LG G6 + is announced: Xiao Long 821 chip + 128gb storage

LG G6 which is equipped with Xiao Lengthy 821 processor makes some people frustrated. After all, now Xiaolong 835 processor is usually popular in all new cellphone machines. We thought that LG will follow the trend of the new Xiaolong 835, although LG once again makes us disappointed. LG G6 + still is equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, no naturally updates to be desired.

First off, LG G6 + is added to the in the future coating in the back of the glass body, the visual consequences is better than LG G6. Besides, Blue and also gold color is added.
In performance, there is nothing to express. LG G6 + is still designed with Xiao Long 821 brand, 4gb RAM, 128gb storage.

Finally, In charging, some models of LG G6 + is elevated with wireless charging function, standard M & O PLAY headphones.Wish LG g5 screen? just get it from us.
This above is the most important changes of LG G6 +. The machine will likely be announced in July while in the Korean market, the specific pricing is still unknown.

The release time of Iphone 8 is shown, Few summaries about Apple 8’s highlights

Even though Apple’s innovate ability is clearly retreated before few years, but as a model of the industry, Apple is the model of mastering and following. And as the surprise of iPhone’s tenth birthday, iphone 8 will bring a huge change along with inevitably set off a new round of learning climax.

According to the exposed news, full computer screen industry Summit meeting is held in Shenzhen today, focus on the iphone 8.
From your current news, the most important enhancements of iphone 8 includes:
– Get rid of the Home key, TouchID Fingerprint recognition included is under the screen
– 5.8 inch OLED full screen, Samsung offer specifically
– Support for wireless charging, battery living increased
– Front digital camera hidden
– 2.5D curved glass before and after
– Ultra-narrow borders, physical is bordered by plus screen black border add up to below 4mm
This six-point argument is the same as the recent reports. It can be said that if there is not much accident, iphone 8 is just as that.

The summit made it distinct that the iphone 8’s process decides the particular 2018 vane, the combination of metal field, glass cover is the well known design style of the next year, so you can expect next year there will be a huge number of Andrews phone like this.
In fact, lots of mobile phone manufacturers are watching for the iphone 8 , and then determine their own next action.We will offer you iphone 8 replacement soon once this cellphone released, so that for repair shop can offer repair service for iphone 8 shortly.

HTC U11 Deluxe Edition has been easily obtainable in India, the price is RMB5495.00 yuan

HTC fresh flagship mobile phones which have been published a month and support the edge in the interaction has a better file than HTC10 and HT M9. Now thisinnovative machine is getting into the Indian market, but only 6gb +128 gb Deluxe edition. This priced is 351,990 rupees, about 5495 yuan.


HTC U11 is actually HTC’s latest new flagship mobile phone, the machine is designed with 3d drinking water glass glass body which may change the different stunning color from each angle. Aside from this equipment looks extremely beautiful and comfortable with a skinny body. The biggest feature of the machine is the use of a new Edge Sense border squeeze conversation, it can quickly camera, wide open the APP, reply to information with just gently squeezing.we shall offer HTC u11 replacement soon.

About the settings,HTC U11 uses 5.5-inch 2k screen, equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, 12 million pixel Ultra Pixel rear camera, 3000mAh battery, as well with HTC USonic smart sonar headphones, in order to immerse in a more genuine sound. The machine can be scheduled currently in India, release by the end of this month.

Samsung J7 Max / Pro is published: Helio P20 / Exynos7870

Samsung officially launched 2 large screen mid-range phone within India yesterday- Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Galaxy J7 Pro.

These two phones are designed with a metal-integrated body and larger screen. Galaxy J7 Pro’s antenna design is especially characteristic, U-shaped antenna at both sides do not extends from the phone frame into the border, although directly through the upper and lower line, “U” shape is also particularly noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is designed with a frequent three-stage body. From the official photos, this two phones’ s figure are very narrow with a style of no border effect, but we just do not know whether the actual Phone is the same. Sometimes your current Samsung J7 Screen might broken, if you would like some J7 replacement please go for us.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro runs on the 5.5-inch 1080p display screen, equipped with Exynos 7870 processor, 3gb RAM +64 GB ROM, 13 million pixel front and rear camera, 3600mAh battery capacity .
In Price, Galaxy J7 Pro is sold at the price of 22,990 rupees (about RMB2219 yuan).
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max uses a 5.7-inch 1080p visual display unit, equipped with MediaTek P20 processor, 4gb RAM + 32gb ROM, 13 million pixel front-rear camera, 3300mAh battery capacity .
In Value, Galaxy J7 Max is sold at the valuation on 17990 rupees (about RMB1901 yuan).

When will Huawei mate 10 often be launched? full screen pattern + Unicorn 970 processor + Lycra four cameras, Huawei mate10 well worth the wait

HUAWEI Glory 9 has been released two days ago, HUAWEI Glory 9 capture a large number of user’s hearts with regard to Huawei with high value and performance. Future we are looking forward to Huawei’s new device Huawei mate10. From Huawei mate10 released in September, some time is getting closer, There are more and even more related information about Huawei mate10 ,let us go through the latest news of Huawei mate10 as follows.

1) Full screen style and design
Full-screen design seems to have become a development, Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a hyperboloid full computer screen, a step up from the Mimi Mix; it is said iPhone8 will also be equipped with a comprehensive computer screen. Huawei Mate10 will also follow this development, using a 6 inch and 2k level whole screen design, it is estimated that this Huawei Mate10 will be launched with not one but two versions : Curved surface screen and Going through screen.Huawei ascend screen replacement avaliable at oogodeal, you can get many repair parts you require from them

141J2B09-1 (2).jpg
2) New flagship processor
Huawei will launch its own hottest flagship processor unicorn 970 in the lover of the year, its performance should go beyond the Xiaolong 835 processor. Unicorn 970 will be 1st installed in the Huawei Mate10 mobile phone, leading-edge 10nm process.
3) Lycra four cams
At present, Vivo X9 already has a entry dual-camera mobile phone, it is most consumer’s popular. This time Huawei Mate10 will make use of their particular greatest advantages, Lycra four digital cameras, which will get the favor associated with majority of consumers.

Last year, Huawei released high-end business machine Huawei mate 9,it was a great success. I believe that the release of Huawei mate10 will not let everyone down, you actually ready?

HTC U11 6gb +128 gb version is added , marketed at least in nine markets

HTC U11 has been released in the domestic market at the end of last month, to start with only 4gb +64 gb version, priced at RMB4599.00. HTC U11 6gb +128 gb elegant version is expected to be sold this kind of month. The latest news implies that HTC U11 deluxe version is not limited to China market, at least nine markets around the world will launch this system.

ROM developers @LlabTooFeR twitter smashed the news that HTC U11 deluxe variation will be sold in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines nine trading markets. And this is only the initial listing , then the device will be bought in more areas.Need Htc 10 display screen replacement just check ogodeal.
HTC U11 has a fresh Edge Sense interactive mode, you may squeeze the edge of the phone to achieve specific features, including open the phone’s Iphone app or other third-party App. In addition, it can be designed with a 3d water window body, different colors may be appeared in the light refraction. Around Configuration, the machine uses 5.5-inch 2k computer screen, equipped with the top Xiao Long 835 chip, IP67 waterproof support, 3000mAh battery, 12 million pixels rear camera+ 16 million pixel top camera.
HTC U11 deluxe edition will set you back Rmb5019 in Taiwan, Are you waiting for so that it is sold?

Google Pixel phone will be upgraded so that you can Android O in August: though others can only be waitting

According to overseas media’s reports, Google plans to launch a state version of updated Android O remain in the first week or the secondly week of August . Google Pixel stands out as the world’s first avant-garde Android O formal version phone, and then are going to be Google’s Nexus device.


After the relieve Android O, Google will wait another month or two to release the new major Google Pixel 2 generation. Google Pixel is the flagship telephone released by Google on July 4 last year. If Android O will be released in August, potentially this year’s Google flagship new cell phone may be earlier available.

In line with the published information previously, Google can launch three Pixel phones, a Pixel 2 code is Muskie, Pixel XL 2 code is definitely Walleye, Pixel XXL code is Taimen . From the Prior exposed photos, a new generation of Pixel will be with developed with rounded full-screen, fingerprint recognition located in the again of the phone. In addition, the machine may join the face treatment unlock, iris recognition technology, and also the 3.5mm headphone jack canceled, dustproof and waterproof support.Google Pixel Screen replacement offered by ogodeal is whole new and original good quality.

In addition, Rick Osterloh, head with Google’s hardware division, said the next-generation Pixel phone is expected to be released this fall, and this group of mobile phones will keep the pace from the year’s update. At the same time Rob Osterloh stressed that they will not release cheap models and continue with the high-end line.For more smartphone most recent news go to our this website.