How was these crazy rumors about Apple spread out?

In this information age, we often have to face a lot of fake news, as if the rumors about the new iPhone, in short, is different opinions. But at this time of year, we can always see the same scene. Rumors and rumors attacked the streets, the new iPhone configuration a lot of crazy features and the new iPhone this year there is no breakthrough in the news endless.


Take the latest, on the new iPhone’s fingerprint reader will be back to the news, in fact, this has some truth, after all, competitors have been doing so in the market. But the Touch ID post for Apple, it seems that a very big compromise.


Back to rumors, then those crazy Apple rumors are from where? Or is it that the negative rumors about Apple’s products come from? Have you ever pursued the original source of these rumors? Kate has tried several times, he through the date and phrase, in the Google search filter in the dig, and ultimately he found that this is just a futile move only. However, many of the rumors about the iPhone are from outside the USA, and often appear in Asia.

Who will often prepare these rumors? Is it Samsung? Or HTC? Or is it Google? Kate thinks these competitors are “suspect”, after all, Apple will be subjected to those straightforward lies and unfavorable comments blow. Moreover, in the mall, such a move in fact we can often see (for example, to belittle the competitor’s products, emphasizing how their products are good).

In addition to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV and even Apple’s rumors are popular in the streets. In foreign countries, politicians want to defeat their opponents, they need to rely on a variety of true and false information, and many technology companies face opponents, will adopt a similar approach.

Like politics, business is actually a war. In the war, to give opponents really trouble, one way is to rely on “the truth”. So now we see a lot of well-known technology to the company to bring the wrong information is not surprising, because many media reporters are eager to publish their own competitors before the sensational error message, if the information is true.

When we can not track those sources, we will soon see that everyone will argue about the information, and then the information will be advertised, and finally we will often see the information “more and more” Crazy Apple rumors are where to start, can you find the final answer to this question? Crazy Apple rumors are where to start, can you find the final answer to this question?



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