The conceptual design of Google Pixel 2: full-screen+ stereoscopic double speakers

Last year ,Google’s new published mobile phone Google Pixel, is a astonishing creation that lets countless android fans yell. According to the previous rhythm, a state Andrews 8.0 will be released in August, while the new generation of Google Pixel 2 may also meet with us.


But a majority of fans can’t wait to see, along with recently foreign media exposed a group photos of Google Pixel 2 .Obviously, its design is from the existing exposure of the message as well as function we expect. The most significant feature of Google Pixel 2 is the entrance high screen- to-body ratio and shaped dual speakers, metallic returning case, post-fingerprint, three-paragraph style, the top is still glassy. Can’t wait to see just how Google Pixel 2 screen gonna look like.

Around configuration, the previous XDA claimed how the code-named “Taimen”, Google Pixel XL 2, is designed with a 5.99 inch 1440P DPI+ LG OLED full screen, equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor chip, with 4gb RAM + 128gb ROM combination,3.5 mm headphone hole, Kind C charging interface. Although because the current technology is not really mature, this year there will be no finger prints under the screen to identify the phone, a little regret.


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