10 anniversary of the iphone, 2017 will be a major moment

2017 will be the iphone since the labor and birth of the tenth year, everyone on this year’s iphone is full of expectations. So far, the next generation of iphone (we’re going to call it the iphone 8) specifications as well as characteristics of a lot of rumours, the new year, let us together to be able to memorize these exciting new technology.
Three sizes by using OLED

According to the current rumors concluded that Apple next season may launch three styles of the iphone – 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches. And this includes, 5.8-inch models can be used on the OLED solar panel. OLED technology after a long boost recent years has gradually turn into better, regardless of color, dark level and response time are significantly better than the Lcd screen. Nonetheless due to capacity problems, Apple is just not expected to give all the brand-new iphone with OLED panels.

5.8 inches sounds huge, both hands holding the operation of the particular bar. However, Apple may reduce the line, or the use of borderless design, in the end, the 5.5-inch border there is nonetheless much room can be reduced, so you can make the 5.8-inch body visual appeal can do with 5.5 inches of the dimensions .
Plastic and curved screen

As for the mysterious third iphone, rumors are single that will eventually use the OLED section. But there is a rumor explained, this OLED panel material is plastic-type material, because of the curved screen made into consideration. Cheap screen will not become a customer unlike point? Apple will be how to make the texture of the plastic display, this will be a challenge.

IPhone screen materials has always insisted with using glass, there is this sort of small episode. It is said that when the first generation of Apple iphone inside the development of the time, Jobs is definitely the plastic screen of the iphone magic size pocket, the results of other products with the bag rubbed a number of scratches, Steve Jobs immediately chosen to use the iphone screen glass.

As a result, the plastic surface of the monitor may only be a reference form of Apple, will eventually launch such types, but also can not solve the issue of scratches.

Fuselage with all-glass

Apple’s iphone 7 and also iphone 7 plus launch of the bright black great success. Despite being mocked “technology to shell for this”, it’s undeniable, bright black sought after by consumers. But do not have on protective shell with a period of time after the bright black physique was scratched. Glossy look and feel is very important, but the durability is far more important.

In order to make the iphone 8 to increase withstand the drop and scratches, Apple may use 2.5D glass system shell, both to ensure the gloss of the shell, but also boost the durability.
Glass and wireless charging

Fuselage together with all-glass There is a possible reason would be that the next generation iphone or support wireless charging. Apple’s competition have long been trying to make your breakthrough in the wireless charging, and Apple has been specifically ridiculed by Samsung.

Earlier, it had been reported that Apple and soulmates are overcoming the current complex barriers to wireless charging technology, as well as long-distance power outages. If successfully triumph over, Apple’s wireless charging technology will be far more than Samsung’s technology.
Touch id and screen

Imagine the future of the iphone no Home press button, no border, it is the way the sci-fi equipment. In view of Apple gradually discarded a number of jacks and control buttons, remove the Home button will not be surprising.

According to a new Apple obvious, Apple can let the display go through fingerprints, which means the fingerprint sensor built-into the bottom of the screen technological barriers have been resolved.

The Home key is to return to the chief screen and activate the Siri, and we now have several ways to be able to activate the Siri without the Home key, and Apple is very user friendly software commands to allow buyers to easily return to the main display. As long as the Touch id integrated into the particular screen to solve the technological problems, the abolition of the Home secret is imperative things.

Cook and Artificial intelligence

Cook within the interview with a Japanese mass media has revealed that iPhone’s potential lies in artificial intelligence (AI). So when discussing iphone 8 rumors how can this element less it.

Obviously, Apple is now the main focus of the AI. In the smart phone in an artificial intelligence, we will be able to use AI to improve the iphone battery life, remember the location where the user’s car to the individual to recommend music.

Detectors and barometers

Barometer this gossip has long been heard, but unfortunately the iphone 7 who did not achieve. This rumor will naturally continue to iphone 8 entire body. In addition to barometer, iphone 8 also includes heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor, as well as the recent iphone has the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensors, compass. Extra rumors, iphone 8 may be equipped with iris recognition technology, if so, that iphone 8 has to be more retinal or iris tracking sensor.
Other specifications

As for the specifications, a processor is certainly used A11. A11 will almost certainly use 10 nanometer technology, and is expected to be faster and more effective.

RAM may also increase to 4 GB. Apple iphone’s RAM there is a lot of room pertaining to improvement, competitors are using 4 gb RAM when Apple used 2gb, which has been purchaser complaints, but also makes Apple run the test when the memory consumed losses.

Iphone 8 screen may also be 4k, together with 4096 * 2160 pixel resolution. Rear camera may have 15 million pixels, support intended for optical image stabilization, has a 600-megapixel front camera. Oddly enough, there are rumors that 5.8 inches regarding the dual-camera iphone 8 will probably be arranged around vertical, like this, watching will not be very strange?

Unlike the iphone 7 plus, the iphone 8 Plus’s two rear-facing cameras assist optical image stabilization, whilst the iphone 7 plus only offers wide-angle optical impression stabilization. In addition to the telephoto lens will also support optical image stabilization, a photo quality and to prevent zoom range is also anticipated to be improved.
IPhone 7 battery capacity higher to 1960 mAh, but the customer is still not satisfied with this battery daily life, we guess, iphone 8 battery capacity could be increased to 2800 mAh, will be able to provide 18 hours of 4G period.

Said so much, you are not itchiness it? Do not worry, so the iphone 8 have to wait nine months. Whether all of the rumors mentioned above, is essential that 2017 as the 10th wedding of Apple will certainly be motion. Although this year may still discuss the internal promotion of the year, although at least there will be a new iphone to help mark the beginning of the new decade.


Late Truth: Samsung finally understands why Note 7 explodes

Samsung is sad this year, if Note 7 did not blow up the accident, I believe your iphone 7 will launch a powerful affect, only to blame them too restless. Now, South Korean marketing reports, after several months connected with careful investigation, Samsung finally learn why Note 7 explosion, but now they will haven’t decide how to let open public know. The report stressed out that Samsung was shocked by the truth of the explosion, any small ill-considered, actually in exchange for a full set lose. also samsung repair costs too high, such as if your samsung s7 screen obtained broken, and out of guarantee you gonna need a brand-new samsung s7 screen replacement,it costs over $250 to get third party repair.
According to the results of the third-party Instrumental research institutions,previous to Samsung’s Note 7 in the shape of the design is very competitive, leading to a serious shortage of battery space reserved, which leads to the battery is very easy to squeeze together, resulting in the battery fire,such as you put the telephone in your pocket, sit down, it is likely to commence hidden (trigger hidden danger scene is too common, this is the biggest problem).

Before Note 7 likely public, after so many security tests, why is this design drawback problem not found? Samsung recognizes some of its “ultra-radical” design danger, but still adventure in the market unveiling of the product, because it is desirous to innovate in the market to gain competitive advantage.

Latest report: Xiaomi want to broaden the US market but this road is so difficult!


Two years previously, Xiaomi is the largest Chinese smart phone companies, and there is competition for the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, though the smart phone industry changes can be so fast. Gradually losing ground in China’s Xiaomi, is planning to extend the mobile phone business around the globe, and has done enough to arrange. Alleged Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 and Note 4 will soon relieve the international version.

Xiaomi a lot of the business is certainly in China, the remaining are also located in many Asian countries or regions, such as India, and Brazil and South Africa these kinds of markets next year Xiaomi will also get involved in CES 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show, believe Xiaomi Will announce more international expansion plans.

Among them, Xiaomi’s world-wide program must include the Usa, because Xiaomi coveted the US industry for a long time, such as sales connected with set-top box products, sales of accessories, but the progress is exceedingly slow. To this end, Xiaomi has been in the America, local operators began to analyze some new phones, which means that in 2017 there will be Xiaomi mobile phone landed in the United States. Although the show is the best time and energy to enter the United States, but Xiaomi in the us will be extremely difficult road.In the event that Xiaomi start sell in United states of america market, maybe more repair look gonna start to repair Xiaomi as it is extremely easier to be fixed. It maybe another chance for Xiaomi replacement parts supplier.

Why’s now the Xiaomi into the United States plumbing service

First of all, Xiaomi in China’s bad living, once the status of this yr by Huawei, Oppo and Vivo has claimed, and the local market competition is fierce. Therefore, sales of Xiaomi to help curve to save the country, definitely will consider overseas business, the device sold to more nations around the world or regions, and the Us as the world’s top several mobile phone market is very beneficial to rapid growth.

Xiaomi’s plan is the same, hoping to both inexpensive but with high-end hardware and features with mobile phones, quickly swept the particular US market. Over the past year, a US market does appear to rely on affordable models to conquer many manufacturers, and Xiaomi has continuously indicated that the best at this method, if Xiaomi can get local workers to support, perhaps than Huawei, OnePlus most of these domestic brands are better.

On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the explosion recall incident, resulting in damage to name, Xiaomi may also take advantage of access to a number of US market share.

However, all this is not easy

Some Chinese mobile phone in the abroad market can not solve the old problem, the first obstacle is definitely the existence of Chinese mobile phone privacy in addition to spyware security risks, which could lead to Xiaomi phone market and purchases is very difficult, Huawei is a regular example. The second is the it support, the world has a number of special network standards, including the United States can be even more so, not a short test can be completed, by research and development towards listing may cost a lot of money, that is the most reluctant Something to determine.

The third fact is that the Xiaomi company in the United States do not have a competitive advantages, the Americans do not know the company too much, Huawei is also difficult to avoid the same embarrassment. In the United States, lots of people know the brand such as Sony, and also understand the Xperia mobile phone, but Xiaomi at streetlevel concerned about the consumer will be very modest, Xiaomi had to increase marketing charges, advertising at least not shed to the mainstream brand, that’s Xiaomi does not want things.

Not long ago, Xiaomi global vice president Hugo Barra has said Xiaomi distributed 10 billion mobile phones, but did not produce any profits. Taking into account the particular Xiaomi phone sales are weak, to the now greater price to the next moment, perhaps definitely dilemma. Because investment suggests more loss, but not investment can not increase sales and also expand the market. In short, Xiaomi on the United States is not easy.

IPhone power consumption serious how to do? Try these solutions!

If you find your iphone power consumption is very serious, then, is there any way to solve this problem?

At present, the Apple iphone 6s / 6s Plus, iphone 7/7 plus and iphone se supply life time of 10 to 12 hours for search on the net, send and receive emails and social chat, and many others.But if you have just increased ios 10 or just buy a new iphone 7, you may find your phone power consumption is very serious, then, how can we solve this challenge?
Wait patiently

New iphone or new ios system needs to reestablish the backup or collection the time consuming a lot of power to be able to download applications, games and also photos, etc., iphone will continue to utilize the signal antenna, Spotlight also need to archive these information. Therefore, after the end of those tasks, the power consumption rate is going to return to normal.

Test Standby Time
If you feel that the new iphone power consumption faster, the first thing that should be thought of is definitely, is not their long time to make use of the iphone, you may spend time and effort to try some new features, for instance Live Photo or 4k training video and so on.

At this time, we should do is put the iphone aside intended for 20 to 40 minutes, if the staying power does not appear a significant decrease, then the iphone itself is normal.

Shutdown restart

Frankly speaking, a lot of devices can solve several problems as long as the reactivate, iphone is no exception.

Check the battery consumption
Click Settings – Battery, after which view the last 24 hours or the final 7 days of battery usage, check that applications consume more power, double-click the house button to enter the application changing interface will be closed.

This is not a preferred method, because restoring the factory configuration settings will lose all passwords, controls, and application data. In the iPhone’s life has been unable to support the daily use of the circumstance, this method can still try. To achieve this, go to Settings – Standard – Restore, and click “Erase Virtually all Contents and Settings.In .

External power supply
If you think iphone power seriously isn’t enough, then with a cellular power or battery protection cover. The former can provide sufficient power, but taking is a problem, the latter is relatively lightweight, but the power is limited.

Low battery manner

Low power mode is a good decision when iphone power consumption is normal and you are definitely not going to use an external power source. Turn on this feature, the system will probably disable mail retrieval, Siri, history applications to refresh in addition to automatically download, and reduce or even close some of the visual effects.

Contact sales
If none of the above methods can improve the iPhone’s battery life, you may need to Apple store or even Apple authorized service providers to seek qualified after-sales help, sometimes maybe you need a iphone battery replacement.