Sony G8341 / G8441 appeared in Belgium, about RMB5020 yuan

Sony usually held something new launch at the IFA conference in the end of August or first September, this year may not be an exception.


In accordance with media reports, there are two types of Sony new machine which were Sony G8341 plus Sony G8441 appeared in the Polish shop website Komp.Tech. We also saw Sony G8341 appears in the user agent controls file last month, the relevant information and facts shows that the Machine is designed wih1080p screen, Android 8.0 (Android O) system.

The Poland website showed that, Sony G8341 is priced at 3,206.99 Polish zloty, regarding RMB 5854 yuan, which has black, blue, pink, magic four colors can be preferred. As for the Sony G8441, the machine is priced at 2,749.99 Polish zloty, about RMB 5020 yuan, also has black, glowing blue, pink, silver four shades.

Media speculating that, Sony G8341 can be 5.2 inches Sony XZ1, while the Sony G8441 may be 4.6 inches Sony XZ1 Compact. There are rumors that these two machines will carry with Xiao Long 835 model, 4gb built-in RAM.If you need sony repair parts you can check here.


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