Xiaomi Max2’s evaluation: 6.44 inch giant screen and charge pal level lifestyle

May 25, 2017, Xiaomi held a more unique form of new conference with Beijing East billion Tian hong studio, which usually unprecedented uses the variety display to release new products .Official Xiaomi unveiled Its new products – Xiaomi Max2. Although it is not a flagship product, yet this conference has also attracted the interest of many users. In the time of increasingly powerful wise smart phones, the importance of smart phones for individuals has become irreplaceable, the popularity of the bow family reflects the top frequencies of smart phone’s make use of.xiaomi screen broken, just change the one here.


Therefore, for the reason that battery technology is not being improved, an individual began to complain about their cellular phone battery life, then a product with good battery life becomes very required. And on the basis of substantial battery, it is better to have a larger computer screen, Xiaomi Max series are known as large-screen and high battery mobile phones since the beginning of the very first generation, ,then after a generation of optimization, what about Xiaomi max2’s good performance?


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