LG Q8 is sold in European this week and will enter the Asian market place next month

LG Q8 officially was released a week ago. LG recently open the news through official channels that LG Q8 can enter into the major European marketsbegin immediately, next month will be sold in a number of Asian countries, look at the details.

LG wouldn’t publish a list of countries that landed specifically, nor do they explicitly mention the buying price of LG Q8 in these countries. But after the LG Q8 in Italy, the price will be 599 euros (about RMB 4712 yuan).
LG Q8 is said as a mini version of the LG V20, which features a 5.2-inch 2k screen and has the exact same screen as the LG V20 screen. LG Mobile phone Division President said, LG Q8 figured out some of the LG V series of Genetics, but designed to take into account the one-handed functioning of the portability.
LG Q8 is equipped with backside 13 million pairs of cameras, a person for the 1 / 2.6 inch, Just one.12um, f/1.8, the other is 135 /10mm wide-angle lens, f/2.4 front 8 million pixel self-timer, 1/4 inch, 1.12um. Assist IP67 dust and water, Xiao Prolonged 820 mobile platform, 4gb RAM +32 GB Range of motion, battery capacity of 3000 mAh and also factory pre-installed Android 7.0 system.


Samsung A7 (2018)has been exposed, Eight key chip+ Dual 16MP lens

There has been not any news about Samsung A series of brand new machine in half a year, just after foreign media said that this kind of series new machines might be launched at the end of this year or even early next year. At this time, the revolutionary machine called the Samsung A7 (2018) appeared with the running sub-database GFXBench, let’s look at the detailed boundaries.


In theory, Samsung A series will have A3, A5 along with A7 three products, and A7 may be the highest configuration one. Samsung A7 (2018) is thought to be the body code can be SM-A730x, taking into account the Samsung A7 (2017) code will be SM-A720x, so this judgment seems correct.Any need of Samsung A7 2017 Parts you can check in this article.
Samsung A7 (2018) is equipped with 2.21GHz frequency eight-core built-in processor, Mali-G71 GPU and also 4gb RAM + 32gb ROM, 1080p screen resolution. This phone is equipped with 16 million pixel camera after and before, Android 7.1.1 system. It is always not clear about its unique release time and price.

Huawei Glory Note 9 is shown with the coming of full screen

Recently, There are a lot associated with news about Huawei new Unit glory Note 9 ‘s real Model photos on the Internet. The biggest bright spot on this real Model’s photos is that glory Note 9 likewise use a comprehensive screen. After the increase of screen proportion, the look off Note 9 is also improved. Prior to a release of Mate 10, more coverage highlights are clearly fantastic.

From the exposure of real Model ‘s photos, the design is basically consistent with previous, nonetheless because the first use of a comprehensive screen, so the overall style also gives a sense of incredible. Compared to the previous generation display, Huawei Glory Note 9 increased the display screen proportion, metal body with a fuselage at the back , equipped with a post-fingerprint detection system. Huawei Glory Note 9 relies on a dual camera, which is also the first Huawei series to implement double camera.Want undertaking repair business about huawei phones? find huawei screens from ogodeal is easy, and you will get start.
From the setting, Huawei glory Note 9 is equipped with any 6.6-inch 2k screen, a Kirin 955 processor. Concurrently, with two 13 million pixel rear camera, 8 million pixel front camera. The Design provides 6gb of memory, the actual battery capacity has reached 5100mAh, Android 7.One system, priced at 2799 yuan.

What persuaded you to invest in so expensive iphone 8?

According to earlier reports, Apple will be release the brand new iphone later this year, regardless of the device’s name is iphone 8, iphone pro or the some others. It will add some new features, and that is what analysts believe that that new IPhone prices will be more as compared with $ 1,000.


So far, we have now heard a lot of news regarding iphone 8, including OLED display, wireless charging, face acknowledgement, faster processors, embedded Touch id detectors, higher storage capacity in addition to a breakthrough, equipped AR-enabled cameras and many others.

iPhoneHacks reported that if there is no collision, we can almost certainly iphone 8 screen will probably be OLED display, no border pattern, iphone 7s / 7s Plus continue to use the LCD panel. However, OLED and borderless layout is not enough to persuade people to spend more than A person,000 US dollars to buy iphone 8, because Samsung provides achieved the same goal held it’s place in the Galaxy S8 .

From the iPhoneHacks poll success, if the iphone 8 with all of the above functions, then there are 40.51% of users expressed willingness to buy this telephone. It is worth mentioning of which 27.73% of users said that choice . iphone 8 has all of the above features, they do not want to spend thousands of dollars to buy iphone 8.

Next the question came, if it is a person, what kinds of new features are additional ,so you are willing to buy that new iphone with more than $ 1,000?

The iphone SE2 will be released with August and the price is reducing

Recently there is a more fascinating news from advertising, Apple will release a small display of mobile phone in June, the second generation product of iphone SE- iphone SE2 ,while the highly anticipated iphone 8 may be overdue until October.

In addition,media iGeneration revealed that the price of iphone SE2 will probably be cheaper, of course, can be comprehended as compared to the first generation, Apple minimized the price of the second generation. Exclusively, the sale price of iphone SE2 throughout Europe is 399 euros, while the previous iphone SE’s price is about 489 euros. If converted into RMB, then iphone SE2 is around 3107 yuan, which also revealed its price variety of national line version.in case you got se broken, you may decide buy a iphone se screen for remedy it, or you can choose to buy a completely new SE2.
But then back, release inside August is not Apple’s original type. But because the original approach of iphone 8’s releasing in September on account of various issues is late to October, iphone 7S series likewise postponed, so Apple chose to make use of small screen iphone to fill the vacancy.

Will Nokia 8 flash be released in the official website with RMB4000 yuan?

There are lots of rumors about New top Nokia 8 recently, we have seen two recognized product photos. The latest media shows that this HMD Global built Xiao Lengthy 835 flagship seems to be released sooner than we thought before.

In line with the news from a Baidu[s netizen, last night has not yet released Nokia 8 suddenly appeared in the Nokia Chinese official website, the actual netizen also quickly screenshots as proof, its propaganda reads “a so you count on the Nokia mobile phone ¬†Unfortunately, the current page has not ought to see this new machine figure, Nokia China established website only Nokia 6 phone.
However the screenshot on the Nokia 8 shows any time for the July 20 Thursday, that is consistent with today’s date. Having said that, we can not confirm that the plane will be released today, in spite of the news that the opportunity to put out this summer.Want Nokia screen? Opt for ogodeal.
In configuration, there are speculation that Nokia 8 will use 5.3-inch 2k screen, pre-loaded with Xiao Long 835 processor, rear 13 million pixel Carl Zeiss double photo, with 4gb or 6gb model, running Android 7.1.1 nougat program. The overall shape of the machine is much like the Nokia 6, the price may be a lot more than 4,000 yuan.

HTC Desire 555 is released using the price of RMB810 yuan

Today HTC released a great entry-level mobile phone for the operator Cricket Mobile, from the operator Cricket Wireless official website, we can see this entry-level smartphone ‘s price is 119.99 US dollars (about 810 yuan).


From the configuration, HTC Desire 555 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Extensive 210 mobile platform, memory for any 2gb, with 5-inch 720P screen, 500 million entry +800 million rear camera, the machine is pre-installed with the latest Android system Android 7.4 Nougat and Sense version. The parameters of the machine and also the two Desire 530 and 626 HTC published before are somewhat comparable.If HTC become hot home owner in the near future for repair shop possibly need more htc parts, but right now it really is not yet.

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The HTC released the primary half of this year flagship device HTC U11, the aircraft has been marketed in the domestic market. 2017 so far, HTC has not yet released in the domestic market entry products.