Do You Know Simple and practical competencies for identification of ture or fake iphone ?

According to investigation firm Idc report shows that around 2015 the global second-hand mobile phone shipments associated with 81.3 million, and 2020 will reach 222.6 million, the actual compound annual growth rate with 22.3%. This also means that more and more people is going to choose to use second-hand mobile phone.

The use of second-hand cellphone is indeed a social choice, very first is to reduce the environmental pollution associated with electronic products, second: second-hand price is much lower than the new device. But how can you make sure to purchase a very good second-hand phone? Do you worried about after few days you bought it’s going to stop working?

Here we take a look at the way to distinguish true or bogus iphone:

First, with or without iCloud activation shut

Particularly important! If the purchase of second-hand iphone there’s activation of the lock, the earliest can not confirm whether the one who owns the seller himself, the second could possibly be the next day the iphone will be straight locked directly to the distant can not be used, so the formal website of Apple to confirm whether the iphone iCloud activation lock, Buying a utilized iphone with an iCloud activation lock isn’t recommended.

Second, the query serial number

Through Apple’s formal website or fruit dust query and other third-party tools to verify the phone serial number of some important information, such as: activation period, the remaining warranty period, used iphone mobile phone box, mobile phone add-ons may be fake, so the basic code significance.

IPhone mobile phone serialized number determined by the system board, but the market may be a spouse serial number tampering, but look at the serial number can be said the fact that first step in the inspection product. The Internet will often appear to Taiwan, South korea, Japan, the US version of the serial number into the Country’s Bank of the number of full. Even without the iCloud lock the serial number of the motherboard to write, once the next Brush for you to re-activate, will once again be iCloud service lock can not be activated for you to activate the use.

Third, DFU Clean

Get the machine after the suggested DFU mode through iTunes absolutely brush machine, is not a actual machine a test.

Ios DFU mode: Improvement Firmware Upgrade, that is, ios firmware forced reduce or eliminate mode. If you buy is not a genuine machine, then in the DFU recovery process may occur the following:

1. Larger than fifteen code can not be recovered.

Driving under the influence an error code, you can reference Apple’s official technical support documentation. In the event the recovery can not be completed by your above-mentioned activation, then this machine is likely to be not a real machine.

2. Clean can not be activated after end.

Brush machine is completed can not be activated, or obviously brush machine has been confirmed before there’s no iCloud activation lock (refer to solution .), brushing machine is caused to enter a strange Apple ID to help activate, then this machine is typically not real machine , Or alter the serial number of the machine. Also, if it is a card appliance or foreign contract machine through illegal channels so that you can unlock, will not be able to complete the comb machine after the normal service.

3. Brush in the process of long-term “white apple” user interface can not continue to the next step.

Providing the connection to the computer’s information cable is original and normal connection without interruption, the computer network connection is normal, a steps are correct, when repeated try DFU Brush continue to only appears Apple LOGO but can not enter a long time to another location step, then this machine will probably Not a real machine.

4th, hardware testing

Because earlier to know that you buy a second-hand smartphone, so the machine hand on the post, you do not have to look at what are the phone has no sandalwood flavor, there isn’t any foil what, first figure out the machine, fineness, appearance, coloring and description is not the picture identical.

And then began to test the phone’s hardware, which need to generally be tested one by one, very time-consuming, there are some detailed test things may be ignored.

Began to test the hardware to see whether or not the appearance of the phone give or burr, the handset plus speaker mesh is stiched mesh, as if the effect is as good as legitimate, and then check the power key, volume keys, mute switch, Home button touch hypersensitive and feedback is obvious however, not stiff, check whether the dslr camera into the gray or break.

Appearance part of such a handful of, and then switched to the minute stage.

Screen check technique: you can download some real white, pure black, real green, pure red wallpaper, the brightness of the premier mobile phone backlight point of view whether there may be uneven and bright places, tilt to see the seeing angle, the edge is not evident light leakage.

Touch id is normal: whether or not the fingerprint recognition function is easy and sensitive identification, attempt to enter once and open up many times.

WIFI is normal cell phone: WIFI link detection is typical and stable signal power.

Gyro is normal: open the original compass plan, a glance.

Camera focus can be obtained: you can try to take pictures, macro, for example., iphone 6 with phase focus, you can also use the palm of your side try the camera close as well as long-range automatic switching speed can be fast.

Headset is normal: make an effort to insert the headset will be smooth, if the headphone jack can not be made use of, there may be damage to the mother board.

Distance sensor is normal: the phone is tested once the cover will likely be off the screen near the device and sensitive, a try to find out.

Flash is normal: turn the camera switch to record video style and choose to turn on the thumb, pay attention to also observe several models of well-being LED flash are all working properly at the same time, a glance.

Wi-fi is normal: iphone can only match alternative Bluetooth devices but can not necessarily search other iphone, get a Wireless headset to match the connection, a glance.

Micro is normal: open the system is included with voice memo program, a documenting know

Vibration function is typical: light side of the phone mute button, a glance.

If the network lock: Turn off the details in the cellular data running around, built-in card machine may not be closed down after the closure of the Web.

Note: If an application named “Qcard” must be an internal card sticker.

There isn’t a disassemble: This will need to disassemble to judge their own, mainly depends upon whether the internal water check paper intact, there is no obvious motherboard repair or “flying line” welding traces.

Extras: This is particularly important, if the supplier told you that comes with the original Apple equipment, then you have to take a good look at the power adapter inside the serial number is clear, whether the imprinted fonts and other original font line, the data line slot copper is neat Burrs or maybe corrosion marks. Apple’s original settings (data cable, power adaptor, headset) is still very expensive, towards the profiteers left a new multi-barreled new business, our recommendation is that users use the original or perhaps with Apple’s official MFi certified components, or may appear in the future Injury to the motherboard can not be energized or accelerated battery loss brought on by automatic shutdown restart and so forth.

Note: General second-hand mobile phones are not primary apple accessories or receipts, because, after all, second-hand equipment, sellers sell either when these items are too old, or is lost lost. So buy second-hand mobile phone are basically bare metal.

When the average user to check a great deal has been quite easy, and should be capable of avoid most of the problem equipment.

Finally, I wish you a joyful purchase!


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