The invention “super battery” can fold, Mobile Phone Charging maybe just a few seconds


According to reports, the United States of America Central Florida University (UCF) nanotechnology study center recently invented a highly flexible “super battery”, can make the phone in a few seconds full power. Researchers have taken a new approach to creating a supercapacitor with a larger power reserve that can be used continuously intended for 30,000 times and with consistent performance, while classic lithium-ion batteries charge 1,500 times and begin to rot away. If the phone and other electronics is equipped with such a capacitor, then in just a few seconds can be fully energized, each charge can be maintained for several weeks. Hope this kind of new battery replacement can show about market soon.

The UCF workforce applied a new two-dimensional material to a capacitor, which has long been shown to possess strong electrical storage components.”This is an industry bottleneck,” affirms the UCF team, “and we have conceived a simple chemical synthesis way in which combines both the two-dimensional system along with the current capacitive system, Combined.”

The new capacitors consist of millions of electrical wires of length only a few nanometers. Each and every wire is wrapped in your two-dimensional material that is highly conductive, which often speeds up the movement with electrons and increases the charge plus discharge rates of the battery. .

Cellular phone, electric vehicles and other devices can use this new capacitor, but in addition because it is flexible and bendable, it could be combined with the wearable technology too. A UCF team said: “It is now a possibility to start commercial production, however product is more representative of a notion, this concept can also benefit all kinds of other technologies.


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