Microsoft Surface Phone design exposure: no headphone jack with digital pen


Surface Telephone smartphone is currently rumored for being one of the most anticipated Microsoft products, while some sources said Microsoft has been behind closed doors, but the Microsoft official did not say we can only think that Microsoft is usually quietly developing them. Recently, a patent from PatentlyApple lost shows that Microsoft has a patented phone design, and is likely to be one among Surface Phone prototype designs.

Consider the design, a closer look at these drawings, you can easily find that phone similarity, like just after Microsoft acquired Nokia the Lumia model apply traditional design, this brand new phone is very similar to Lumia string, but no physical Home key , also no natural camera button.

Windows Phone admirers should be clear that Microsoft in the first place to get involved in the mobile phone marketplace to emphasize that the physical video camera button Windows Phone is a trademark feature. If Microsoft made the decision in order to cancel, on the Surface mobile phone dslr camera solution should be very well worth the wait. Go to the back area of the phone, the fuselage by using a camera and flash, however unlike the Chinese mobile phone along with fingerprint recognition sensor, Microsoft should be incorporated into a Windows Hello biometric feature, it might be a positive iris scanning authentication technologies.

On the other hand, Microsoft may also adopt a fresh biometric identification solutions, gossip before, iphone 8 the new flagship fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the iphone display, perhaps Microsoft to be outdone to do the exact same design. If Microsoft wants a Surface phone shattered, similar layout is not surprising, but Windows Hi is certainly Microsoft’s flagship software functions.

Patent drawings and did not reveal too much, no accident, next the machine will be used USB Type-C user interface design, because the drawings to the machine does not show the actual headphone jack, and marked the bottom of this interface may be used for music, I believe the future will be More mobile phones keep up with similar design trends. The most critical part could be that the top of the phone seems to design and style the Surface Pen slot. Taking into account the Surface household in the Surface Pen has always been an essential bright spot accessories, Microsoft predicted to go on the surface of the Surface cell phone. Of course, the phone design of this Surface Pen certainly will not be ugly existing models, may be diminished to Samsung S Pen similar size.

In line with the recent rumors, Surface Phone is required to officially launched inside fall of 2017, and Microsoft continues to be co-pilot production and OEM brands, the rest of the work mostly relevant to the development of software functions, apparently to Windows 10 RS3 update to complete , Then a phone comes with x86 emulator.



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