Will Nokia 8 flash be released in the official website with RMB4000 yuan?

There are lots of rumors about New top Nokia 8 recently, we have seen two recognized product photos. The latest media shows that this HMD Global built Xiao Lengthy 835 flagship seems to be released sooner than we thought before.

In line with the news from a Baidu[s netizen, last night has not yet released Nokia 8 suddenly appeared in the Nokia Chinese official website, the actual netizen also quickly screenshots as proof, its propaganda reads “a so you count on the Nokia mobile phone  Unfortunately, the current page has not ought to see this new machine figure, Nokia China established website only Nokia 6 phone.
However the screenshot on the Nokia 8 shows any time for the July 20 Thursday, that is consistent with today’s date. Having said that, we can not confirm that the plane will be released today, in spite of the news that the opportunity to put out this summer.Want Nokia screen? Opt for ogodeal.
In configuration, there are speculation that Nokia 8 will use 5.3-inch 2k screen, pre-loaded with Xiao Long 835 processor, rear 13 million pixel Carl Zeiss double photo, with 4gb or 6gb model, running Android 7.1.1 nougat program. The overall shape of the machine is much like the Nokia 6, the price may be a lot more than 4,000 yuan.


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