Late Truth: Samsung finally understands why Note 7 explodes

Samsung is sad this year, if Note 7 did not blow up the accident, I believe your iphone 7 will launch a powerful affect, only to blame them too restless. Now, South Korean marketing reports, after several months connected with careful investigation, Samsung finally learn why Note 7 explosion, but now they will haven’t decide how to let open public know. The report stressed out that Samsung was shocked by the truth of the explosion, any small ill-considered, actually in exchange for a full set lose. also samsung repair costs too high, such as if your samsung s7 screen obtained broken, and out of guarantee you gonna need a brand-new samsung s7 screen replacement,it costs over $250 to get third party repair.
According to the results of the third-party Instrumental research institutions,previous to Samsung’s Note 7 in the shape of the design is very competitive, leading to a serious shortage of battery space reserved, which leads to the battery is very easy to squeeze together, resulting in the battery fire,such as you put the telephone in your pocket, sit down, it is likely to commence hidden (trigger hidden danger scene is too common, this is the biggest problem).

Before Note 7 likely public, after so many security tests, why is this design drawback problem not found? Samsung recognizes some of its “ultra-radical” design danger, but still adventure in the market unveiling of the product, because it is desirous to innovate in the market to gain competitive advantage.


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