Galaxy S7 series has become the most frequently used Samsung mobile phones

According to the survey survey of mobile data targeted traffic released by Scientia Mobile, Galaxy S7 saled coming from last year has become the most frequently used Samsung mobile phones. But only one a few months ago, Kantar World Panel stated the most frequently used intelligent Samsung cellular phone in the United States is Galaxy S5, but Galaxy S7owned the most significant number of users in the world.

A report also showed that Galaxy S5 apply about 579 days to reach the peak, reached 5.5% (proportion in products) in November 2015; Galaxy S6 reached a peak about 3.1%in June ,2016 , 428 a short time after this smart mobile phone was introduced.if your s6 screen broken you can get a s6 screen replacement at ogodeal.
Galaxy S7 reached the peak user visitors with about 400 days, the number of users for this phone is greater than Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, until the end of your first quarter of 2017, Samsung has sold about 55 million Galaxy S7/S7 Edge mobile phones overall.

The report does not include Galaxy S8, but from the current profits trend, the number of S8 users is increasing rapidly, some users of Galaxy S5 as well as S6 are likely to upgrade to Galaxy S8.


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