The concept design of this iphone will be conservative

Some designers like the simple design style, while some like go “very complicated” route, but also a number of designers love previous strategy design, in other words, he will squeeze new logo on the outdated conceptual design body. Oh, of course, even some concept custom made has designed a template to get his own work, while the Giorgi Tedoradze may be the kind of person. Now, he / she brought a very simple concept style for iphone 8 plus, but also with everything more.


We have seen a lot of concept style of iphone 8 now, but iphone 8s specially designed Plus is very rare. The size of iphone 8 plus has been changed from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches, and it can also be a collocation curved screen.


From the depth, his design for iphone 8 plus is only 6.2 millimeters thick, it should be said that it genuinely has a slim enough, at the same time, the battery capacity is greater to 3400 ma. Of course, with dual camera too, after all iphone 7 plus with dual camera was so popular. But this iphone 8 will be equalled with two 12 million pixel-size camera, while the front camera is 9 million pixel-size , the camera or the wide-angle lens, may even configure the flash. Something if your iphone get broken, you can get iphone 7 plus replacement parts by some good online store, once iphone 8 released there will be lots of accessories and repair parts coming out too.


Once we received the call, information or perhaps notice, it’s home button will probably light up with colors transformed. Well, this design made an appearance before iphone 7 which Giorgi Tedoradze brings, it seems like he is still obsessed with the style.

Basically, the design of Giorgi Tedoradze is still reasonably conservative, it is basically a iphone 7 plus with bigger, better digital camera and battery. But in fact many individuals for the new iphone this year is filled with expectations, they hope Apple can certainly bring new hope with new design, not so conventional like the concept of design.


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