow this development, using a 6 inch and 2k level whole screen design, it is estimated that this Huawei Mate10 will be launched with not one but two versions : Curved surface screen and Going through screen.Huawei ascend screen replacement avaliable at oogodeal, you can get many repair parts you require from them

141J2B09-1 (2).jpg
2) New flagship processor
Huawei will launch its own hottest flagship processor unicorn 970 in the lover of the year, its performance should go beyond the Xiaolong 835 processor. Unicorn 970 will be 1st installed in the Huawei Mate10 mobile phone, leading-edge 10nm process.
3) Lycra four cams
At present, Vivo X9 already has a entry dual-camera mobile phone, it is most consumer’s popular. This time Huawei Mate10 will make use of their particular greatest advantages, Lycra four digital cameras, which will get the favor associated with majority of consumers.

Last year, Huawei released high-end business machine Huawei mate 9,it was a great success. I believe that the release of Huawei mate10 will not let everyone down, you actually ready?

The released time of HUAWEI Glory 9 has been confirmed: Front fingerprint identification+ dual cams

Foreign media opened the invites of Huawei Glory 9’s launch click conference which showed that June 27th ,enable us together witness how beauty will illuminate the night throughout Berlin, Germany. It is speculated that HUAWEI Glory 9 may be unique in the night taking pictures.


According to previous rumors, HUAWEI Glory 9 might be equipped with a dual camera , one is 20 million p black-white camera , one is 12 million pixel color digital camera. That looks similar to combine with this Huawei P10’s dual camera , also means that it is not only excellent in low light firing, but also can achieve the two periods “lossless zoom.”

Elsewhere, HUAWEI Glory 9 is going to be equipped with Kirin 960 processor, 4gb/6gb RAM memory configuration, EMUI 5 system which developed by Android 7.

Quite a few users have exposed the device’s photo, there is seems no difference with Huawei glory 8 frequently, except the front fingerprint design, it sounds as if the players prefer the front fingerprint style and design.we will keep offer latest huawei repair parts like huawei mate 7 parts, mate 8 replacement, huawei P9 parts etc to be able to repair shops, once glory 9 replacement parts coming out we will offer this on our website the minute we can.

Huawei P10 hardware configuration exposure ultimately used 2K screen


Reported by media reports, Huawei high-end market with this year’s action frequently, the revolutionary flagship Mate 9 not listed next year, the news began to gradually surfaced P10.Let’s focus on repair industry, if you didn’t start off repair huawei yet, maybe it’s about time to learn it, also you want to need reliable supplier involving Huawei Parts.

Huawei P9 very successful this year, the sales have exceeded 900 million units, from the newest exposure of data, P10 will continue the particular momentum of this hot. P9 development code-named LON-L19, and this model is LON-L29, it truly is clear that it will become the winner to P9.


Configuration, the plane screen size will increase to 5.5 in ., while becoming the first pre-loaded with 2K screen P sequence models. In addition, the exposure data, P10 will also use the most up-to-date Kirin 960, 6GB + 256GB storage portfolio (which may be the top with models).

As Mate 9 additional support for Daydream VR, in comparison with P10 will have a similar VR and AR video game titles are played. Camera, P10 nonetheless maintain 12 million pixels, this time it may also be equipped with Leica certified dual camera system. Front dslr camera was 8 million pixels, and pre-installed Andrews 7.0 procedure.

Right now, P10 in the end when the discharge is still unknown, but as outlined by tradition, the machine may be the same in principle as the P9 in April the coming year officially available.

Close to Huawei in the EMEA region with Apple remaining 1% of the distance

Chinese handset maker Huawei in the EMEA region (The eu, Middle East and African-american) sales should never be so near to the sales of Apple’s iphone. According to the Canalys Research Institute, Huawei’s smartphone shipments are growing rapidly in the third 1 / 4, and they may soon dwarf Apple.If so for mobile mend industy,more and more repair shop gonna start repair huawei soon,they about to need more huawei repair Parts.


According to the data given by Canalys, Huawei’s smartphone gross sales in the EMEA region for the first time greater than 10 million, from market share, Huawei smartphone’s have accounted for 14% of the local market share, and Apple is now in the region The market share of 15%, that is definitely, the gap between the two sides merely 1%.


It is reported that Huawei’s smart phone market in Europe this current year, the performance is very good, they’ve been sold in Europe this year, a lot more than 26 million smart phones, although the holiday season has not officially can come carnival, but Huawei this year, “gains” The entire year 2015.

Compared with Apple, Huawei in the Middle East along with Africa can still use their low-end equipment to help it extend its market share, to seize the market, but surprisingly, Huawei is now throughout Europe, the growth momentum is quite rapid.


Previously, Huawei consumer small business CEO Yu Chengdong that Apple tried to produce more stunning design, nonetheless it faces difficulties. Samsung has been badly affected because of abandoned top mobile phones, and Huawei has now arrived at the critical point. Possibly from the global smart phone market shipments, Huawei still have to continue to function beyond Apple, came to the second place, but in the EMEA region, Huawei to trap up with Apple’s footsteps, has really visit the front, Apple, Did you hear the steps of Huawei?