HTC U series new product will be announced tomorrow, you can’t miss it

As one of the Android expert, HTC rode the whirlwind before. While in recent years HTC is declining, although the new mobile Phone HTC U Extremely will prove HTC’s strength to us. HTC will soon announce a new equipment U series tomorrow, it is said this new mobile Phone have a new breakthrough.


The first is the edge of touch technology included. It is said that the new mobile Phone will support HTC extrusion edge and easy to perform. This interaction exhaled some great benefits of even large screen phone, single hand operation can be really easy. there is news that will HTC U11 will be equipped with 835 Xiaolong processor in the configuration, 6+128GB combination storage, 12 million pixel rear+ 16 million pixel front -facing camera.
In addition, the official HTC micro-blog also exposes that U string new mobile Phone will use your “design of 3D Aqua glass. This design which used in the particular Ultra will be inherited.Wish HTC repair parts? can’t find good supplier intended for htc? as maybe for repair industry not so many people need repair htc, but as now htc back to moible phone industry maybe you gonna need one particular.

According to the latest HTC public online video media, the new mobile Phone will complete four high sensitivity mike, which can pick up a full collection of 2-5 meters. It is unknown that whether or not this 3D stereo sound might be combined with the future and artificial intelligence in addition to AI technology? There is news the fact that new mobile Phone will be pricing $659 (about 4547 yuan). In short, this HTC U series new mobile Phone still is worth the wait!


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