Break the update cycle: At the earliest iphone 8 will be available for sale in late October

So far, we aren’t sure what iphone 8 will look like, and from last month, there are a lot associated with rumors that this new product will break the iphone bring up to date cycle which apple has constantly followed.

Today, Nikkei reported the fact that earliest time that iphone 8 will reach the hands of consumers can be late October or Late. The report also stated that OLED panel, wireless charging iphone 8 component and also circuit board are the components lead to production delays.

This famous apple analyst Guo Mingji issued a similar forecast yesterday, he seen that Apple intends to use of many custom-designed components in iphone 8 which affect the phone production. Other analysts additionally confirmed this view.

Should there be no accident, Samsung will become the sole dealer of iphone 8 OLED panel. In Nikkei studies, a source said Samsung is facing a big challenge in offering the necessary products for apple, but there is however no details on the causes of this concern.

Markit, an analyst of Her market maker, said Samsung got initially planned to produce Apple’s OLED panel in a large scale in May, but the plan has been delayed until late June


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