Cool dual-sim-card Apple iphone is really coming


A few years ago, the Apple iphone is actually very hot seller in China, but this year the situation is changed, according to Idc statistics show this Apple in the third quarter of 2016 in Chinese smart phone market place sales ranked only fifth, while other Chinese mobile phone brand have risen, especially Huawei, Oppo and the like.

In order to restore the decline in the Chinese marketplace, there is news that Apple blueprints to launch dual-card version of the iphone next year for the Chinese market. At present, the Chinese marketplace is sonly Apple till using a single card , although the actual increase in dual card dual standby iphone is not fresh, but for the users who has to utilize two mobile phone because iphone does not support dual-card, this can be really a good news.if your iphone 7 nano sim card can be broken, it is very annoying as ones sim can’t be read that means you can’t make use of your iphone, you need a simply shop online and repalce it.

Within October of this year, the Online has been exposed to Apple China’s application for two dual SIM dual standby patent, respectively, dual-SIM network selection (Patent No .: 2016101166075) along with dual SIM devices for power reduction technology (Patent No .: 2016100813788) , So next year launched a dual-card version of the iphone is still very possible.

However a single card iphone should be charging a few times a new day, dual card iphone can use?


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