Close to Huawei in the EMEA region with Apple remaining 1% of the distance

Chinese handset maker Huawei in the EMEA region (The eu, Middle East and African-american) sales should never be so near to the sales of Apple’s iphone. According to the Canalys Research Institute, Huawei’s smartphone shipments are growing rapidly in the third 1 / 4, and they may soon dwarf Apple.If so for mobile mend industy,more and more repair shop gonna start repair huawei soon,they about to need more huawei repair Parts.


According to the data given by Canalys, Huawei’s smartphone gross sales in the EMEA region for the first time greater than 10 million, from market share, Huawei smartphone’s have accounted for 14% of the local market share, and Apple is now in the region The market share of 15%, that is definitely, the gap between the two sides merely 1%.


It is reported that Huawei’s smart phone market in Europe this current year, the performance is very good, they’ve been sold in Europe this year, a lot more than 26 million smart phones, although the holiday season has not officially can come carnival, but Huawei this year, “gains” The entire year 2015.

Compared with Apple, Huawei in the Middle East along with Africa can still use their low-end equipment to help it extend its market share, to seize the market, but surprisingly, Huawei is now throughout Europe, the growth momentum is quite rapid.


Previously, Huawei consumer small business CEO Yu Chengdong that Apple tried to produce more stunning design, nonetheless it faces difficulties. Samsung has been badly affected because of abandoned top mobile phones, and Huawei has now arrived at the critical point. Possibly from the global smart phone market shipments, Huawei still have to continue to function beyond Apple, came to the second place, but in the EMEA region, Huawei to trap up with Apple’s footsteps, has really visit the front, Apple, Did you hear the steps of Huawei?


Samsung S8 in January next year, based on the original plan released

Reported by reports, the Samsung GALAXY S8 will probably be equipped with exclusive AI clever button, but may be postponed until April next year, excellent will be released. But now according to the South Korean site The actual Investor reported that an confidential supplier has confirmed that they will be in January next year, Samsung supplied the first batch of pieces, it is seen as Samsung plans to start GALAXY S8 closed beta of a signal. Also, an un named supplier revealed that all parts to the GALAXY S8 will be available from Feb . next year, which means that Samsung will continue the past model, the new machine on the MWC show, and then in the next 3 Month officially opened for sale.

Pass in January the coming year closed beta


Samsung GALAXY S8 predicted to be more secure, it may be late until next year’s 04 release, which missed no more February next year, the MWC Conference. However, according to the South Korean web page The Investor’s latest report, there have been suppliers have been established in January next year, Samsung may deliver the first parts, and so in the outside world this may be Samsung Universe S8 is about to start the shut beta signal.

At the same time This Investor also quoted mysterious supplier sources, Samsung GALAXY S8 all parts will be fully available in Feb . next year, it also means that generation x of Samsung flagship will also be the end of next February at the MWC demonstrate Release, and then in Walk next year, the global shelves revenue.

Remove the Home key

While the above information and the Retaining wall Street Journal reported we have a big difference, and according to smashed the news people say, Samsung has never yet decided when to relieve (GALAXY S8), it is too early to talk about. However, at least from the supply chain news, this Samsung next generation major in accordance with the original plan to introduction the possibility of larger, such as the earlier disclosure of Samsung GALAXY S8 will use optical fingerprint identification users include said that although the current (optical fingerprint sensor ) Yield is not very good, but there are 90 days from the time of mass production can be overcome. So from the time that speculated that the machine within January next year closed beta, and then the possibility of mass manufacturing in February is still relatively large.

In addition, according to beforehand disclosed in the microblogging news, stated the message from the supply chain, Samsung Globe will not use 4K display, and often will continue to use 2K touch screen, nevertheless determined to use new resources. At the same time as there is no supplier to receive the Home key aspects of the order, also indicates that the particular Samsung GALAXY S8 is indeed possible, as being the hearsay said, cancel the actual physical Home button.

Are going to have three characteristics


Although there are wide ranging rumors about the Samsung GALAXY S8, nevertheless on the whole will have three significant characteristics. According to Samsung Mobile Vp Lee Kyeong tae previously revealed what is the news shows that the upcoming Samsung main next generation will bring a more even design, improved camera and enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Even though specific details may be released to the official when it can tell you the mystery, but including optical fingerprint recognition technological know-how, 90% of the screen and with twice cameras, and was titled Bixby voice assistant, and many fridge / freezer are exposed, And Samsung revealed several high-level features more in collection.

In addition, also rumors Samsung might follow the practice of the iphone 7, exclusively for the big Samsung screen version equipped with dual cameras, and compact screen version is still only one lens design. It is described that the Samsung GALAXY S8 will have 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches tall two versions, will be designed with hyperbolic display, confirmed that will be equipped with 10nm process technology Exynos processor, predicted in next year’s Feb . 26 MWC Conference Officially released.

Can be expected next-generation iphone se will have these three developments


Apple will not give up so easily this product line, and pretty much guaranteed to be in the future in an appropriate time to be made open. So Apple’s second-generation iphone se before the release, Let’s do a bit of reseach about rumors.

It is claimed that Apple does not intend to release in 2017 fiscal year small-size iphone new, that is released earlier this year, iphone se, next year there won’t be any next-generation models. Of course, Apple will not throw in the towel so quickly this product set, and almost guaranteed to attend an appropriate time in the future to be made public. Therefore, Apple’s second-generation iphone se before the put out, we may wish to see a number of change.

3D Touch

At this moment Apple’s new iphone has been released by default to provide 3D Touch feel function, except for sale inside iphone se only. Of course, earlier iphone se did not provide 3D Touch technology, the reason we all understand, not just because the technology will increase charges, but Apple also want you to get more expensive at the same time into more new technology new generating models.

Taking into account the 3D Touch technology is now released for two generations of iphone, and features continued large-scale production and sales, developing costs will increase with the provide down, perhaps in the next creation iphone se, 3D Touch will no longer May be the iphone the main difference between the characteristics of models. Because taking into account the actual 3D Touch is Apple a proper change in the rules of the video game killer, in order to promote a lot more users to use it, to improve the application of the entire ecosystem, Apple should 3d images Touch technology as an essential function of each iphone in the future.

To tell the truth, if the second generation iphone se no 3D Touch, then the feature seems a little scarcity.

Completely new Display Technology

In the past 2 yrs, Apple iphone display improvement, the most obvious versus the wide color gamut to get the color range, the current iphone 7 is able to display the color DCI-P3 coloring gamut. In fact, most of Apple’s appliance product line, including the iMac machine, MacBook Pro laptop and In search of.7-inch iPad Pro have provided the DCI-P3 colour gamut. Apple in the publicity also believes that this 25% larger than the normal SRGB color gamut will be the upcoming direction of the previous products can display the color are more restricted.

Not surprisingly, the next-generation iphone se should also keep the DCI-P3 color gamut, and there are many improvements that have been made in the iphone 7 series to improve display quality, like improved viewing angles and better contrast. As the screen is among the most important components of mobile phones, spontaneous entry, so for the demonstrate technology improvements, the actual example of the natural moment to enhance, which will help further stimulate the iphone se desires.

Camera improvements

In the iphone 7, most people obviously see the improvement associated with Apple’s camera, dual cameras usually do not say, at least the new camera has support for taking pictures wide color gamut pics. So the future of Apple’s iphone, including the iphone se, might also want to have to shoot wide colouring gamut image isight camera. Different improvements to the iphone se, most likely you’ll encounter optical image stabilization characteristic, for which Apple must also improve the covering to adapt, do not expect double-shot.

When speculation is correct, iphone se may have to end up being postponed to 2018 in March. At present this generation associated with iphone se, the performance is still sufficiently strong enough enough to the historical price of the iphone, then, is very cost-effective, I believe generation x models the same. In addition to the above three points, everyone around the next generation of iphone se models which in turn look forward to it?

IPhone7 supply may affect the holiday shopping season sales

Nobody wants to miss the frenzy with holiday shopping season

You know that the end of the buying carnival season is coming, we’ve been mentioned before, affected by the supply, iphone 7 sequence for Apple’s third-quarter sales and didn’t bring any real aid (in fact, also sold when using not a few Day), many analysts are optimistic in regards to the iphone 7 in the fourth quarter with this year’s performance. However, a few other analysis agencies mentioned, iphone 7 and other flagship smart phone supply scarcity will affect their sales in this year’s holiday.


As we all know, as Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7, so consumers pick one less, if they want to opt to buy this year’s performance can be quite prominent flagship smartphone, in combination with iphone 7, perhaps only the first half of the Galaxy S7 series Plus Google Pixel XL can be chosen. Though the fourth quarter has passed a month, some retailers mentioned,iphone 7 plus deliver tension is still not been greatly alleviated.

If the iphone 7 plus along with Pixel XL in the fourth quarter on this year, still maintaining restricted supply situation, which will unavoidably lead to their overall product sales in the fourth quarter. Specially those who wait in the holiday searching season, “chop hands” of consumers, can not purchase their favorite products, for them is really a blow.

And such an impact may very well be many, if you can not choose the iphone 7 plus, certainly they will not buy the products associated with competitors? For example, Sony, lG, Huawei and other manufacturers. Or actually willing to wait for the end of your fourth quarter, Apple to restore the iphone 7 inventory? For repair industy as iphone 7 plus just start sell, iphone 7 plus parts right now repair shop don’t need much. In the near future this situation will be better after apple sell more iphone 7 plus.

Long time no see: white iphone finally come back to us?

Light iphone will come again?


This year throughout September updated iphone 7 in the original magic, gold and rose gold on the basis of the addition of a new colouring version: bright black as well as black, no doubt these two brand-new color version has become the 2010 explosion models, especially vibrant Black version, the new machine market almost two months, yet this version is expected to mail time there are 3-5 working days. But let us surprise, Apple may also decide to iphone 7 and then add a new shade version – bright white.

Advertising has exposed the news, but they can not determine the robustness of the message how high, because they do not get more detailed information related to another this is not consistent with Apple’s practice, they have not In the new product launch, but also decided to add a color structure habit.

If you have to say you will find new products in the market after the emergence of a new color version, then that is the 2010 iphone 4, as well as its white version than the dark colored version of the time to market missed 9 months, but Apple released It was announced that there is going to be two black and white versions, only because of the production version of the actual white version of the listing period was forced to delay.

The reason why launch a white iphone 7


The main reason is to stimulate the iphone 7 profits. A recent survey, Apple released the 2010 iphone 7 series of mobile phones more popular than the iphone 6s, but more than the iphone 6 it is a bit difficult.

In terms of the Us alone, iphone 7 demand even more when compared with two years ago when the iphone 6 product or service series is also high. Simply in some of the important market for Apple, such as China, the market for consumers regarding iphone 7 small changes are not satisfied, thus instead of a relatively lower require, which also offset the growth in US demand. May be eager to look for growth opportunities, so Apple thought i would gamble.

From the current merchandise sale situation, probably for the reason that bright line of the iphone can be quite popular, and Apple may also be inspired by this point, so you want an original color scheme based on the addition of a bright white. And a past survey shows that Asian ndividuals are particularly fond of those who glimpse dazzling smart phones, for those who will certainly “bling bling” sparkling phone simply are not able to refuse. More than one color structure of the device will be more attractive to consumers. if you already got such a iphone 7 and want a white colouring also? Maybe you can change some sort of iphone 7 white replacement back houses,just find all iphone 7 replacement parts at ogodeasl.

In addition, Apple are often fully considered the new form of the listing period. Because this awesome product either before the holiday season as well as after the holiday season in the market, it is usually driven to some extent, equipment revenue. If you can listed before the christmas season, sales for the iphone 7 is frosting on the cake. If it is shown after the holiday season, it can also be said that it is a timely rain.


Because after the holiday season the market will probably enter the consumption off-season, equipment income generally will decline, in that case how to make up for the purchaser off-season sales impact and affect? The introduction of the new version is one way. But also in the Western winter season, the Asian countries in China is going to usher in the New Year, but also plenty of consumers crazy consumption, the brand new version of the listing may also entice these consumers.

We see excellent in the exposure, many people are very looking forward to Apple to launch a bright version of the iphone. Some people since it does like white, and some people because that is the whitened Apple products is the most classic color scheme. Early Apple iphone are also mostly white and black-based. Until The year 2013, Apple in the appearance of color on a large scale innovation, presented a colorful, very image impact of the iphone 5c and other designs, iphone was thus entered this “color era.”

Iphone 8 rumors summary: will hold OLED display


2016-11-7-4According to latest reviews, Apple will usher in the 2017 launch with the 10th anniversary of the iphone, and the company is preparing for the iphone 8 put out. Iphone 8 is expected to be a major development.

Apple recently launched the iphone 7 pattern is not suitable for future technological development, such as the arc screen plus OLED display panel. Apple wants to adopt the new design in its Eleventh anniversary version of the iphone.At this time iphone 7 screen costs is much less in comparison with oled screens, once iphone 8 really use this kind costs will be far more higher, so will iphone 8 sell at higher price? let’s just waitting for it.

State-of-the-art features and designs in Apple’s brand new phones include edge-to-edge OLED screens. On top of that, the Home button will disappear and grow replaced by a fingerprint indicator.

Perhaps the most important innovation within the iphone 8 is the wireless charging feature. Reported of which Apple wants to integrate this technology while in the iphone 8. The slow pace with iphone technology upgrades has dissatisfied many users.

In addition, analysts expect, Apple is unlikely to improvement in the first half of 2017 iphone se.

While Apple is currently preparing a major update iphone, but there are people in the business believe that Samsung in the process of technological updating faster than Apple. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been pre-loaded with an OLED display, and the brand new iphone is expected to use this technology.

Described that the Samsung Display is designed to end up being compatible with the future of the i phones’s OLED technology. Samsung is likely to invest quantities of dollars to meet the needs of a iphone on the OLED panel.

Moto Lenovo smart phone into the only product, Yang said the next step strategy


Lenovo Set yesterday announced a major staff members adjustment, the introduction of the original Intel senior vice president Shi Hao De, former Microsoft Asia Research vice president Rui Yong, previous Kodak global president Laura Quatela executives; At the same time, Lenovo Group also announced of which Senior Vice President Joe Chen succeeded Chen Xudong in charge of mobile business inside China.

Lenovo Group Chairman and Boss Yang said in an interview together with Tencent Technology and other media, Lenovo presented three new executives, is usually that the company is now only accomplish hardware equipment from the company, and gradually transformed into customer-oriented, to ensure equipment with artificial intelligence And cloud services businesses. Mobile phone business coaching switch is to strengthen the ability around marketing.Of course we looking forward lenovo can sell much more large quantity soon, so that we can offer far more lenovos repair parts for our repair customer.

About Lenovo Mobile China enterprise coaching change, Yang said this Lenovo smart phone business done greater than China, Chen Xudong has successfully stabilized the particular Chinese mobile phone business to determine the celeb product strategy, but the next stage of the need to strengthen this marketing ability.

“Qiao Jian is the 1st to do the person in charge of Promotion, but also responsible for human resources, realize how to motivate people to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, so that the formation regarding cohesion team.This Lenovo mobile phone in China’s success, will be significant “Said Joe Yang, managing director of the China cellular phone business, and will leverage the girl international operations integration and also marketing experience to control global synergies and focus on options in the Chinese market to win the battle for mobile phones, reported Yang.

Moto will become the only brand of Lenovo smart dataphone Moto Z sales break 1 million


At present, the global smart phone level of competition is fierce, thousands of machine current market in 2015 has become a sea involving ??blood, many mobile phone manufacturers can only lose money earn shout. In 2016, the vast majority of manufacturers have started to force in the high-end, because to the picture, there is still much bedroom for profitability.

Yang confirmed additional Lenovo Mobile (mainly smart phone company) made in the high-end, Lenovo Mobile will be the next business restructuring, in addition to Moto will become the only mobile phone Lenovo manufacturer.

Yang did not disclose the reorganization of more details, nor does it show the future Lenovo brand and ZUK brand will be cut off. However, another Lenovo Team executives told Tencent Technology, the longer term mainstream price segment (valuation on 2,000 yuan or so) on the mobile phone brand and product line is going to still exist, but in front together with Moto brand name. Such as mobile phone owner’s name may be called Moto ZUK Z2, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

As of September 30, 2016 six months, Lenovo global smartphone sales fell 28% every year, but at the same time there is a nice thing about it, Lenovo global smart phone sales get gradually increased in the minute quarter of this year compared to first quarter sales increase of 3 %, The third quarter sales growth of 25% over the second one fourth.

The third quarter of this yr, Lenovo’s global smart phone market share lost his balance 1.4 percentage suggests 3.9%, but quarter increased 0.6 percentage factors quarter. Lenovo believes its approach in the mobile business is beginning take off, and the company may even streamline its product mix by driving its common selling price and focusing on middle- as well as high-end segments to achieve steady advancement.

Lenovo’s global smart phone in China as well as overseas performance is almost two days, compared to tepid in the Chinese market, Lenovo Mobile’s overseas performance is relatively strong. The second quarter and third 1 / 4 of this year, Lenovo’s global touch screen phone business were quarterly one fourth 2% and 27% growth.

According to IDC information, the second quarter of this 12 months, Lenovo has become India’s third-largest mobile phone manufacturers. Exclusively, the top five Indian smartphone niches were Samsung (25.1%), Micromax (12.9%), Lenovo (7.8%), Intex (7.1%) and Reliance Jo (6.8%).

Lenovo in China in the first half of this year launched two well known price segment of the products, respectively, Lenovo ZUK Z2 and Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro. However, Lenovo failed to mention in the earnings statement ZUK, the focus of the three versions mentioned all Moto series, correspondingly Moto Z, Moto Mods and Moto G.

Yang released the Lenovo Modular Mobile Moto Z’s most up-to-date sales data: the sale of two or three months, the worldwide shipments exceeded 100 million units. The amount of activation on the global point of view, the current each week activation of Moto Z greater to 60,000 products.