Samsung OLED folding screen mobile phone has become exposed

Not long ago, the Samsung OLED flip-style screen mobile phone has been shown online .A product prototype referred to as Galaxy X, the whole body can do 180 degree folding. In accordance with the patent before, the combined of folding screen phone is hinged designed. Various other mobile phone manufacturers are also while in the development of folding screen smart mobile phone, including Lenovo, also one time showed a few prototypes before.


A foreign media SamMobile reports demonstrated that, a model for the SM G888N0 Samsung mobile phone just passed the wireless verification, which is likely to be the test model of Galaxy X.Of course, the truth is this is actually Galaxy S8 Sport. but the international media reported whatever the following models will be, the test with Samsung screen test half of this mobile phone is a foregone conclusion this coming year, and it will be in production after the fastest.

As for the folding screen business, the first thing is to ensure resilience enough to prevent a folding and unfolding of countless times after any function and also show degradation effect. Although just a prototype, but it nonetheless can be regarded as a great creation, for countless years foldable display technology has been realized already.We will maintain offer best quality parts for samsung phone, let waitting for this new screen coming out soon.


LG G6 Mini was uncovered: 5.4 inches full screen feels very good

This year, LG released the new LG G6, although this phone will not be sold in China. LG may additionally quit the Chinese market after, but still could not hold up next to a lot of fans. Recently LG was exposed a new product with 5.4 inches screen which looks like LGG6 new mini.


From the subjection pictures, the length-width ratio with LG G6 Mini screen is still at 18:9 with no changes in other sides, a smaller version of the G6. Alternatives configuration, we still are not aware of whether there is any different via G6.From the size, the feeling of LG G6 mini version will be better than LG G6 . The news with this new mobile phone is not a lot, we will continue to follow up the related reports. We will offer LG g6 repair parts quite soon, for full-line of lg parts please nicely buy from ogodeal website.


The concept design of this iphone will be conservative

Some designers like the simple design style, while some like go “very complicated” route, but also a number of designers love previous strategy design, in other words, he will squeeze new logo on the outdated conceptual design body. Oh, of course, even some concept custom made has designed a template to get his own work, while the Giorgi Tedoradze may be the kind of person. Now, he / she brought a very simple concept style for iphone 8 plus, but also with everything more.


We have seen a lot of concept style of iphone 8 now, but iphone 8s specially designed Plus is very rare. The size of iphone 8 plus has been changed from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches, and it can also be a collocation curved screen.


From the depth, his design for iphone 8 plus is only 6.2 millimeters thick, it should be said that it genuinely has a slim enough, at the same time, the battery capacity is greater to 3400 ma. Of course, with dual camera too, after all iphone 7 plus with dual camera was so popular. But this iphone 8 will be equalled with two 12 million pixel-size camera, while the front camera is 9 million pixel-size , the camera or the wide-angle lens, may even configure the flash. Something if your iphone get broken, you can get iphone 7 plus replacement parts by some good online store, once iphone 8 released there will be lots of accessories and repair parts coming out too.


Once we received the call, information or perhaps notice, it’s home button will probably light up with colors transformed. Well, this design made an appearance before iphone 7 which Giorgi Tedoradze brings, it seems like he is still obsessed with the style.

Basically, the design of Giorgi Tedoradze is still reasonably conservative, it is basically a iphone 7 plus with bigger, better digital camera and battery. But in fact many individuals for the new iphone this year is filled with expectations, they hope Apple can certainly bring new hope with new design, not so conventional like the concept of design.

Break the update cycle: At the earliest iphone 8 will be available for sale in late October

So far, we aren’t sure what iphone 8 will look like, and from last month, there are a lot associated with rumors that this new product will break the iphone bring up to date cycle which apple has constantly followed.

Today, Nikkei reported the fact that earliest time that iphone 8 will reach the hands of consumers can be late October or Late. The report also stated that OLED panel, wireless charging iphone 8 component and also circuit board are the components lead to production delays.

This famous apple analyst Guo Mingji issued a similar forecast yesterday, he seen that Apple intends to use of many custom-designed components in iphone 8 which affect the phone production. Other analysts additionally confirmed this view.

Should there be no accident, Samsung will become the sole dealer of iphone 8 OLED panel. In Nikkei studies, a source said Samsung is facing a big challenge in offering the necessary products for apple, but there is however no details on the causes of this concern.

Markit, an analyst of Her market maker, said Samsung got initially planned to produce Apple’s OLED panel in a large scale in May, but the plan has been delayed until late June

Refurbished Galaxy Note7 is available soon, will you buy it?

Because of the battery problems, Samsung Galaxy Note7 had been out of the market. Although the public has pushed the “death firmware”, however many players did not go back. From this we can see the appeal of the machine Samsung Galaxy Note7. The users with no interest in the Galaxy S8 series along with larger appearance can pay appreciation of this news, the renovation of Galaxy Note7 may be available soon.


This documents from WiFi Connections show that the model of SM-N935S Samsung cellphone has been certified. Combined with style N930 of Galaxy Note7, N935S is likely to be a renovated version of Galaxy Note 7.


Earlier the leaked out information shows that there is no huge change for refurbished sort of Galaxy Note 7 in the design and equipment configuration. The difference is mainly this battery’s capacity will be reduced 3200mAh with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat system installed.

It is not yet known about the actual sale areas of Galaxy Note 7, , but Sumsung possesses determined that the refurbished Note7 won’t be sold in the United States . Honestly, if the price is good, I really are interested.Of course if you already own a samsung note 5 or s7 etc, you might no need to buy a refurbished note 7, even if the item got broken you can shop samsung s7 replacement parts online and get it fixed.

IPhone 8 prototype with Glass body + double vertical camera was exposed

In accordance with the annual practice, Apple will release a new iphone in September this year. There are a few months time to open conference. From the current information, Apple will come up with a surprise on the basis of regular update iteration. In other words, we will not only see the iPhone 7s series in the fall conference, but also see the iPhone tenth anniversary products(tentatively we call it iPhone 8).

83af8be988de8d5dbcc95486e3a45c0b (1)

Some time ago, iPhone 8 design drawings were exposed, enthusiastic users also render a wave according to the drawings. But there are rumors soon: iPhone 8 is clearly not being used metal body design, but the glass body.


Not surprisingly, there are foreigners in the social platform drying out a group of suspected iPhone 8 prototype picture a few days ago. It is reported that this prototype is based on Foxconn internal message produced, so with a high reliability. From the picture, the machine was showed with a black curved glass body, Iphone frame should be stainless steel, the most outstanding characteristics is the double-vertical camera. As for the front, there is not much valuable information.

Relieve the stress with the Fidget hand Spinner

In the present age group, when the life is getting busy and the responsibilities are increasing it has become hard to manage. This is that most of the people are anxious. When this stress becomes uncontrollable, it leads to anxiety and depression.
That is that psychologists have been daytime in and day out to formulate different therapies that will assist to control stress. Recently using the introduction of the Fidget  Spinner has changed the world of treatment amazingly.

Fidget hand spinner
Simple Fidget Spinner is the most affordable and amazing technique to relieve stress. The toy has been manufactured with the help of technology. The actual hand Spinner is easy to use and you can simply spin the idea any time that you like.
The best thing about the actual finger spinner toy could it be has a compatible size. It indicates that you can keep it in your pocket to get rid of the stress in any situation. It can prevent you from the minor nail bed biting and twitching. As well as you will end up protected from some severe health issues like heart attack and stroke.
The little finger spinner toy has been saving many lives because as before long as you feel that stress takes the best of you all you have to do is spin the toy as part of your hand. It is mentally handy and it is perfect for the patients suffering from ADD. This is the reason that it has been used in many hospital facilities.

Benefits of Fidget spinner
Some of the amazing benefits that you will get utilizing the finger spinner toy are usually:
1. Spin the toy on your hand and it will relieve the stress you are feeling. With practice, you will begin to enjoy this activity and so it might be turned into your perfect therapy
2. It can be found in the perfect sizes that will ultimately fit your finger and so you do not need to deal with continuously adjusting the spinner
3.  It is available different models to that you can select the one which you like the most.
4.  The finger spinner toy is the perfect gift for family that you feel are constantly dealing with stress. As well as provide it to the children working with ADD and ADHD.
5.  One of the greatest things about the hand spinner is that you will not have to maintain as well as clean it. There is no oiling required. The simple spinning procedure will provide you the best services
6.  It can even help you to stop many of the bad habits like using tobacco and drinking
Final conclusion

So make sure that you get the Fidget Spinner as soon as possible so that you will not need to suffer from stress anymore. Your hand Spinner is ideal that may help you manage your tools. You do not have to deal with the mood swings and also the stressful situations.