LG G6 + is announced: Xiao Long 821 chip + 128gb storage

LG G6 which is equipped with Xiao Lengthy 821 processor makes some people frustrated. After all, now Xiaolong 835 processor is usually popular in all new cellphone machines. We thought that LG will follow the trend of the new Xiaolong 835, although LG once again makes us disappointed. LG G6 + still is equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, no naturally updates to be desired.

First off, LG G6 + is added to the in the future coating in the back of the glass body, the visual consequences is better than LG G6. Besides, Blue and also gold color is added.
In performance, there is nothing to express. LG G6 + is still designed with Xiao Long 821 brand, 4gb RAM, 128gb storage.

Finally, In charging, some models of LG G6 + is elevated with wireless charging function, standard M & O PLAY headphones.Wish LG g5 screen? just get it from us.
This above is the most important changes of LG G6 +. The machine will likely be announced in July while in the Korean market, the specific pricing is still unknown.


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