iphone 8 will be equipped with Apple’s own 10 nm A11 chip

The network news showed that this year’s iphone will likely be redesigned, but just what exactly surprise Apple will bring us is still unidentified. but the only thing that seems certain today is usually that iphone will certainly be further improved in hardware performance.


There are claims that Apple will put together three kinds of iphone this year with regard to users, including small amplitude iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus, of course iphone 8 which is the significant hotspot this year. If on purpose, iphone 8 will be equipped with Apple’s own A11 chip, and then what about the remaining two iphone?
In accordance with the the latest revelations from Twitting user @VenyaGeskin1, iphone 8 will be equipped with the modern foundry TSMC 10 nm process A11 chip, while iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus will continue to used with 16 nanometer A10chip which is the same as iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus .The user recently exposed a lot of news around the new iphone. It is the recent “popular” smashed people. However, this news hasn’t been confirmed. we will offer full new line of iphone 8 parts once iphone 8 repleased.

Looking at their home that iphone 8 will be released this year which is the featured flagship style, it will be equipped with OLED full display screen, integrated Touch id screen. Apple may want to individual it with iphone 7s/7s Plus. However, it is not sure whether this fresh iphones will adopt different varieties of SoC or not.