IPhone 6s automatic shutdown? Part of the battery may be replaced free of charge


Since October, there are many iphone 6s users began to whine about their iphone automatically shut down typically, but also in the remaining 30% from the power supply.it is hard to fully understood, in addition to the news that triggered the problem is Not low temperature, even just in the warm indoor may also occur.

In the event of exposure for some time, Apple possesses finally announced the “iPhone automatically shut down” deal with the issue, the user can go to Apple customer service to get cost-free iphone battery replacement, Apple did not disclose the precise reasons for these problems, but Announced the treatment plan.

In addition, Apple said a restricted number of iphone 6s devices, made between September and October 2015, may unexpectedly shut down, during this period outside the gadget should not be affected. Got this matter, you can go to an Apple Retail Store or perhaps an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and the technical assistant will check the serial volume of the device to see if it matches the conditions for a free battery replacement. If the serial number 4, 5 as well as following characters in line with “Q9, QC, QD, QF, QG, QH, QJ, QK, QL, QM”, essentially can go to replace the battery.

The following is the original announcement:

Apple has confirmed than a handful of iphone 6s may shut down suddenly. This is not a security issue and will only affect devices that has a serial number in the cover anything from September and October 2015.

After this meaning was issued, some users explained: “iphone 6? how to do? The battery used in the final 14% on the auto shutdown, is not part of, this situation is from the last a few month.” There are buyers that her iphone 6 only use a year or so, on winter, naturally is full of electricity to go available, make a phone call on the still left 1%, this part of the status from the phone regardless of it? Just for this situation, Apple did not explain the reasons and provide solutions.

In addition, it is understood that Apple claims to have the ability to go to any Apple store retail outlets and also Apple authorized service providers to replace this battery, but the real operation isn’t so simple. According to Apple retail store clerk: “want to replace the battery, are only able to go to a special Apple after-sale detection in that case can be replaced, the store just sells and period the regular warranty after-sales.”


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