MediaTek P35 ten-core Cpu exposure 10-nanometer chips next year, universal 150 dollars machine


This year, the opposition between MediaTek and Qualcomm has never been intensive, because this year MediaTek to provide a extremely effective but very cheap chip solution X20, looking to Qualcomm last year’s decline regarding more market share. However, in the high-end mobile phone chip market, Qualcomm is still the most important winner, the re-self-customization Snapdragon 820 processor having access to almost all major mobile phone brands orders.

So next year? Definitely, MediaTek not to be outdone is still trying to create surprises, hope in different areas of the chip carried on to swallow the high-pass business. Recently, there are broke good news that MediaTek has been ready for 10-nanometer FinFET process P35 chip process, with Qualcomm inside mainstream market to play a challenging battle. Although MediaTek has not still released the chip, it will not far off.

Helio P35 processor is mainly in the Middle placement, and equipped with the processor chip of the smart phone will be in another quarter of 2017 in size shipments, the market price of smartphone is about 150usd.

Similar to the X30 parameter specs

As for the specifications, Helio P35 and x30 is a 10-core processor, 10-nanometer technology to build, large core is Cortex-A73 2.2GHz, small core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz, ultra-small center compared to Cortex-A53 1.8ghz, chipset Support UFS 2.1 storage, service for dual-channel lpddr4 memory(up to 10gb size), support dual digital cameras, and with Cat.10 baseband.

P35 and X30 the greatest difference is between the illustrations or photos processing unit, which is PVR 7400XTMP4, while the P35 is using a lower cost Mali-G71 Mp3 Graphics processing unit, it supports only FHD 1080p visual display unit. Helio P35 also supports similar to the Qualcomm Quick Demand fast charge technology, MediaTek central called PE 3.0 fast charge, referred to as 20 minutes to charge from 0% so that you can 70% of the charge.

Benefit from the 10-nm 10-core selling feature, cheaper than Qualcomm MediaTek P35 is indeed more capable of attract manufacturers, but if the true performance is not so great, especially the yield is difficult to make certain that the volume of cases, the manufacturers stands out as the next single Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 nanometer. Qualcomm 660 is an eight-core brand, the same A73 + A53 combination, also supports UFS 2.1, aid QC4 fast charge, but with Adreno 512 GPU, help 2k resolution screen.

In any case, immediately after Helio P35-related 150 dollars machine released, will be clearly conducive to the popularization regarding 10 nm.


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