Jdi will push book open smartphone to coopreate with brand mobile phone manufacturers in China


2016-11-22-11it can be reported that some smartphone configurated with giant display, blurring the boundaries between cellular phones and tablet PCs. However, there’s another way to flat-panel computer display “into” smart phones: the production of folding display.

Okazaki, japan Display has demonstrated a dual-panel mobile phone display that can be opened just like a book. Folded it looks like a good phone display, open the dimensions are comparable to the Tablet PC display (the middle of it employ a black line).

This is not a whole new idea, but we have not noticed it for some time. Allegedly, at the least in 2017 there will be a smart cellular phone configuration such a display.

Okazaki, japan Display in cooperation by having an “anonymous Chinese partners” to develop a configuration on this dual-panel display of the phone.

The particular Japan Display partner is thought to be a global smartphone supplier, which means that the new phone might be released in the world rather than just from the Chinese market.

This dual-panel display could be used to display different applications in each window – for example, an individual viewing a video or utilizing the net on a display screen, chatting on another display, or to be a large-size display for reading journals Or perhaps watch the video.

It is reported that Samsung is also developing its own collapsible phone, but it is not clear whether this phone will be outlined or when will start to purchase.


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