HTC U12 is first exposed: 4k total screen + Xiao Long 845

Today’s HTC‘s sales volume is not higher than before, nevertheless its R & D strength can not be underestimated. Your released HTC U11 a while ago receives a great deal user and industry’s attention, plus the camera score is 85 points on the high. Whilst HTC U11 was just released soon, as well as the next-generation U12 machine product was uncovered, it seems HTC want to use U line to fight a turnaround.We are going to offer HTC U11 Screen replacement soon.

Just lately, the foreign media shown a group of HTC U12 photos, it indicated that HTC U12 is designed with a comprehensive monitor, symmetrical design style that HTC possesses always followed, positive the top of a double camera contact, HTC’s Logo at the bottom. The back of the device is all-metal material, the bottom of your body equipped with JBL speakers, sound quality is very good.
In configuration, HTC U12 will use 5.7-inch 4k screen, front dual-lens for 1600 King p, rear dual camera lens for Thirty four million pixels, support optical zoom. The processor will right use Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship processor – Xiao Long 845, with 6gb DDR4 shipped, with 128gb of EMMC mass storage.


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