Say that these phones look better than the iphone: Do you think?

Mi Mix no need to point out, Xiaomi to do it the confidentiality from the ultimate, until the press discussion that day we see such a gorgeous border smartphone. some mass media even describe it is he most beautiful smart phone since the this birth.
Indeed, if there is no  Mi Mix, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this should be the best look at the Android phone. Only after the incident of explosion, this phone design has become the absolute sound.
Don’t know if you have such a feeling,Sony smartphone design capability in the the past few years in retreat. Compared with this particular Xperia XZ, Xperia series of the previous model seems to look better.
Google finally could hardly help but come to contend with the iphone, and this Pixel phone appears to be like really different than other Android devices, but the price is similar to the iphone, therefore really no problem?
China’s brand cellular phone is gradually rising, right here is the consensus of the industry. Therefore, OnePlus 3 after the release has also triggered a considerable number of media reports.
At this point Huawei has been expensive for China’s largest cell phone brand, more advanced than the iphone 7 dual camera layout, after P9 released at China experienced numerous fans.So a lot more repair shop start to repair huawei p9, and they could get Huawei P9 replacement parts at very good price through china, it gonna be a very good small business.
Media reported that, along with Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone brand Oppo best. Oppo R9S before the release of overwhelming propaganda has enough potential. Of course, their apperance also looks very nice.
LG is now in the field of cell phones is getting smaller and smaller, but they still have G5 this unit can hold in the high-end market facade.
Now the Motorola is not the previous Motorola, however their design capability is still there. Moto Z’s release, let us see hope of this kind of brand Moto turn over in the future.



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