These two kinds of xiaomi mobile phones tend to be worthy of expectation in the second halfof the year

Xiaomi mobile phones is not too long ago in the limelight, especially the unveiled xiaomi 6 recently: Xiaolong 835 processor, 6gb RAM, Dual camera same as iphone 7 plus and also the price of 2499 which will drive the xiaomi fans crazy.
Unfortunately, xiaomi 6 remains hard to find after ten rounds of panic buying. The fact is, xiaomi 6 is only a dish, xiaomi company has prepared two flagship products and solutions in the second half of year that may defeat iphone 8 in the configuration and check.

Xiaomi Mix 2
There is no doubt that Xiaomi Mix can be said to become created product for the the recent past, with the full screen design and style, up to 91.3% of the monitor, looks very amazing. But because of supply chain problems, Xiaomi Mix finally failed.
But it seems Lei jun cannot be reconciled, recently Xiaomi MIX2 was exposed.Your machine will follow Xiaomi Mix design style, all steel body, equipped with Xiaolong 835 processor, back fingerprint identification, same as xiami 6 in setup. But the main thing is always that Xiaomi MIX2 will use the retractable top camera which will greatly improve the quality of the camera.

Xiaomi Note3
As a blockbuster product of Xiaomi mobile phones while in the second half , Lei Jun paid more care about the Xiaomi Note3. Xiaomi Note3 will be equipped with 5.7 inches 2k display screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, dual cameras, having large memory battery performance. Xiaomi Note3 becomes the strongest Android mobile phone .sometimes our own xiaomi smartphone just get cracked you can get xiaomi parts from ogodeal.

In appearance, no matter the borderless screen surface, thin body and also full screen design, it is usually said that Note3 is the most beautiful Xiaomi cellphone. Both the performance and the physical appearance, Xiaomi Note3 can be a strongest competitor associated with iPhone8.
According to reliable sources, Xiaomi MIX2 along with Xiaomi Note3 will be released in the second halfof this year. The two phone can be said to be the Xiaomi’s featured products which will compete with iphone 8,Samsung Note 8,ect.


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