Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will be released shortly: Got the FCC certified.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Lively which is three anti-version of Samsung’s brand new generation flagship mobile phone, continues to be certified by the US FCC. Before that this US operator AT & T exceptional version S8 Active also seemed to the Geekbench database, the data demonstrates that the mobile phone is equipped with Xiao Dragon 835 processor, which means that the machine will add eight-core Cpu, Adreno 540 GPU. In addition, this phone will likely be supplemented by 4gb RAM, running Android 7.1 system. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active together with 4000mAh battery, while the original Galaxy S7 battery capacity is actually 3000mAh. So we do not rule out the launch of Samsung this year, Galaxy S8 Effective battery life will be better than the potential for S8.something your s8 might fell and broken glass, you will get a S8 screen replacement do diy repair, or simply wait for s8 active coming out and change to this new one.


The phone type of Galaxy S8 Active is SM-G892A, consistent with Galaxy S8, nevertheless the appearance is different. In accordance with the lifestyle of Samsung, the three anti-version of the primary mobile phone will be equipped with appropriate performance of the mobile phone shell, waterproof level up to IP68 level, can be 5 feet underwater saturate for half an hour.

Since the FCC has got certified this phone, frankly Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will be officially revealed. soon after.


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