Mac mini ushered in rival HP mini computer

But having said that, Apple haven’t forgotten the Mac mini?

Apple’s own production, called a desktop computer products, there are actually three, they are Mac Pro, imac and Mac mini. In case you have not used Apple products, you can guess from the Mac mini name is usually a mini computer host. Through the years, the outside world talking about the mini-computer is generally thought of Mac mini, now it ushered in a strong competitor.


Hewlett-Packard (HP), isn’t even close to leader, today introduced the modern mini-Z2 mini, which claims to include workstation-class hardware into a 2.3 x 8.5-inch chassis, more than two times the performance of other mini-computers on the market. HP also said that this Z2 mini is the world’s first mini-workstation, equipped with Intel Xeon processor, equipped with Nvidia professional video card, support for running Windows 10 and also Linux operating system.

Since the performance is really so powerful, its price will naturally cease low. According to information supplied by HP, is expected in December this year, the Z2 mini from the sale price of $699, Apple’s Mac mini than $200 higher.

Z2 mini after the launch, foreign media with “challenge Mac mini” terms to describe this HP’s new laptop. But having said that, Apple does not apparently care about their own Mac mini product line. The very last time we saw the Mac mini up-date in October 2014, when the machine is equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core model, equipped with HD Graphics 5,000 graphics card, with two Thunderbolt program.If you want Some laptop repair parts go for


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