The total sales of Apple watch could reach 33 million dollars, with the revenue of 12 billion US dollars

According to the report connected with 9to5Mac, Horace Dediu, the founder of market research company Asymco,, and a well-known mobile industry specialist Horace Dediu, has estimated Apple‘s total sales may reach 33 along with created 120 Billion dollars in revenue since its launch. Horace Dediu envisioned that Apple Watch’s sales has attained 15 million in the past 12 months, the same period sales of 490 million US dollars.


Whilst analysts have never hesitated to publish various assessment data, but Horace Dediu has a good reason to prove that the forecasts are reliable. Actually is well liked predicted that Apple watch sales continues to grow. Horace Dediu pointed out in his text that he had given her own forecast data before Apple Ceo Ricky Cook announced that Apple watch had sold more than Rolex, and that most of these predictions were consistent with Cook’s Data.
“We all know that Rolex produces about 1 million wristwatches a year and Rolex features sales of $ 4.7 billion in 2016. As a result, the average revenue per watch is concerning $ 4,700. My estimate is that Apple In the past 12 months sold concerning 15 million watches, the average price of about $ 330. This makes Apple Watch’s revenue attained 4.9 billion US dollars, indeed higher than Rolex.

Cook additionally noted that Apple Watch’s sales within the last few quarter has increased by 50%, and that is consistent with the chart developed by Asymco. Horace Dediu thinks, apparently Apple watch has been successful. Rolex spent 112 years to become this king of the watch industry, and also Apple took only two and a half years. Although the current version LTE Apple watch may be used without binding with the iphone, nevertheless it still needs iphone activation, as well as battery life is limited, which means that it is always a companion equipment. Horace Dediu forecast that this situation will change.
The fact is, Horace Dediu has compared the Apple Watch’s possible with the first iphone, the original iphone in addition need Mac or PC to become trigger. “Apple Watch Series 3 is not only more powerful than the very first generation iphone, but it also has a tiny screen ipod, Internet communication and cell phone integration. However, it is not just the mini version of the iphone, although a new product, Is focused on the field of health and well-being. This is a key point. IPhone was born just mobile phone, but the function has been an unprecedented increase, which happens to be its creators can not foresee. Broken apple watch Series 1 screen, possibly it is time to buy a apple watch series 3.
“This watch can only be used to view the time, but it is gonna beyond the early iphone and going in the new direction.” Horace Dediu reported. In fact, we talked about Resting Rate Arrhythmia and Atrial fibrillation at a modern conference,which indicates that the brand new watch function will follow. Apple watch Series 3’s reviews are basically positive, we can claim that it opens up a new globe.


The secret of iphone 8 plus dual camera: really larger

In the previous conference, Apple said that iphone 8 uses a larger size of the sensor, so the camera will have a better operation compared to iphone 7. However, after the meeting, the insiders believes which iphone 8 and iphone 7 plus are likely to be equipped with an equivalent camera, but better. What’s more credible? Now more definitive argument.

Techinsights has dismantled the particular iphone 8 plus, and after the observation involving iphone 8 dual camera module through the X-ray, confirmed the dual camera module is still from Sony enterprise.

Specifically, the iphone 8 plus has a most important camera size of 6.29mm x 5.21mm and an area of 32.8 square mm. For comparison, the iphone 7 Plus’s main digital camera size is 32.3 square millimeters.

So, the more credible debate is that the iphone 8 plus really uses a fresh camera, but compared to the iphone 7 plus regarding hardware specifications may not be totally obvious, but slightly larger pixel size.We will offer iphone 8 parts also iphone 8 plus parts as soon as possible.
Foreign media believe that iphone 8 plus this time uses a single pixel sensor size of 1.2’m, focus mode for the phase focus, which should be the initially use of this focus on the iphone.There isn’t anything to introduce about Telephoto camera, solitary pixel size of 1’m, not equipped with optical image stabilization also.

It needs to be metioned that although the hardware improve is not big, but the efficiency of iphone 8 plus camera this time is a amazing, DxOmark published the results, show that the iphone 8 plus camera / online video score of 94 items, iphone 8 score of 92 issues.As a comparison, iphone 7 plus score regarding 88 points, iphone 7 is 85 points, Htc U11 and Google Pixel’s score is barely 90 points only.

iphone x starts at 999 in Britain ,only because the tax is just too big high

iphone x has been released presently a few days ago, iphone 8 series was also formally been booked yesterday. iphone x carries at $ 999 in the United States, while the United kingdom price is actually similar to 999, although the price is in pound sterling. In line with the current exchange rate circumstance, 999 dollars equivalent to 750 pounds, that is to say, a British people need to spend greater than 249 pounds to get this new unit, it is sad!


However, Apple in that case explained that because there is 20% of your value-added tax in United Kingdom, but will also taking into account the issue costs, as well as low transport costs plus the British retreat and other things, much higher price are predictable. However, even if the customer opt to spend air ticket to obtain iphone x from United States, it is a lots of cost-effective than to buy in Britain , that’s amazing!Want iphone x case just check out here.

Apple watch series 3 will be released soon

As outlined by Netease mobile phone news, in the september of 2017 Apple conference, Cook said Apple watch allows people to have a healthy lifestyle, since Apple watch introduced so far.More and more people choose a intelligent watch, from the data, Apple Watch’s sales in comparison with last year has been 50% growth, and from now on Apple watch is already the world’s highest product sales of the watch.


In Price, up to date news, China Apple watch series 3 non-call version will be at the price of 2588 yuan, the call at the price of 3188 yuan.


According to Cook, Apple Watch’s customer satisfaction has gotten to 97%, and today, Apple has officially brought its latest smart watch — Apple watch series 3.


Within the software, Apple watch series 3 heart rate sensor has changed, will add some new features, including sporting events coach, the new heart rate supervising, etc., Apple watch series 3 built-in sensor will measure the client’s resting heart rate , If the user’s heart rate instant promotion, Apple watch series 3 may promptly notify you, and also can monitor heart rate disorders. Apple called the heart rate research program, this program has been launched, and also the features we mentioned sooner, from September 19 began to push.

Precisely, Apple watch series 3 will support cellular info, which means that users can call from the iphone, including WeChat will also sign up for Apple watch series 3, the user can watch Apple Music, it really is worth mentioning that , This kind of Apple watch series 3 built-in dual-core processor, which allows Siri to run speedier.

On the Internet side, the Apple watch series 3 screen may be the antenna device, which will keep the screen size of the case, so that Wi-Fi on the web connectivity speed compared to the previous generating of products achieved 85% increase.

Apple watch series 3 will have a new color and tie, including sports models and also Nike Plus special models. Apple watch series 3 will continue so that you can cooperate with Hermes, while the benefits of a new gray models, I ponder if we see this color won’t like it?

It is reported in which Apple watch series 3 non-call version of the price of 329 us dollars, the call valuation on 399 US dollars, no doubt, China will be the first land, we can start on September 15 bookings, the product will be 9 On the Twenty second sale.Broken Apple watch screen,check below to get a full new replacement.

IPhone 7s is designed with glass body: Support wireless charging function

Although Apple will probably launch three iphone this year, yet compared to the iphone 8, iphone 7s / 7s Plus has a reasonably little attention. Of course, quite a few models will be inferior in comparison with the iphone 8 , it may not because of the iphone 7s set ‘s little change, but in which progress of iphone 8 is too excellent. However, the iphone 7s series will still be improved, such as in appearance plus part of the function.

Recently, Press Technobuffalo share the CAD drawings of iphone 7s series, which is simply the final design. These Computer-aided-design drawings show that the overall design of iphone 7s and iphone 7 series is almost exactly the same, and the iphone 7s / 7s Plus will be utilized on glass body before and after + precious metal frame design, which is very different from the previous generation. As for the function of glass body ,just to keep the wireless charging function. If you got a person’s iphone 7 screen broken, maybe you might wait for this new iphone 7s show up.

Although Technobuffalo shared the Virtual design drawings of iphone 7s series , the actual iphone 8 related news is also be mentioned. It is said that iphone 8’s ultimate name may be iphone X as well as iphone Edition, in short, it will not be “iPhone 8”.

Follow with new iphone 8,Apple watch 3 ‘s new features have been shown

The exposed Apple watch 3 recently attracts a lot of well- deserved interest. Because the function is not and so dependent on the iphone, so many Apple funs will choose not buy iphone 8 however to buy Apple watch 3, although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact it also should be all right.

According to the CNBC’s review, from Apple’s internal confirmed announcement, a new generation of Apple watch is going to be released with the iphone 8 in September this year’s conference, there is no suspense about its biggest feature highlights.
Your report mentioned that Apple watch 3 will be designed with built-in LTE baseband, independent Internet connection support. Apple will also open its separate call function, so that it will reduce the dependence on the iphone greatly.If your apple watch screen obtain broken maybe it is time to get hold of a new apple watch 3.
It is well worth mentioning that this new Apple use the embedded virtual Sim, of course, Apple will still kick off 38 and 42mm two sizes of non-LTE standard version, the latest battery capacity will become larger to satisfy with the use demands.
Are you aware that price, the source stressed than a new generation of Apple watch might possibly not have a big increase, the price might be acceptable in the user range.

Guess new OLED iPhone’s name : what kind will Apple choose?

Before the brand-new iPhone‘s release every year, many of the relevant news will be spewing out from all directions, there is no exception this season.


The current exposed news signifies that different with only two completely new iphone in previous years, this year Apple may launch three new iPhone. iphone 7s and iphone 7s Plus will continue the up grade practice of in previous a long time, and follow the shape design and style since the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus in 2014, equipment specifications upgrade, faster processor chips, stronger camera, inductive wireless charging supports.


Plus the third iphone this year is the top rated equipped machine. Recent the info from the developers in the HomePod permit us have a better understanding of this device: it will be a new, borderless OLED iphone, although the screen size to achieve Plus several times, but the complete size and standard iphone Bodily proportions similar. This new iphone may need to use the Touch id, and face recognition Face ID to replace it.

However we do not know how Apple will brand this device. HomePod firmware exposure information show, its code is D22, you will find there’s code is “Ferrari” (further proof : this is not a cheap product).

After that what kind of name will Apple choose in the end? Now we have no clue, is able to guess. The following is a few brands that t is more prepared to be chose.

Iphone 8

This should be the actual default use of the highest volume, used to refer to this best with the iphone name. And on Google Movements, it’s also among the top of the iPhone’s hot words. It is like a new self-fulfilling prophecy: more and more content services want to use the “iPhone 8” search engine optimization to realize, so you will see more and more within the “iPhone 8” message appears.

Then Apple is not going to use this name? Well-known Apple blogger John Gruber said that because the network shown up before the suspected “iPhone 7s” model goblet rear shell exposure, which may mean “iPhone 7s” is to support wireless charging, and so Apple will never use the ” 7s “this title. We know that the “s” naming design is usually a year before the non-“s” kinds of a small upgrade, since at this moment supports wireless charging, it means that this is a new design of the phone, consequently Apple can not use this name.

As a final point, Gruber gave his name for the 2011 iphone product line forecast predicted two:

-iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone 8 Pro
-iphone, iphone Plus, iphone pro

He mentioned, because these identifying programs will make three completely new iphone sounds “very new”.

IPhone Pro

Can only say that this specific naming will make iphone product line name and ipad, Macbook series product line calling is more symmetrical way. Macbook, MacBook Pro, ipad, ipad pro, iphone, iphone pro, Virgo claimed very satisfied. But the iphone product may also be so chaotic. All things considered, according to Apple’s practice in previous decades, the new iphone after the market, iphone 7 as well as iphone 7 plus will cut prices A hundred bucks, iphone se may still be the entry iphone, you can also find “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus”.

However, “iPhone Pro” this calling is the first time in the iphone products, can fully reflect the goods of the “new”, and “Pro” also permits users to understand the Apple goods can understand the moment This device in the iphone product line in the “status”. A common drawback is that the name looks like a bit “boring”, the feeling is a suited to dealing with work-related equipment.

IPhone X (and also iphone 10)

The use of the name of the words, an order of the iphone to the name might be disrupted, the second generation of iphone is called the iphone 3g, the fifth generating iphone is iphone 4s and so on. Since 2013, Apple possesses launched at least two iphone each year, Wikipedia statistics show that Apple currently features at least 15 different models. But in 2017 is the 10th anniversary associated with iphone release, Apple can take this in order to re-adjust the iphone by numerical title – Microsoft is not directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

At this time if the use of “iPhone X” plenty of people will not say it is “iPhone Twenty (10)”, and will be “iPhone Ex” (in the country will likely say “iPhone fork”), this embarrassment by now in OS X Timeframe of the operating system has appeared.
IPhone Variation (or iphone Anniversary Edition)

Apple watch published, the product line has a value of up to $ 10,000 platinum version. The so-called Apple watch Edition production is still retained, but the shape material has been replaced by ceramics, along with the price has been reduced to just one,249 US dollars. At present all the news flash that the top with the iphone from your price will be close to 1,000 US dollars, the higher the capacity the larger the price, and Apple watch Edition variation similar. Just “iPhone Edition” it seems less than easy to speak it.

When it comes to iphone Anniversary Edition, Apple does not like to get familiar with this set of nostalgia. That they hope that consumers can target the future, rather than obsessed with days gone by.want this new iphone 8 screen wholesale, go for ogodeal.


Apple can “extreme” factor, choose a super simple “iPhone”. 2015 is not also released a “MacBook”, ipad Surroundings 2 has become “iPad”.

Just use the “iPhone” site words there are two problems. Just simply “iPhone” sounds like it is an entry system that can not highlight the difference between it and the some other two iphone models. And then one is the “iPhone” for SEO really is not a good name, the fall behind search hot words will become a new iphone, iphone 2017 or OLED iphone and so forth, it will be a negative material of life brand promotion.

Apple Phone

Medical era Apple intend to use the “i-XX” format to give its product identity, from the Apple TV and Cook time, the Apple product name file format into “Apple XX”, such as Apple Music, Apple Fork out and Apple watch and so on. Apple will not go ahead and take opportunity to change the iPhone’s labeling?I think this is the least possible.

The answer is be announced

It’s possible Apple will choose a name we can not think of. Such as “HomePod”, ahead of we say it is Siri Speaker, wouldn’t think Apple will give it to take this sort of name.

If Apple finally prefers the name you do not like, then you are too slow for the time being. In fact, the original name of the ipad have also been ridiculed not work, exactly like Nintendo’s Wii, but the final look at both products are successful.

So what name is appropriate do you reckon Apple will choose for this completely new iphone this year?