The iphone SE2 will be released with August and the price is reducing

Recently there is a more fascinating news from advertising, Apple will release a small display of mobile phone in June, the second generation product of iphone SE- iphone SE2 ,while the highly anticipated iphone 8 may be overdue until October.

In addition,media iGeneration revealed that the price of iphone SE2 will probably be cheaper, of course, can be comprehended as compared to the first generation, Apple minimized the price of the second generation. Exclusively, the sale price of iphone SE2 throughout Europe is 399 euros, while the previous iphone SE’s price is about 489 euros. If converted into RMB, then iphone SE2 is around 3107 yuan, which also revealed its price variety of national line case you got se broken, you may decide buy a iphone se screen for remedy it, or you can choose to buy a completely new SE2.
But then back, release inside August is not Apple’s original type. But because the original approach of iphone 8’s releasing in September on account of various issues is late to October, iphone 7S series likewise postponed, so Apple chose to make use of small screen iphone to fill the vacancy.


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