Will the Apple company cancel the fingerprint identification for Iphone8?

According to the latest report, Apple has not yet determined how to design iPhone 8’s Touch ID this year. If Apple launched a supper narrow border of the screen, then the Touch ID will have to be adjusted from the bottom of Iphone screen position.


The best solution based on the rumors is that Apple can try to set the fingerprint scanner into the new OLED display., but if Apple moves the Touch ID to the back like an Android phone, it’s not an ideal solution.

Now some analysts is offering a less popular program: With no Touch ID.

The analyst Andy Hargreaves from Pacific Crest Securities said that is a possible choice in his new study report:

“Apple’s possible options include delaying production or abandoning fingerprints on the OLED iPhone. We think Apple will continue to work on solving its optical fingerprints. If it can be solved by the next month, Apple may soon receive orders, which may cause the delay of OLED iPhone ‘s launch. But if it cannot be solved, Apple may be forced to give up the OLED iPhone’s fingerprint sensor technology.

The analyst also mentioned that if the Touch ID was removed, it would have put tremendous pressure on 3D sensing technology which had not yet been actually verified. However, he is very confident about the Apple’s 3D sensing technology and says it is already a viable alternative to the fingerprint identification.


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