Follow with new iphone 8,Apple watch 3 ‘s new features have been shown

The exposed Apple watch 3 recently attracts a lot of well- deserved interest. Because the function is not and so dependent on the iphone, so many Apple funs will choose not buy iphone 8 however to buy Apple watch 3, although it sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact it also should be all right.

According to the CNBC’s review, from Apple’s internal confirmed announcement, a new generation of Apple watch is going to be released with the iphone 8 in September this year’s conference, there is no suspense about its biggest feature highlights.
Your report mentioned that Apple watch 3 will be designed with built-in LTE baseband, independent Internet connection support. Apple will also open its separate call function, so that it will reduce the dependence on the iphone greatly.If your apple watch screen obtain broken maybe it is time to get hold of a new apple watch 3.
It is well worth mentioning that this new Apple use the embedded virtual Sim, of course, Apple will still kick off 38 and 42mm two sizes of non-LTE standard version, the latest battery capacity will become larger to satisfy with the use demands.
Are you aware that price, the source stressed than a new generation of Apple watch might possibly not have a big increase, the price might be acceptable in the user range.

The exposure of Motorola Moto X4 put out time: August 24 in Brazil

Recently, the online opened up to date Moto mobile phone: Moto X4 ‘s photos and the unique configuration. And now Lenovo Moto X’s posters have also been announced, it is learned that Lenovo will hold a new product conference in May 24th in Sao Paulo, Brazil Moto, the modern product should be Moto X4.

According to the This home’s news reported before, Moto X4 comes with 5.2-inch 1080p touch screen, 2.2GHz Qualcomm Xiao Long 630 eight-core processor, Adreno508 GPU, 3gb RAM + 16gb ROM storage. There are only two hues can be chose : Super Black as well as Pure Blue, 148.35 by 73.4 x 7.99 mm size and 163g weight, 16 million pixel front photographic camera, f/2.0 aperture and 1.0m pixel size, help 30fps 4k and 60fps 1080p video recording.Want motorola parts opt for
Moto has also confirmed that they may bring a new phone to participate in the IFA conference held in September.

When Xiaomi MIX2 is released? The price tag on Xiaomi has been reduced about RMB500

It is said that because of the approaching of Xiaomi MIX2,the price of Xiaomi Mix (6gb + 256gb) has diminished about 500 RMB, from 3999 RMB because of 3499 RMB. Xiaomi Jingdong official flagship store about the) also cut the price of Xiaomi Mix Conventional Edition (4gb +128 GB from 3499 RMB as a result of 3199 RMB , decrease of 300 RMB.

As a innovator in the domestic full-screen mobile phone, Xiaomi Mix is surely an innovative product of Xiaomi nowadays, screen accounted for up to Ninety one.3%, bringing unprecedented visual result to the customers. In addition, it uses a full ceramic human body, the fuselage back, in the container, the volume keys all use ceramic material.

In construction, Xiaomi Mix is equipped with a 6. 4-inch screen, decision of 2040 * 1080 (17: 9), Xiao Extensive 821 processor, 16 million pixel camera, 4400mAh battery capacity. really want xiaomi screen go for here.
In accordance with the previous news, Mimi MIX2 will continue the complete design of the screen, monitor ratio is expected to be more expanded, with glass body. At present, what is the features is not distinct, but the first generation regarding MIX’s biggest short board -poor call quality complications, is expected to be improved.
On top of that, Xiaomi MIX2 is also expected to use 3d sensing lens, make up for the lack of fingerprint popularity experience. In configuration, it can be expected to be equipped with Xiao Extended 835 processor, 6gb memory.

Guess new OLED iPhone’s name : what kind will Apple choose?

Before the brand-new iPhone‘s release every year, many of the relevant news will be spewing out from all directions, there is no exception this season.


The current exposed news signifies that different with only two completely new iphone in previous years, this year Apple may launch three new iPhone. iphone 7s and iphone 7s Plus will continue the up grade practice of in previous a long time, and follow the shape design and style since the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus in 2014, equipment specifications upgrade, faster processor chips, stronger camera, inductive wireless charging supports.


Plus the third iphone this year is the top rated equipped machine. Recent the info from the developers in the HomePod permit us have a better understanding of this device: it will be a new, borderless OLED iphone, although the screen size to achieve Plus several times, but the complete size and standard iphone Bodily proportions similar. This new iphone may need to use the Touch id, and face recognition Face ID to replace it.

However we do not know how Apple will brand this device. HomePod firmware exposure information show, its code is D22, you will find there’s code is “Ferrari” (further proof : this is not a cheap product).

After that what kind of name will Apple choose in the end? Now we have no clue, is able to guess. The following is a few brands that t is more prepared to be chose.

Iphone 8

This should be the actual default use of the highest volume, used to refer to this best with the iphone name. And on Google Movements, it’s also among the top of the iPhone’s hot words. It is like a new self-fulfilling prophecy: more and more content services want to use the “iPhone 8” search engine optimization to realize, so you will see more and more within the “iPhone 8” message appears.

Then Apple is not going to use this name? Well-known Apple blogger John Gruber said that because the network shown up before the suspected “iPhone 7s” model goblet rear shell exposure, which may mean “iPhone 7s” is to support wireless charging, and so Apple will never use the ” 7s “this title. We know that the “s” naming design is usually a year before the non-“s” kinds of a small upgrade, since at this moment supports wireless charging, it means that this is a new design of the phone, consequently Apple can not use this name.

As a final point, Gruber gave his name for the 2011 iphone product line forecast predicted two:

-iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone 8 Pro
-iphone, iphone Plus, iphone pro

He mentioned, because these identifying programs will make three completely new iphone sounds “very new”.

IPhone Pro

Can only say that this specific naming will make iphone product line name and ipad, Macbook series product line calling is more symmetrical way. Macbook, MacBook Pro, ipad, ipad pro, iphone, iphone pro, Virgo claimed very satisfied. But the iphone product may also be so chaotic. All things considered, according to Apple’s practice in previous decades, the new iphone after the market, iphone 7 as well as iphone 7 plus will cut prices A hundred bucks, iphone se may still be the entry iphone, you can also find “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus”.

However, “iPhone Pro” this calling is the first time in the iphone products, can fully reflect the goods of the “new”, and “Pro” also permits users to understand the Apple goods can understand the moment This device in the iphone product line in the “status”. A common drawback is that the name looks like a bit “boring”, the feeling is a suited to dealing with work-related equipment.

IPhone X (and also iphone 10)

The use of the name of the words, an order of the iphone to the name might be disrupted, the second generation of iphone is called the iphone 3g, the fifth generating iphone is iphone 4s and so on. Since 2013, Apple possesses launched at least two iphone each year, Wikipedia statistics show that Apple currently features at least 15 different models. But in 2017 is the 10th anniversary associated with iphone release, Apple can take this in order to re-adjust the iphone by numerical title – Microsoft is not directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

At this time if the use of “iPhone X” plenty of people will not say it is “iPhone Twenty (10)”, and will be “iPhone Ex” (in the country will likely say “iPhone fork”), this embarrassment by now in OS X Timeframe of the operating system has appeared.
IPhone Variation (or iphone Anniversary Edition)

Apple watch published, the product line has a value of up to $ 10,000 platinum version. The so-called Apple watch Edition production is still retained, but the shape material has been replaced by ceramics, along with the price has been reduced to just one,249 US dollars. At present all the news flash that the top with the iphone from your price will be close to 1,000 US dollars, the higher the capacity the larger the price, and Apple watch Edition variation similar. Just “iPhone Edition” it seems less than easy to speak it.

When it comes to iphone Anniversary Edition, Apple does not like to get familiar with this set of nostalgia. That they hope that consumers can target the future, rather than obsessed with days gone by.want this new iphone 8 screen wholesale, go for ogodeal.


Apple can “extreme” factor, choose a super simple “iPhone”. 2015 is not also released a “MacBook”, ipad Surroundings 2 has become “iPad”.

Just use the “iPhone” site words there are two problems. Just simply “iPhone” sounds like it is an entry system that can not highlight the difference between it and the some other two iphone models. And then one is the “iPhone” for SEO really is not a good name, the fall behind search hot words will become a new iphone, iphone 2017 or OLED iphone and so forth, it will be a negative material of life brand promotion.

Apple Phone

Medical era Apple intend to use the “i-XX” format to give its product identity, from the Apple TV and Cook time, the Apple product name file format into “Apple XX”, such as Apple Music, Apple Fork out and Apple watch and so on. Apple will not go ahead and take opportunity to change the iPhone’s labeling?I think this is the least possible.

The answer is be announced

It’s possible Apple will choose a name we can not think of. Such as “HomePod”, ahead of we say it is Siri Speaker, wouldn’t think Apple will give it to take this sort of name.

If Apple finally prefers the name you do not like, then you are too slow for the time being. In fact, the original name of the ipad have also been ridiculed not work, exactly like Nintendo’s Wii, but the final look at both products are successful.

So what name is appropriate do you reckon Apple will choose for this completely new iphone this year?

Samsung S8 Active is released: immediately full screen / Drop resistance ,waterproof and dustproof Smart phone

Samsung officially released three anti-flagship Galaxy S8 Participating in August 8th.This innovative mobile phone will be officially available for sale on August 11th, meteor gray and titanium two colors are available, pre-sold in the US operator AT & T exclusive yesterday.


Samsung S8 Active is equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor, 4gb RAM +64 GB ROM, 12 million pixel raise camera, 8 million pixel front camera. It truly is worth mentioning that Samsung S8 Productive supply the 4000mAh built-in battery, much larger than the Samsung S8 plus S8 Plus .At the same time, Samsung S8 Active body is built with Bixby button, but the Smartphone would not use the surface screen, but the straight full screen.Samsung S8 screen possibly costs higher than s8 active since it is cruved edge kind.


As the three anti-Smartphone, Samsung S8 Effective support drop resistance, dustproof, water-proof, durable, can be maintained on 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes, from 1.5 meters high drop resistance fall. It really is made of military grade fabric, with metal frame and bumper to defend against outside forces.

Samsung S8 Active will be bought at AT & T formal website, the monthly expense of 28 dollars, the contract period or 2 many years. Interested in three anti-Smartphone, or simply are interested a solid mobile phone users, you’ll be able to give appropriate consideration towards the Samsung S8 Active.

The exposure of Huawei Mate 10: Priced at about 7480 yuan

Recently, Huawei Mate 10 was frequently exposed, Huawei shopper business Ceo Yu Chengdong also revealed part of this new flagship mobile phone info.
He said Mate 10 will be released in the fall, the same time with the iphone 8 .Want Huawei screen go for ogodeal.

Stunning full-screen design, longer life, faster quickness and better dual-shot performance, will be the reasonably competitive advantages of Mate 10 with the iphone 8, certainly, their new flagship should have heavy new features.

Above is merely a description of the appearance, without any real machine outflow, and from now on foreign media Concept Inventor create a Huawei Mate 10 according to the established rumors, let us look at the subsequent.

In appearance, Huawei Mate 10 uses a extensive screen design, screen talk about is very high, and through the picture, Mate 10 almost no perimeter design. Although the forehead location is very narrow, but still maintains the handset and entrance camera, and is a twice photo.
The back is metal body, Leica certification, but with smooth camera.
In color, Huawei Mate 10 supplies green, red, gray, silver several colors, younger than the former generation.
About the Hardware construction, according to the previous exposed message, Huawei Mate 10 uses a 6.1 inch 16: 9 display, a resolution regarding 2160 – 1080, equipped with unicorn 970 processor, 10nm process technological know-how.
In price, according to dangerous media TableTowo, Huawei Mate 10 is 4000 zloty, about RMB 7480 yuan.
Although the appearance earlier mentioned is the result of the creator ‘s idea, but the full display screen, fingerprints, double-shot these features should not be wrong. If Mate 10 is really like this, will you consider to buy it with7000 RMB?

Full screen mobile phone LG Q6 is sold in India with RMB1500 yuan

LG released a new phone LG Q6 last month, and sold in South Korea. At this time the new mobile phone has been listed in the Indian market, exclusive distributed by the Amazon, the price is concerning 14,999 Indian rupees (RMB1562 yuan).


LG Q6 is a full-screen design, low geared up mobile phone. It is equipped with Xiao Lengthy 435 mobile platform, 3gb RAM +32 GB Range of motion, 5 million pixel front camera +13 million rear camera, 5.5-inch display (2160x1080resolution). This kind of mobile phone probably are not popular in the Chinese market, nevertheless is still relatively popular throughout India’s current mobile phone market. Moreover, LG Q6 Plus with 64gb of memory is anticipated to be available in August this coming year.Do LG repair business? want lg parts go here.