IPhone 8 prototype with Glass body + double vertical camera was exposed

In accordance with the annual practice, Apple will release a new iphone in September this year. There are a few months time to open conference. From the current information, Apple will come up with a surprise on the basis of regular update iteration. In other words, we will not only see the iPhone 7s series in the fall conference, but also see the iPhone tenth anniversary products(tentatively we call it iPhone 8).

83af8be988de8d5dbcc95486e3a45c0b (1)

Some time ago, iPhone 8 design drawings were exposed, enthusiastic users also render a wave according to the drawings. But there are rumors soon: iPhone 8 is clearly not being used metal body design, but the glass body.


Not surprisingly, there are foreigners in the social platform drying out a group of suspected iPhone 8 prototype picture a few days ago. It is reported that this prototype is based on Foxconn internal message produced, so with a high reliability. From the picture, the machine was showed with a black curved glass body, Iphone frame should be stainless steel, the most outstanding characteristics is the double-vertical camera. As for the front, there is not much valuable information.


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