The release time of Iphone 8 is shown, Few summaries about Apple 8’s highlights

Even though Apple’s innovate ability is clearly retreated before few years, but as a model of the industry, Apple is the model of mastering and following. And as the surprise of iPhone’s tenth birthday, iphone 8 will bring a huge change along with inevitably set off a new round of learning climax.

According to the exposed news, full computer screen industry Summit meeting is held in Shenzhen today, focus on the iphone 8.
From your current news, the most important enhancements of iphone 8 includes:
– Get rid of the Home key, TouchID Fingerprint recognition included is under the screen
– 5.8 inch OLED full screen, Samsung offer specifically
– Support for wireless charging, battery living increased
– Front digital camera hidden
– 2.5D curved glass before and after
– Ultra-narrow borders, physical is bordered by plus screen black border add up to below 4mm
This six-point argument is the same as the recent reports. It can be said that if there is not much accident, iphone 8 is just as that.

The summit made it distinct that the iphone 8’s process decides the particular 2018 vane, the combination of metal field, glass cover is the well known design style of the next year, so you can expect next year there will be a huge number of Andrews phone like this.
In fact, lots of mobile phone manufacturers are watching for the iphone 8 , and then determine their own next action.We will offer you iphone 8 replacement soon once this cellphone released, so that for repair shop can offer repair service for iphone 8 shortly.


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