A new Nokia concept machine, this sort of phone will you buy it?

Nokia proclaimed the news of return , the users began to look forward to this once the mobile phone giant can bring several surprises.

Recently, a group of The lenders concept disign pictures had been appeared on internet. From the picture standpoint, this is not what we expected some sort of Android phone,but equipped with some sort of Windows system.

The phone’s photographic camera uses a rotating design, anyone can freely rotate according to their needs.

The size of this Nokia mobile phone similar with the iphone 6 is about 4.7 inches possibly.

Because joined the rotatable style and design, so there is no front and rear photographic camera necessary, it is only one digicam, at the same time, users do not have to be worried about self-timer front camera pixels is the wrong size problem.

In fact, Nokia has introduced while in the era of functional products equipped with rotating camera goods.

Frankly, such a Nokia phone remains very attractive, and its overall line is very tough.

Weighed against the iphone, Nokia’s new equipment uses a borderless design.

if you are a reasonable length of time nokia user and you currently work with nokia smartphone maybe you gonna will need find some good nokia replacement parts should you got it broken.Any way this kind of Nokia mobile phone will you buy it?



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