Mobile phone key to remove the home after the number of people will be sad?


Smartphones starting from the times of touch screen, physical keys is less and less, nokia N9 can not point out, this is the first positive without any key smartphone, but now numerous vendors to physical control buttons seems to be driven. In 2016, Google, Sony, LG and other brands of new main will start with positive control buttons, at the same time, apple and samsung are also likely to remove the physical Home key in the next generation of primary. So, did not have the physical buttons affect experience possess how old?

Touch screen is the traditional Home button

The popularity of touch screen mobile phone, have to say apple’s iphone offers considerable merit. Because Steve jobs think that, when the Numbers and also subtitles can be directly on the tv screen directly, do not need to traditional bodily buttons can also click using the hand, this certainly usually means need larger screen place, and then machines generally small, it’s not easy to achieve for a Three or more.5 -inch iphone. Apple, however, completed the design, work opportunities expressed the full benefits of feel input further, after all, the screen can change the enter mode at any time according to just about any situation, such as when the call up to provide dial button.

Whilst to remove the front a lot of standard keys, but the iphone is not few other physical buttons, still have an electricity button, volume button and residential button. Positive Home key at the bottom of the screen biggest role is to return to the chief screen, no matter in which program, just click on can return to the chief screen, rather than return and also opt out repeatedly, help the experience of effect is obvious.

Your iphone Home button has been proved to be one of the most popular, and this is not merely the iphone, the Android camp because it’s key in this position provides progressively more features, including the popular double-click multitasking, fingerprint recognition and touch your own back, etc., can you think the manufacturers are seizing within the Home button. So, your property button is not replaced?
Gentle keys is the main strategy to replace the Home button

Currently on smart phones, although progressively more Home button function, but have a lot of replace the Property button function operation function, the most direct way to no greater than two, either capacitive button, or provide soft keys on the watch’s screen. There is no denying the fact that currently the most common way, more are inclined to the latter, most manufacturers are generally directly at the bottom of the monitor the central provides tender keys.

Why is that? First, the development cost of physical buttons greater than soft keys too much, and once the Home button can be as part of the software directly on the display screen, save the production cost is not necessarily low for the manufacturer. Next, the soft keys won’t become as easy as physical buttons harm, actually is related to the natural form, that is to say soft important factors will not wear over time, no response or failure, as well as unfortunately falling damage.

3 rd, because of the mobile phone positive physical buttons are usually need to make enough space, the space occupied additional precisely, a lot, as there is only one Home button at the bottom of your iphone, empty on both sides. Manufacturers think, therefore, why not throughout the form of soft keys, this part will be used to enhance the area of the screen? Or rule out the interior of the physical switches in other components or more power packs? So, vendors have been seeking to optimize screen proportion, supposedly samsung engineer fact, their next generation flagship screen proportion is usually as high as 90%.

Overall, do away with physical buttons only has several positive aspects, first of all, more save development cost, moreover to provide higher screen accounted for, and will help you save interior space. At least the manufacturer can be so consider, but as a consumer you think that these are meant to you?

This physical buttons are still remember for a moment

Why now about mobile devices will always provide a a number of different physical feedback? Really mainly users like tactile feedback, just like a real sensation of touch.
In real life, with the key board in front of the computer code phrase, press the button needs to be in the process of physical feedback, actually on a mobile phone touch not real, but many vendors engineers want to restore it. Apple iphone 7, for example, has change into solid type major, is quite different from that of your before physical pressure, nevertheless apple’s engineers still through Taptic Motor was simulated by pressing the feeling, again before the user’s experiencing.

However, iphone 7 Home button not simulated physical feedback it doesn’t genuinely matter, and it also does not affect this use. Again, make real setting or because most people agree with physical form more satisfactory than software, simulation impact is more like a miss. As well as undeniable physical buttons for the function of the advantages of many, double-click the actual rapid activate the camera operate, for example, have a lot of natural buttons are actually learning to reach the characteristics of the blind function, it is not only the physical Home button reason to survive.

Virtually no physical button must be the excitement

Manufacturers the phone in the pursuit of science fiction movies, the hope can easily in small plate in a larger screen, or is a form of glass screen directly, hence the physical buttons will be the movement. Although physical button more often than not is the most ideal way of insight, but the value is still confined, especially compared with the comfortable button, like blackberry before unveiling Priv, even to reintroduce the qwerty key board, utilization rate is still very low, even the blackberry also gave up.

To conclude, although no border smartphone has not been proved can bring ground-breaking experience, but consumers plus manufacturers are looking forward to, and supplies several reasons to prove attractive, so the form of soft secrets operation will be more popular. It appears to be to you that physical switches and necessary to exist? Particularly a lot of functions and operations could be through the soft keys variety instead.


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