Refurbished Galaxy Note7 is available soon, will you buy it?

Because of the battery problems, Samsung Galaxy Note7 had been out of the market. Although the public has pushed the “death firmware”, however many players did not go back. From this we can see the appeal of the machine Samsung Galaxy Note7. The users with no interest in the Galaxy S8 series along with larger appearance can pay appreciation of this news, the renovation of Galaxy Note7 may be available soon.


This documents from WiFi Connections show that the model of SM-N935S Samsung cellphone has been certified. Combined with style N930 of Galaxy Note7, N935S is likely to be a renovated version of Galaxy Note 7.


Earlier the leaked out information shows that there is no huge change for refurbished sort of Galaxy Note 7 in the design and equipment configuration. The difference is mainly this battery’s capacity will be reduced 3200mAh with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat system installed.

It is not yet known about the actual sale areas of Galaxy Note 7, , but Sumsung possesses determined that the refurbished Note7 won’t be sold in the United States . Honestly, if the price is good, I really are interested.Of course if you already own a samsung note 5 or s7 etc, you might no need to buy a refurbished note 7, even if the item got broken you can shop samsung s7 replacement parts online and get it fixed.


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