Samsung Galaxy S8 Rose edition landed around the European market: Sell not less than 6230 yuan

To provide special color edition mobile phones for some areas is definitely the marketing methods of Samsung company. European users can not purchase the local licensed pink form of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but today in The european countries, Samsung officially released the S8 Or S8 + mobile phone rose edition, the cost are respectively 799 euros (about 6230 yuan) and 899 euros (about 7,Thousand yuan).

The configuration of Samsung Galaxy S8 Increased by version and other versions will not be different, but for a cover. the National line version of Samsung Galaxy S8 provides include all the colors on the market .
Samsung Galaxy S8 rose pink edition can land on the European market noisy . October,. According to the past experience, the buying price of European market will certainly be more pricey than other places, and the expense of National Barbie pink release Galaxy S8 64gb is 5688 yuan and Galaxy S8 + is 6188 yuan.Galaxy S8 parts at wholesale prices check here.


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