Price $200 Sony smart headphones Xperia Ear available for sale Soon, just next month Thirteenth


Speaking of Xperia Ear, many people may be very strange, in fact, this is the February MWC World Mobile Communications Conference flagship, Sony released a wave involving wearable equipment, Xperia Ear is one of the smart headsets. Of course, at that time only prototype samples. However, a few months eventually, Xperia Ear still didn’t have listed information, a lot of Sony fans laugh and said the official has unveiled a concept design.

However, the newest news from Sony officials, Xperia Ear will quickly be officially on sale, such as the United States will be one of the first to trade on December 13th, the state run offer 199.99 US dollars. Sony said that as well as the official online store, other shops such as Amazon will also be shelf for sale. From the price point with view, Xperia Ear is not a cheap products, but fortunately catch up with the Western shopping season.a growing number of wearable mobile phone accessories for end user too choose,let’s hope sony xperia ear is often big sell.

Xperia Ear this smart headphones dispensable, the normal use of mobile phone accessories does not affect. According to the Sony official release, Xperia Ear can connect to the phone through Bluetooth, the main operate is the internal integration of the voice-controlled personal assistant, allowing people to answer the phone, Send Text message and e-mail, or read the information content, schedule, according to the wants of news reports, use of real-time traffic information, query any local weather and so on.

The most useful is that users can not solely interact with the Xperia Ear through voice, but also support action acceptance, can nod or shaken his head to Xperia Ear issued “yes” as well as “no” instructions.

Specifications, Xperia Ear is graphite ebony, built-in 300mah lithium battery, battery life of up to 1 day, weight 6.8 grams, measurements 29.3×15.2×25.2 mm, designed with IPX2 water resistant protection. A single hardware button on the Xperia Ear allows the user to be able to trigger voice control, in order to connect to a smartphone.

Sorry to say, Xperia Ear is a mono headset, only suitable for Android phones. Motorola also had a identical product before Moto Hint +, but only supports Motorola’s high-end series of mobile phones.



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