IPhone can not stop the temptation: flexible screen!

Cool flexible curved screen

If you want to say flexible display what kind of benefits, of course, an example may be looks very cool. This we can see now Samsung’s flagship cell phone, although much more expensive, the increase in functionality is limited, but as extended as the budget is adequate, a great number of select the Edge version screen.

Flexible computer screen based OLED display technology, which may be self-luminous characteristics of pixels so that it does not require backlight panel and other components, your substrate can be plastic, metal or glass and other materials. Obviously, as long as the substrate is flexible, the actual screen will also be flexible, meaning that we can easily even fold it. The following screen is very thin, quite light, and very tough.

We are now more on the flexible monitor called “curved screen”, mainly because from the client’s point of view, we can not personally bias to fold the phone display screen. Mobile phone manufacturers to make the monitor showing a change in the arc, the appliance is very nice on the phone, but also for us it seems hard display. This does not mean that flexible screen is actually a gimmick, because that can be damaged, or even folding the present has now been successfully created.

Mobile phones are often electronic equipment to indicate their face, it looks awesome is very important. Holding a curve of the screen phone, person feel the whole people are very cool. If the recent spread of these rumors are true, then Apple’s iphone sooner or later one day will not only transport OLED iphone screen, but also play any flexible surface.

Flexible screen why great

From the most practical mindset, the biggest advantage of flexible screen, not surprisingly, is its anti-drop-resistant to play. For the reason that OLED screen can be a variety of various materials as the base, including vinyl, which also makes it with a powerful durability. If the use of plastic-type as a material, then besides make the screen more tough, but also effectively to the cell phone weight loss. Of course, because the suppliers also need to add a layer involving glass on the screen as a safety, so this does not mean that you can rely upon their own mobile phone with a curved screen just isn’t taken heart.

With a flexible display, the shape of the screen can have more changes, as we within the Samsung Galaxy flagship machine’s Edge series to find out it. If the screen seriously isn’t limited to the kind of candy bar shape we are familiar with, then suppliers in the design of the overall kind of the phone when you can have a higher degree of freedom, bring more possibilities.

If you then look longer, such as when the future including the entire electronic equipment can become flexible if your screen. As a result, we can pill as a newspaper roll away. If electronic devices can take in more forms, our lifestyles will change a lot.

Flexible screen of the problem

In theory, many experts recognize that the use of plastic to be a flexible screen substrate is the best, because this fabric has a strong flexibility, resistance to drop characteristics.

However, you are going to of plastic than the window is more complex, simply use this fabric may lead to lower screen clarity of the screen. This truth means that handset manufacturers ought to spend more time to consider how to overcome this challenge.

In addition, the plastic is really a semi-permeable material, which means that air along with water are able to enter the system through the display screen. In order to avoid this situation, mobile phone manufacturers can choose so as to add a layer of defensive coating, and some people are experimenting with glass and plastic merging.

Look forward to flexible tomorrow

Although the flexible monitor technology is still not adult, but the industry is confident of its future popularity, that this brand new screen will certainly be the desolate man the mainstream, all the complications to solve just a matter of time merely.

From science fiction movies, we could see people yearning for flexible display technology. Whether it is the content in the electronic newspaper can be converted, or hanging on the wall of the dynamic posters, and can be rolled up simply carry the computer, to achieve these types of, in fact, we can from flexible monitor technology to find solutions. Individuals need to do, just let the accumulation of various aspects of technology and then adult some.

Consumers are always desperate to market products that can make several bright spots change. In the event the flexible screen technology to be able to fantastic some of the many devices will never rigidly adhere to the way in the marketplace .. From the practical point of view, unique shapes of the screen can easily naturally be applied in different sites.

The prospect of a flexible screen is excellent, even if it does not present a progressive breakthrough in usability, at the very least not a fatal flaw, moreover mobile phones and other electronic equipment to make the new appearance is also effectively received. More demand will probably lead to more rapid technological advancement, maybe the next generation of flexible, flip-style display will soon be applied to each of our mobile phone.

2017 should buy which kind of smart phone? Let’s take a look at these trends first

2016 will certainly pass soon, we’ll look at 2017 should buy which kind of smartphone.
To get mobile phones, the following development trend is still very worthy of your expectations.

More flexible design: Along with the current straight, large-screen design style, we are able to look forward to more flexible of the phone,current Samsung and LG along with other manufacturers are developing flexible screen device.

Faster processors: Don’t be surprised even better processor performance with regard to smartphones.

Mobile VR: By batch that we get, we will see more support intended for Google Daydream third-party mobile, mobile VR uses will be more diverse than ever.

Quicker LTE: Although the 5G is unlikely to enter this smarmobilet phone next year, but expect faster of 4G LTE.

USB-C interface: This season there are already many mobile phone pre-loaded with USB-C interface, by next year, this interface will Become more popular.

Wireless audio: wireless head set allows the use of smart phones extra freedom, no longer subject to the constraints of the headset cable.

Rapid charge: Qualcomm said that the fast fee 4.0 technology allows charging you 5 minutes of smart phone access 5 hours of battery life. To pick up, with the technology of cell phones will meet with us, let’s waitting to see far more nice mobile phone and wonderful mobile phone accessories on this market.


MediaTek P35 ten-core Cpu exposure 10-nanometer chips next year, universal 150 dollars machine


This year, the opposition between MediaTek and Qualcomm has never been intensive, because this year MediaTek to provide a extremely effective but very cheap chip solution X20, looking to Qualcomm last year’s decline regarding more market share. However, in the high-end mobile phone chip market, Qualcomm is still the most important winner, the re-self-customization Snapdragon 820 processor having access to almost all major mobile phone brands orders.

So next year? Definitely, MediaTek not to be outdone is still trying to create surprises, hope in different areas of the chip carried on to swallow the high-pass business. Recently, there are broke good news that MediaTek has been ready for 10-nanometer FinFET process P35 chip process, with Qualcomm inside mainstream market to play a challenging battle. Although MediaTek has not still released the chip, it will not far off.

Helio P35 processor is mainly in the Middle placement, and equipped with the processor chip of the smart phone will be in another quarter of 2017 in size shipments, the market price of smartphone is about 150usd.

Similar to the X30 parameter specs

As for the specifications, Helio P35 and x30 is a 10-core processor, 10-nanometer technology to build, large core is Cortex-A73 2.2GHz, small core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz, ultra-small center compared to Cortex-A53 1.8ghz, chipset Support UFS 2.1 storage, service for dual-channel lpddr4 memory(up to 10gb size), support dual digital cameras, and with Cat.10 baseband.

P35 and X30 the greatest difference is between the illustrations or photos processing unit, which is PVR 7400XTMP4, while the P35 is using a lower cost Mali-G71 Mp3 Graphics processing unit, it supports only FHD 1080p visual display unit. Helio P35 also supports similar to the Qualcomm Quick Demand fast charge technology, MediaTek central called PE 3.0 fast charge, referred to as 20 minutes to charge from 0% so that you can 70% of the charge.

Benefit from the 10-nm 10-core selling feature, cheaper than Qualcomm MediaTek P35 is indeed more capable of attract manufacturers, but if the true performance is not so great, especially the yield is difficult to make certain that the volume of cases, the manufacturers stands out as the next single Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 nanometer. Qualcomm 660 is an eight-core brand, the same A73 + A53 combination, also supports UFS 2.1, aid QC4 fast charge, but with Adreno 512 GPU, help 2k resolution screen.

In any case, immediately after Helio P35-related 150 dollars machine released, will be clearly conducive to the popularization regarding 10 nm.

A new Nokia concept machine, this sort of phone will you buy it?

Nokia proclaimed the news of return , the users began to look forward to this once the mobile phone giant can bring several surprises.

Recently, a group of The lenders concept disign pictures had been appeared on internet. From the picture standpoint, this is not what we expected some sort of Android phone,but equipped with some sort of Windows system.

The phone’s photographic camera uses a rotating design, anyone can freely rotate according to their needs.

The size of this Nokia mobile phone similar with the iphone 6 is about 4.7 inches possibly.

Because joined the rotatable style and design, so there is no front and rear photographic camera necessary, it is only one digicam, at the same time, users do not have to be worried about self-timer front camera pixels is the wrong size problem.

In fact, Nokia has introduced while in the era of functional products equipped with rotating camera goods.

Frankly, such a Nokia phone remains very attractive, and its overall line is very tough.

Weighed against the iphone, Nokia’s new equipment uses a borderless design.

if you are a reasonable length of time nokia user and you currently work with nokia smartphone maybe you gonna will need find some good nokia replacement parts should you got it broken.Any way this kind of Nokia mobile phone will you buy it?


IPhone 6s automatic shutdown? Part of the battery may be replaced free of charge


Since October, there are many iphone 6s users began to whine about their iphone automatically shut down typically, but also in the remaining 30% from the power supply.it is hard to fully understood, in addition to the news that triggered the problem is Not low temperature, even just in the warm indoor may also occur.

In the event of exposure for some time, Apple possesses finally announced the “iPhone automatically shut down” deal with the issue, the user can go to Apple customer service to get cost-free iphone battery replacement, Apple did not disclose the precise reasons for these problems, but Announced the treatment plan.

In addition, Apple said a restricted number of iphone 6s devices, made between September and October 2015, may unexpectedly shut down, during this period outside the gadget should not be affected. Got this matter, you can go to an Apple Retail Store or perhaps an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and the technical assistant will check the serial volume of the device to see if it matches the conditions for a free battery replacement. If the serial number 4, 5 as well as following characters in line with “Q9, QC, QD, QF, QG, QH, QJ, QK, QL, QM”, essentially can go to replace the battery.

The following is the original announcement:

Apple has confirmed than a handful of iphone 6s may shut down suddenly. This is not a security issue and will only affect devices that has a serial number in the cover anything from September and October 2015.

After this meaning was issued, some users explained: “iphone 6? how to do? The battery used in the final 14% on the auto shutdown, is not part of, this situation is from the last a few month.” There are buyers that her iphone 6 only use a year or so, on winter, naturally is full of electricity to go available, make a phone call on the still left 1%, this part of the status from the phone regardless of it? Just for this situation, Apple did not explain the reasons and provide solutions.

In addition, it is understood that Apple claims to have the ability to go to any Apple store retail outlets and also Apple authorized service providers to replace this battery, but the real operation isn’t so simple. According to Apple retail store clerk: “want to replace the battery, are only able to go to a special Apple after-sale detection in that case can be replaced, the store just sells and period the regular warranty after-sales.”

Price $200 Sony smart headphones Xperia Ear available for sale Soon, just next month Thirteenth


Speaking of Xperia Ear, many people may be very strange, in fact, this is the February MWC World Mobile Communications Conference flagship, Sony released a wave involving wearable equipment, Xperia Ear is one of the smart headsets. Of course, at that time only prototype samples. However, a few months eventually, Xperia Ear still didn’t have listed information, a lot of Sony fans laugh and said the official has unveiled a concept design.

However, the newest news from Sony officials, Xperia Ear will quickly be officially on sale, such as the United States will be one of the first to trade on December 13th, the state run offer 199.99 US dollars. Sony said that as well as the official online store, other shops such as Amazon will also be shelf for sale. From the price point with view, Xperia Ear is not a cheap products, but fortunately catch up with the Western shopping season.a growing number of wearable mobile phone accessories for end user too choose,let’s hope sony xperia ear is often big sell.

Xperia Ear this smart headphones dispensable, the normal use of mobile phone accessories does not affect. According to the Sony official release, Xperia Ear can connect to the phone through Bluetooth, the main operate is the internal integration of the voice-controlled personal assistant, allowing people to answer the phone, Send Text message and e-mail, or read the information content, schedule, according to the wants of news reports, use of real-time traffic information, query any local weather and so on.

The most useful is that users can not solely interact with the Xperia Ear through voice, but also support action acceptance, can nod or shaken his head to Xperia Ear issued “yes” as well as “no” instructions.

Specifications, Xperia Ear is graphite ebony, built-in 300mah lithium battery, battery life of up to 1 day, weight 6.8 grams, measurements 29.3×15.2×25.2 mm, designed with IPX2 water resistant protection. A single hardware button on the Xperia Ear allows the user to be able to trigger voice control, in order to connect to a smartphone.

Sorry to say, Xperia Ear is a mono headset, only suitable for Android phones. Motorola also had a identical product before Moto Hint +, but only supports Motorola’s high-end series of mobile phones.


Microsoft boss: the future Windows mobile phone is going to be “the ultimate mobile device”!

Microsoft has publicly stated in a number of public occasions, their mobile business is a failure this year, once every quarterly cash flow admit this point, and that the short term is difficult to restore Windows phone. Nevertheless, Microsoft also expressed reluctance to completely abandon the phone’s mindset, but also efforts to study ways to achieve innovation in the cellphone market.From this we can see for mobile phone repair industry maybe we can see a growing number of brand to join the stage and a lot more not so famous brand’s cellphone parts gonna provide through supplier, will one day maintenance microsoft phone be a good business enterprise just like iphone?

In fact, from the recent past, From Microsoft’s hardware production is not difficult to see that Microsoft’s mouth, the so-called innovative product or service category is undoubtedly the Surface product, not long ago Microsoft also released a creative Surface Studio one appliance. Therefore, according to a variety of rumours or broke the news standpoint, Microsoft’s mobile phone market is constantly innovate on the product, it may be behind closed doors in the series of Windows mobile phones.

Not too long ago, Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella in the “Australian Financial Review” in an interview once again hinted Surface mobile phone R & D ideas. He stressed which Microsoft does not want the future of Windows mobile phone is the kind of Android and iphone resembles the device, but with their own fresh strategy consistent with the unique plus innovative features.

“The motivation is not only to envy others,In Nadella said. “The problem is, what can we bring? That’s what I think of any shape or technology product, even AI ( Artificial intelligence) technology.

Once again recommending Surface Phone is very powerful

Nardella went on to explain that he envisioned the Windows mobile phone will be “the best mobile device”. Obviously, Microsoft boss intended that the company is engaged in a huge project on mobile devices. “We’re gonna remain on the mobile phone industry, no longer being defined as a niche leader, but we think you can build the ultimate mobile device,” he continues.

“So we ceased what we were doing (including saving Nokia, stopping the release of the completely new machine) and started doing something new, even though today’s size could be very small and focused only around the need for a series User-specific features, nonetheless we can do a very good task. ”

We do not know what Nadela telephone calls “the ultimate mobile device,” nonetheless recent speculation is clearly meaning as Microsoft seems to be trying to proceed x86 applications to smartphones.

There is rumors that Microsoft is arranging a “CHPE” Windows features, this feature is always to allow the future of ARM-based Windows systems are able to have the ability to run x86 software, plus the main way is to x86 emulator To the Windows 10 Mobile system, focusing on services Continuum mode. If nothing else, the fall of 2017 the third code-named “Redstone 3” big update would include the feature.

Before the reports that Microsoft’s Surface touch screen phone project may be in the fall months of 2017 debut, this time while using “Redstone 3” big update coincides using the introduction of time, Surface mobile phone will be the first to be able to perform x86 Software for smartphones? We shall wait and see.