Phone water Damage? Don’t Worry, it is usually self-repaired within 7 minutes

In addition to Sony, Samsung, iphone 7, the vast majority of cellphones do not support the waterproof perform, now a designer in England developed a device called Reviveaphone, can harm the mobile phone restitution.We both know to get water damaged phone is hard to repair, even professinal repair expert want spend a lot of time for it sometimes it even can’t be repaired, you can try Reviveaphone repair kit,only when some small problem you could shop cellphone repair parts at ogodeal.

The designer said, “After the phone influences water, not the water to create cell phone failure, but the corrodante substances in water are unable to run the phone.Although some cellular phones are still easy to use after fall into water, but with a motherboard gradually corrosion, a couple of weeks later , The phone will not operate. ”

Principle: Reviveaphone contains a sealable bag and a bottle of favourable. The user dissolves and takes away the corrosive substance through the wet cell phone by tipping the solvent into the carrier and removing the cell phone with the solvent in the bag.

So this artifact with the effect from it? Let us experience it together:

1st, a non-waterproof iphone 4s into the water, a couple of minutes later.
Then open the particular bag, pour the bottle of liquid into it.
After that soaked iphone into the bag.
Completely soaked 7 minutes out, placed in the air natural drying 24 hours.
Really can boot.
However, most of the display is still a lot of water stains.
Also put 24 hours eventually, better.
If put a greater timespan, I believe the dehumidification effect will be better.


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