Will the new iphone device be named as “iPhone 8”?

It is said in which Apple will launch three brand-new iphone devices this year, including a little bit upgraded iphone 7S and iphone 7S Plus. Of course, a highlight of this year is without a doubt the “iPhone 8”. Recently we have seen lots of suspected iphone 8’s exposure, but as the actual name, “iPhone 8” really will be called iphone 8?

According to Benjamin Geskin who is participating in social networking sites recently, he said this year’s flagship new iphone will never be named as “iPhone 8”, while the various other two upgraded iphone device can b e called iphone 7S in addition to iphone 7S Plus. The 10th anniversary version of iphone will not be called “iPhone 8”, Apple will give a whole new name for this special commemorative edition iphone, but still did not disclose the specific name. once iphone 8 launch, we will offer iphone 8 parts soon.
When the new iphone device is not termed “iPhone 8”, so what name do you think Apple will take? There was a media information that the new iphone will be termed “iPhone Edition” to highlight its significance. Naturally, there are also rumors that the brand-new iphone will be called “iPhone Pro” to highlight their high configuration status.
IPhone 8, iphone Edition, iPhone Pro are the most recognized three names at the moment, if you choose , which one do you think is the better name?


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