Samsung OLED folding screen mobile phone has become exposed

Not long ago, the Samsung OLED flip-style screen mobile phone has been shown online .A product prototype referred to as Galaxy X, the whole body can do 180 degree folding. In accordance with the patent before, the combined of folding screen phone is hinged designed. Various other mobile phone manufacturers are also while in the development of folding screen smart mobile phone, including Lenovo, also one time showed a few prototypes before.


A foreign media SamMobile reports demonstrated that, a model for the SM G888N0 Samsung mobile phone just passed the wireless verification, which is likely to be the test model of Galaxy X.Of course, the truth is this is actually Galaxy S8 Sport. but the international media reported whatever the following models will be, the test with Samsung screen test half of this mobile phone is a foregone conclusion this coming year, and it will be in production after the fastest.

As for the folding screen business, the first thing is to ensure resilience enough to prevent a folding and unfolding of countless times after any function and also show degradation effect. Although just a prototype, but it nonetheless can be regarded as a great creation, for countless years foldable display technology has been realized already.We will maintain offer best quality parts for samsung phone, let waitting for this new screen coming out soon.


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